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  1. No, it is not necessary. I have been working for almost 4 years and I only have 5 gigs till now. If you have one or two ranked gigs that is enough to go on.
  2. @paleshoaib1vai, the success score does not only depend on several orders or a 5 * rating, but also client satisfaction, effective communication, conflict-free orders, order cancellations, delivery time, and value for money. So, all together create the success score, if you improve all these matters your success score will be increased.
  3. How often can my success score change? The success score is intentionally designed to remain relatively stable. It does not fluctuate too often, as it considers the history of your orders over time, rather than focusing on individual transactions. Therefore, any changes to your success score take some time to reflect, ensuring a more comprehensive evaluation of your overall performance. That means there is no fixed time to change the success score. It will evaluate your overall performance few days and then it will shows on your profile. https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/21965360854673-Success-score#:~:text=FAQs,your overall performance.
  4. On Fiverr's recent update, Grammarly is not working in the Inbox/Message section. We need a correction AI for grammar to provide word suggestions, and sometimes even whole sentences. Our proficiency in English is not perfect as it is our second language, so we rely on it occasionally. Let me give you an idea. Download the Grammarly app and run it for all apps; you will have the full functionality of Grammarly in the Fiverr inbox, just like before. It also works in any chat box on your PC. Hopefully, it will work for you. Here is the link of the apps - https://www.grammarly.com/desktop/windows
  5. Reading books is also a good factor, when I feel sad I read books, when I feel happy I read books. The book itself is a motivation and a good guide. It can help you to overcome any situation. The point is you have to choose what will be the perfect on for you.
  6. Actually in this case human mind games work. When they are giving the reviews, they know we are seeing the reviews so they are trying to give positive feedback either they are not fully satisfied. But when they are giving private feedback then they are giving the experience they had with us. That's the main point. So, to increase client satisfaction we need to improve our work quality, communication and timely delivery other than we have nothing to do.
  7. You can't expect all buyers to provide you with reviews, and 70% is an excellent percentage.
  8. I think this is good for all buyers because sometimes some seller use their reputation and buyers time ignorance about the gig, to take an extra fee and that is unethical. we need to take a budget that is fair to everyone and depends on the task, not the opportunities.
  9. Cause within the last 60 days you got a rating under 5* and it is calculated by overall rating of last 60 days
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