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  1. Congratulation brother ... That's a great start . Keep going & have a great journey.
  2. Don't just randomly share your gig link in social media. It will never work & most people will count it as spam. Try to build a network , make a brand with long time plan. I would simply give you a short but effective summery. Find your target audience & stay active by reacting / interacting there with relevant comment ( never ever share you gig link / image in irrelevant topics which many of us do , It's very irritating & disturbing for most of us . If the topics is on football, write something on football / do a design related with it ) . Remember it's a long process , You must need to keep patience. And don't ask anyone directly do you need any logo / flyer ? Wait & start showcasing your work in your profile ... Post your 2/3 good design regularly , try to be friend. And then discuss your expertise with them & show your previous works ... If they need any service related to your gig , then take those order in fiverr & ask to recommend your gig with their friends. It will take time , but if you manage to get 5-10 connections in this way , they will keep coming - again & again.
  3. Take it easy Captain 😄 . I have quoted it directly from one of my most favorite person & inspiration - " Steve Jobs " . My cousin first told me " Stay Hungry . Stay Foolish " back in 2013 when I was looking for motivation as a frustrated college boy... So there is little background history with this tiny little sentence.
  4. Be patient .Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish...someone's opinion about you does not have to become your reality . Don't fear , don't fear the failure .
  5. Exchange what ? Please specify your query
  6. Good review will get the priority most of the time. However, a well organized portfolio will help both the new & old seller to get more order easily.
  7. That's a very good question, I have the similar types of curiosity regarding the buyer request but didn't find any specific content about it. Will follow this thread.
  8. Congratulation Brother . Go Ahead
  9. That's the perfect answer ... No one can answer this question better than fiverr team.
  10. No , why would you risk your valuable fiverr account ? Invest you time on 1 account & build a brand. If you check the logs of banned fiverr account , You will find " Having More than one account " is among the top reason. It's always better to remain in safe side for long run
  11. Nothing is wrong in offering with your chosen gig . As lenasemenkova mentioned earlier being transparent is the key here .
  12. Update brother Eskander, My mobile issue solved too. Just Uninstall your fiverr app, then install it again , then login , then Go with " Sign In Faster - Fiver " . It worked for me , hope it will work for you too.
  13. You are welcome , Best Wishes . Have a great & successful Journey
  14. @logolightuupBrother, don't just randomly share your gig in social media . It will bring more problems & scammers than the real potential customer. Try to build your brand in fb / twitter, showcase your notable work there, try to make connection with Foreign potential clients & try to have some convresation regarding your gig . If they are interested , then share your gig link with them . Be specific & to targeted marketing .
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