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Is it true that staying online get more customers


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No, it is a complete and utter fabrication that is being wholesale perpetuated by the oblivious and the misguided. Being online only provides limited potential in winding up in buyer search results if they filter for online sellers. That’s it.

As Frakes would say:

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It’s false! We made it up!
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Can we stop repeating the same bad advice again and again?

Staying online sitting on a chair or with your head on your phone will only affect your back.
Buyers that search for online sellers are like buyers with great expectation and no budget: you do not need them.

What do you need then?
To make your time profitable - study! develop your skills! build up a portfolio! stop thinking there is some magic trick to make yourself a pro or succesful in life.

Do not stay online - act!

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Some buyers may filter online sellers if they have a job that needs to be done urgently. From those online sellers, they’ll filter down again as the results are probably in the thousands. Being online offers no guarantee of orders regardless of whether you’re online for one hour a day or 24 hours a day.

Apart from anything else, watching a screen and making yourself constantly available just isn’t sustainable. It’s nuts. It means not sleeping or doing what some people do and manipulating the system to refresh itself which will just end up with account suspensions or outright bans. Don’t do it.

Balance is required to thrive in any area of life. There are many great and successful sellers here trying their best to offer useful, accurate advice.

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