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  1. Ugh. Dealing with the middle person instead of the actual end client can be a hassle. It is up to you to determine your policy on samples but just be aware that there are numerous "buyers" who just want something for free and have no intention of ever placing an order. The safest policy would be no money, no work. If you do offer samples, inserting a constant tone or noise into the audio to "mark" it may be good idea.
  2. Wait, so you've had a similar situation before (as shown by Lloydsolutions) and are basically asking the same question as you did previously? 🤨 Are you expecting a different answer this time around?
  3. I hope Fiverr corrects the clear (and self admitted) issue and instead of dispensing warnings, bans both accounts. 🤦‍♂️
  4. Unless if the order is done so poorly that the buyer has to resort to purchasing another seller to properly complete the task...
  5. First, I would recommend you remove unlimited revisions from all your offered gigs. Your gig images are brightly colored, but plain, with lots of text and several small, hard to see symbols/images inserted. The more concise the text, the better. There are grammatical issues with your gig descriptions, gig titles, and gig images. That's all that immediately jumped to my mind.
  6. Never should a seller have to pay a "buyer" for the "opportunity" to work for the very same "buyer." Any "buyer" requesting any money from a seller is not a buyer but instead a scammer.
  7. It ranges from possibly being the very next moment to never again. 🤷‍♂️ Consistency in receiving orders, particularly for new freelancers, is hard to come by and never assured.
  8. Wait, what? I don't know much about the history of Fiverr, but is that actually true?!
  9. I use a closed set of cans to monitor my recordings since that gives me immediate feedback on how the actual recording sounds. In my small booth, speech is quite dampened and isn't an accurate depiction of how it sounds when picked up by my mic. It also allows me to notice any of the annoyingly imperceptible mouth sounds I make so I can immediately do a retake. Powerful and sensitive mics are as much a blessing as they are a curse. 😅
  10. First time seeing this (since I just sell on Fiverr and have yet to actually purchase). The wording definitely could use more finesse but Fiverr profits off of tips as well so that may very well be the reason why they present tips in such a "forward" manner...
  11. We are currently limited to six post reaction emojis (far too few IMO) and CONSTANTLY find myself grimacing at the flawed or flat out harmful advice posted ad nauseum on the forum. I think it would at least give a quick visual indicator of how many forum users do not agree with what a posts states and all but the "confused" and "sad" emoji are positive reactions but are not exactly befitting of the role. I know this will go nowhere, but just wanted to make the suggestion public... 😬
  12. I don't know who or what the OP considers an "expert," but I immediately noticed many, MANY grammatical errors in both the gig descriptions and even the gig titles. It actually makes it difficult to attempt to read and comprehend what you are saying. -Oh, and offering unlimited revisions is, simply put, a terrible idea.
  13. Uhh, this thread is many months old. It seems the OP had no success and is gone from both the site and forum.
  14. Video and animation is quite a broad category... Must have your hands full. 🤹‍♀️ I'd hope for the forum to somewhat revert to its previous state as the current iteration is absolutely inundated with users spamming terrible advice and banal replies in an meaningless attempt to "level up" their forum rank. Oh, introductions. I've been active on Fiverr for approaching two years, and I primarily offer humorous or oddball spokesperson videos and voice over.
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