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  1. Who are the “some people”? some of level one seller in fiverr
  2. Thanks for your reply sir Can you please tell how can I reach my customers
  3. Some people say that if you stay online on the Fiverr forum or if you give time on the forum my gig will rank. Is it true?
  4. Is it true that if I stay online my gigs will get ranking on Fiverr and I will get more customer is it true?
  5. My gig is active and successfully published
  6. Yesterday I upload a gig but till now the gig is showing 0 impression my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/6XLW1X Please Fiverr expert check my gig if I have done anything wrong let me know
  7. Create SEO optimized gigs and attractive thumbnail images that makes your client impressed or if you can make a face cam video it will help you very much Thank & Regards
  8. 4.9 is not a bad review don’t look back go forward work hard don’t worry about that. Thanks
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