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I finally got the TOP RATED SELLER after almost One year !!!


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On 8/16/2021 at 4:38 PM, kim_ngan said:


Hello everyone. I'm very happy and excited now because I got the TOP RATED SELLER today.

I joined Fiverr from August 2020 and my first order on August 31st, 2020, today is August 16th and I finally got this Level after 2 months waiting for this Level.

I sincerely thank you to my Architect team and specially Fiverr, Fiverr Support Team supported me to working in the past time.

I will continue to work harder and harder to be worthy of this TOP RATED LEVEL. 🍀❤️🙏☺️





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9 hours ago, ayoun10 said:

Share some experience for this achievement. Btw Congratulations 🎉

Below are my experience about this achievement:
1) Meeting all the important factors that Fiverr sets out for this Level.

2) Creating the profile and gigs more perfectly and be uinque.

3) Creating all products which have highest quality and become a professional customer service.

4) Be patient to wait for this Level.

Below is my analytics about the Fiverr's standards/factors.
Thank you so much!!! 


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2 minutes ago, akash715 said:



2 hours ago, srabonmargha said:

Congratulations! This is great achievement.


3 hours ago, callyofficial said:

One year!! Very impressive!


3 hours ago, rocks_design said:

Congratulations. Keep it up...💪


3 hours ago, tarakexpert said:



3 hours ago, dm_alamin said:

Congratulations 💖



3 hours ago, enunciator said:

Finally? I would say that going from a non leveled seller to a TRS within a year's time is a meteoric rise to the top!  🌠🌟



4 hours ago, abdur_rahaman10 said:



4 hours ago, dev_naymul247 said:

Congratulations 🎊🎊

Thank you so much, everyone 🙏☺️❤️

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9 hours ago, rashidul804 said:

I have been working for about 1 year, I have not been able to become a level 1 seller yet.😥😥

But congratulations,

i'm waiting for my level

Keep trying hard, you will be successful soon !! Good luck to you! 🍀
Thank you so much

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5 hours ago, pawannimsara said:

Hey kim_ngan , congratulations, can you tech me tips used by you. for become top rated seller. Becuse I am a new seller,

Thank you so much!
I shared my experience as the comment I did below, please check this link to that comment.


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1 hour ago, rupa380 said:



1 hour ago, shopify_abdur said:

Congratulations !!!


51 minutes ago, thushanxeno said:

Great Job!! Congratulations!!!


47 minutes ago, rasel_shibir said:

Wow! Congratulation


21 minutes ago, afrintarin said:



5 minutes ago, saifuls_design said:

Congratulation, For a great achievement. 


2 minutes ago, antorkhaled said:


Thank you so much!!! ❤️

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