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How to Increase My Sale on Fiverr


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The gig placement on search changes all the time for everyone. There are times where I get tons of contacts in one day, and then I can go days without any contacts. Having multiple gigs helps smooth things out, as well as having other freelance work in other platforms or direct clients. There may be nothing wrong with your gig, it's just the way the rotation works. If there's nothing to improve in the gig, just wait it out and eventually you'll get hits again.

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It's very common in fiverr , That's how new sellers get the opportunity to flourish . Rolling up happens all the time , That's what make fiverr unique & awesome. As visualstudios mentioned earlier, If there's nothing to improve in the gig , Just keep patience. And also try to send at least 5-6 buyer request regularly, It's also proven for improving gig ranking 


Thank You

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