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  1. 'I might not have enough coffee in me to respond in-kind.' Ha! Just woke up to start some practicing - same here. 'I get a lot of inquiries for use of my voice to create a synthetic version of myself and they all have different terms attached to them.' Please be careful. I asked for contracts from 4 of the platforms. Turned down 3 of them because they were mainly about covering their rears and had no intention of keeping the talent in mind. I don't intend to provide more to the platform I'm using until their business model changes to compensate VO talents for their services, which they claim will happen soon. 'better backs from constantly sitting in front of screens.' Good advice for all freelancers. 'Beam me up, Scotty!' Yup! Have a good one. 🙂 SELLERS: Don't sell your AI-voice services if you don't have the commercial rights. Not only is it misleading and a disservice, but it's breaking the current blurry laws. BUYERS: Please, ask sellers for proof of commercial ownership!
  2. To anyone reading this, @vibronx is absolutely right. I was responding to his laugh emoji. Mainly because I'm saddened by the fact that this is the state of affairs. It really is funny in a sad way! @vibronxCongratulations on the large project. I wish you the best, and I hope there will continue to be people who make choices like yours where we're valued at least as much as AI. 👍 @mandyzines I'm not sure about the rules on the Fiverr forums yet, so I'll leave company names out of it, but yes, I had my voice professionally cloned. Basically I had to send a 3 to 4 hours read in a certain style. It then took the people working with the AI platform 5 weeks to clone it. It is uncanny, and I mean borderline scary, how much it sounds and 'speaks' like me. 5 out of 6 members of my immediate family could not tell it wasn't me when I just played back a generated read to them and asked, 'What do you think? Is it good? I'm trying a slightly new style'. I never mentioned AI to them. I didn't mean for this question to be based on the ethics of AI-generated voices, but I suppose it has to overlap with the answers and somewhere in the discussion. When people ask me for my opinion of AI, they tend to be looking through the lens of AI in 'creativity', mainly AI-generated imagery, music, sound design, voiceovers, coding, etc. I try to zoom out and look through a larger lens at AI as a whole, in its entirety. 1. AI is doing and showing very productive potential in healthcare and natural disaster prevention, for example. I hope that continues. 2. AI is being misused in the creative fields when the data being used to train the models is without consent. 3. I'm trying to remain positive that some legislature will be implemented soon that will appease people on both sides of the fence. 4. A lot of what is basically automation is now being labelled as 'AI' because it's a strong SEO keyword. 🙂 The auto-predict feature on our phones has been around for many years. Now they're referring to it as 'AI-predict' because it's been improved by reading more of what we type. 5. Yes, I truly believe AI will be able to connect with people in the way you are referring to. It's a very sad truth that is being proven truer every week as the AI ecosystem unfolds. There is an unfortunate cost to every major advancement in technology. There always has been in history. That will remain the case. People building horse carriages lost their livelihood when cars started getting manufactured. The list can go on. After 25 years in the Creative and Academia industries, I retired as a Creative Director about 10 months ago. Quite new to being a voiceover freelancer. One thing I've learnt, which I hope can help even one person - if our creative solutions align with the client's creative problems, 95% of them couldn't care less how many years I studied it, how long I've been honing my skills, or what emotions and passion went into it. They will become repeat and loyal clients if the end product/service meets and exceeds their expectations. Sorry for the long comment, but you made a really good point about the 'loneliness epidemic' @mandyzines. I wish all of us find our versions of success. Keep kicking! 🙂
  3. @mandyzines I'm not sure what you're referring to about a 'deleted comment' in point 1. Let me know please. 🙂 Point 2 I certainly agree with, but as @donnovan86 has pointed out, it's possible because there's a high demand for AI in almost every industry. I will say, though, that providing AI voiceovers at a high standard (that is key) can take as much time and energy as providing human voiceovers. I do both, and I know many who do, so I can say this with conviction. If I work on vocal nuances, proper pronunciation, editing, audio engineering, and proofreading the copy in AI-generated voiceovers, the workflow becomes more tedious. It's a different workflow, but just as demanding. Unfortunately, the market always defines the demand and niche. In order to stand out in a crowd, I have to be part of it first. I'm not comfortable providing an AI clone of my voice (or anyone's), but the market is apparently willing to pay more for it, and no laws have been truly established. Also, AI-generated imagery and audio are getting ridiculously real. It's sad, but true. The human VO floor should be the same at least, in my opinion. Thanks for replying. I agree. I think that's exactly why. I'm hanging on to that hope. Thanks for replying.
  4. Hi! Excellent, thank you. 🙂 I was wondering about the sleeping hours as well. I've barely slept! 😅 Thank you @filipdevaereand @designcore69 as well. Enjoy your weekends.
  5. Hello, There is a ~16-minute delay between notifications on the desktop and my phone. All obvious settings (to me) have been checked. I don't want to report it as a bug if it's something everyone faces. The phone sends me a notification much later than on the desktop. Couldn't that be detrimental to our response times? Would appreciate any insight. Thanks.
  6. @vibronx I know! I was laughing all the way home. I can't believe the machine will make more. 😂
  7. I provide both professional voiceovers and AI voiceovers. (separate gigs) I can choose $5 as the base price for my pro voiceover, but I cannot charge less than $10 for the AI voiceover. Is anyone else experiencing this? If not, please share how I can price it at $5. Thanks.
  8. Hello, The topic is the question! : ) In any one of my Gig descriptions, can I include links to my other Gigs, especially if they're related? If so, do I just copy/paste the other gig's url? eg. a gig offering a US accent male commercial voiceover linking to a gig offering a UK accent male audiobook voiceover (both by me) Thanks!
  9. 'You can talk about the details and everything in chat. But delivering the project should be done through an order.' This is helpful. Thanks. 'I would suggest you to study more about Fiverr.' Just started, so in time, I'm sure I'll find out more. Appreciate the help.
  10. 'many buyers who want immediate help from someone online at the time are the most dangerous buyers. These buyers are usually demanding and want a very low price because they know that many online sellers are desperate for a (first) order.' This makes a lot of sense. 👍 'Use the app and spend your time doing useful things' Not sure what you mean here. Use the Fiverr app? How is that different to being on the desktop in regards to what's being addressed i.e. online presence
  11. Hi. Appreciate you sharing this with us. 👍 I retired as a Creative Director a few months ago, and I remember we used to filter freelancers who were online when we needed a service (during the search). Now I'm new on Fiverr, and although the Fiverr staff has mentioned this, it confuses me about why that would be the case. If someone searches for people who are currently online, then only the ones online would appear. I could be wrong about this. I'm not an expert on Fiverr's algorithm yet, but I'm intrigued by this statement. Assuming all other matters, like gig quality, services, etc., have been addressed, I don't see why being online wouldn't help. Again, thanks for sharing that. I've been reading the opposite for almost 3 weeks now.
  12. Hello! A buyer contacted me and then proceeded to talk with me in the chat. She provided the required files. I did the work and provided the deliverables in that chat. Is this considered a sale, or should I be doing this somewhere else from my account? If so, please let me know where. Thank you. : )
  13. Where did you see this? Although I haven't been on Fiverr long, I'm surprised that we can't request feedback if the client is satisfied. From the rest of the helpful answers here, it seems like using the right language is the key. But even if we use rephrased language, we are essentially asking for feedback in the form of a testimonial. Does anybody know where this rule has been stated and if it's clear exactly what cannot be verbalized?
  14. @jannat2205 Thank you for sharing this, but I don't see this option at all (on PC desktop). My first gig is under review. Did you get this option after the first gig was approved? Thank you. 🙂
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