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  1. Welcome on board @rakib_thpi, Fiverr forum is the best place to get every piece of advice you need. Stay in touch.
  2. Thank you so much for sharing your views.
  3. I am getting good impression on my gigs but number of clicks are very few. what can be reason for this?
  4. In all my gig for a premium buyer I mention “unlimited revisions” or “100% customer satisfaction”. should I remove this from my gig description?
  5. Hello everyone, if you are a seller on fiverr I would love to know what you people think buyers check in GIG ?
  6. Yes, this is true because many buyer searches for online seller. But if you have an impressing deal for buyer they may choose to wait.
  7. How can I find keywords to include in my gig that buyers search?
  8. What is ideal image size for gig? I am not able to fill all the space and this make my gig less impressive.
  9. Hey, I am not new in fiver but really looking for good suggestions to improve my profile. Your suggestion will be valued. My profile link:- https://www.fiverr.com/bizz_writer?up_rollout=true Regards bizz_writer
  10. Hey, Don’t worry it is a big thing for you but i think you’ve to be consistent and patient enough. Give time to your potential buyers and try to reply them asap.
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