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I finally got the TOP RATED SELLER after almost One year !!!

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12 hours ago, zanrakim said:

Congratulations. Hope, I'll post same type post one day.


12 hours ago, seven_sign said:


Best wishes on your same journey with a new badge!


11 hours ago, fatima_wp said:

Congratulations!!! It's a huge achievement😀


11 hours ago, shop_builder24 said:

Wow this is grate achieve.


11 hours ago, fa_ashraful said:

Wow. Congratulations❤️


11 hours ago, sahildesign1 said:



10 hours ago, shabanajabeen said:

Wow, Kim you're amazing. You achieved the golden badge just in a year.

I'm speechless.


10 hours ago, ahmwritingco said:

I agree. That's very impressive!

Congrats, kim_ngan.


10 hours ago, imranhossainbpp said:

Very Congratualtion 🙂

Amazing to hear that 🙂


Thank you so much, everyone !!! ❤️🙏☺️🍀

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7 hours ago, smashradio said:

Welcome to the Top Rated Club! Nice to have you! 


10 hours ago, aktershamoly said:

Great achievement.


10 hours ago, ripon117 said:



10 hours ago, shamimrashed said:



9 hours ago, anwer_bijoy said:



8 hours ago, nazrul780 said:



7 hours ago, nuralom_nur said:



7 hours ago, jahangir_deve said:

Congrats ❤️


7 hours ago, nskshakib said:



7 hours ago, smashradio said:

Welcome to the Top Rated Club! Nice to have you! 

Thank you so much everyone !!! Have a great day!!! ❤️🍀

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7 hours ago, saikatislam9670 said:



4 hours ago, shop_builder24 said:



3 hours ago, devhossain said:

wow! that's great



19 minutes ago, coder_taher said:


Thank you so much everyone ❤️🙏☺️

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12 hours ago, coderesmail said:



9 hours ago, anisocialmarket said:

Lucky you, Ive completed my requirements for 2 years now and still nothing 


8 hours ago, designs_taskbar said:

Congratulations. Great Achievement 


8 hours ago, reza_asif said:



8 hours ago, lloydsolutions said:

Many congratulations! 🙂


4 hours ago, developernaz said:



4 hours ago, retouchzone said:

WOW! Congratulation


3 hours ago, angel_vox said:

Congratulations 👏🎉

Thank you so much everyone !!! ❤️

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On 8/16/2021 at 9:38 PM, kim_ngan said:


Hello everyone. I'm very happy and excited now because I got the TOP RATED SELLER today.

I joined Fiverr from August 2020 and my first order on August 31st, 2020, today is August 16th and I finally got this Level after 2 months waiting for this Level.

I sincerely thank you to my Architect team and specially Fiverr, Fiverr Support Team supported me to working in the past time.

I will continue to work harder and harder to be worthy of this TOP RATED LEVEL. 🍀❤️🙏☺️




Share some experience for this achievement. Btw Congratulations 🎉

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