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  1. impression, click not important. order is very important.
  2. If you have the option of requirements, the order will not start until the buyer completes it. If the order starts then the time going down. I hope you understand.
  3. Gig according to the rules of fiverr according to your skill. Stay active, do fiverr research, make buyer requests, your gigs will rank when you keep getting orders. That way you will gradually see the face of success. You have to work very hard. And of course, you have to develop skills. Thank you
  4. After passing the exam, there is an option in that place to show your result on your profile. I think you did not click here, so Fiverr want to test again.
  5. This means that you have delivered before the time of your order. When the delivery time of the order is finished, it will continue to decrease if you deliver after that, which will have an effect on your gig. The notification comes from Fiverr 12 hours before your last, try to deliver before this notification arrives.
  6. I don't think so after any effect. Because the price of each order is different and this average selling price is higher or lower per order. #Happy-freelancing
  7. I have been working for about 1 year, I have not been able to become a level 1 seller yet.😥😥 But congratulations, i'm waiting for my level
  8. Nothing happens with impression. Such impression and click will increase when you receive the order
  9. You work hard, develop your skills, believe in yourself. then you will be a successful freelancer. best of luck and may Allah bless you
  10. New things are definitely good and adding a lot of new things is also good. But the previous forum was better and I was more comfortable.
  11. Most of the work came from buyer requests. But now the buyer's request is not coming in the right way due to a problem. I must send buyer requests for the jobs that I can do 100%. thank you, and any other premium suggestion?
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