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  1. Recently I got a message to get 20% off when using any service on Fiverr but after clicking it the promo code plus promo code date is not visible and it seems like someone tried to insert a value to make it dynamic but it did not work. Attaching screenshot with it.
  2. Indeed, good job, earning $0. I'm great, ain't I. 😃 I've just stumbled over this, when clicking "Last Orders" from the chat page, to check the rates a buyer paid in the past. I saw this with orders from 2020 and 2019. Also, it would be nice, and could at times be really helpful, if the order page, and also the chat page, would not only display the month and day but also the year. Or is that just me?
  3. Hi guys! Yesterday when I saw my impressions and clics on my gig I noticed that clicks went down by one, from 9 to 8 and today the impressions that were at 288 are down to 283...why? Is it a bug? 😥
  4. Hello, I set my profile to out of office while I'm on vacation and got a new order. I cannot find where it lists my status on the app but logged back into the web version of Fiverr and I'm still listed as out of office. So how did this order get placed? Thankfully, I can get this done in a few days but the OOO mode doesn't seem to be working.
  5. The textarea input at the bottom the "Activity" view of an active order (https://www.fiverr.com/v4/users/<username>/orders/<order_id>/activities) is cleared when an attachment is removed. (See attached video.) This is very frustrating if you have written up a long response, and then decide to change which files to attach, or want to swap out a file for an updated one. Your entire message gets deleted. This has happened to me at least twice now. Screen Recording 2021-12-21 at 11.00.58 PM.mov
  6. My gig always have a minimum impressions per day. But last two days its showing Just Zero. Is it a fiver Bug? I have check my gig. It is available in the 1st page in some keywords. Can anyone help me to get my gig performance
  7. Hello! When I opened up my fiverr gig page today, I was absolutely stunned, to see that I suddenly had 0 impressions! My gigs have always been doing fine but suddenly it all dropped to 0! If anyone can help me, please write a comment!
  8. No impression coming to my gig showing zero. Can anyone tell me why this problem is happening.
  9. Hi Did Fiverr down today for few minits? I have 2 buyers but they cannot proceed payments It wrotes about unability Any reasons?
  10. I have my queue set to a maximum of 3. Today I have recieved 4 orders and I have one active. I have this limit in place to keep my work/life balance healthy and ensure I always have some downtime. Now I'm going to have to overwork myself and potentially pause my gig so that I don't get overwhelmed. Fiverr please fix this!
  11. GIGs in the "Book cover" category or "Book cover design" subcategory are disappearing. I don't know if this is happening in other categories and subcategories but the ones I just mentioned have already over 1000 gigs disappeared after making changes and keep disappearing. Many people do not use the search box and go directly to the category and subcategory, I am one of these users. I have reported this problem to the support center but they keep showing me the search box results and they don't seem to understand the problem. In the category "Book cover" 2 weeks ago there were more than 3000 Gigs in the list, today there are 730 and they continue to disappear, in the subcategory "Book cover design" 2 weeks ago there were 1600 Gigs and today there are 400. I am sure that this BUG is affecting all categories but I want you to confirm me
  12. Hi, ever since i got to level 1 3 months ago I've had this issue of outdated Buyer requests. I've tried deleting, but they just come back whenever a new BR comes in. I wasn't worried as I've talked to CS about this for 2 months now. I just thought of a situation where jobs that normally would be taken down after buyer gets a seller or minutes later i still happen to bid for them wasting my BR points. Eg. Buyer requests from months ago are still available, that's not an issue as i can spot them easily with their date. but how about requests from today or yesterday that i cant tell except i see them having less than 10 offers. Anyone else experiencing something like this and have you found a solution yet?
  13. I'm trying to post my first gig, but the website will not allow me because of "missing metadata" despite the application showing that all metadata is complete. Is this a bug or am I somehow missing something? Please help ASAP.
  14. i just got a tip from my customer, after i check that show only 0$, but that said the customer gave me a tip 10$, is that bug? what should i do
  15. Hi guys. I'm a voice over artist, and a few days ago I created a gig to offer my services. However, for some reason, only my gig video is showing on my page. I uploaded 3 audio demos of my work, but they aren't showing on the actual gig page. If I go to edit my gig, they are all still there with the names, tags and everything else I set. They just don't show up on the page. I thought it was a bug or something, so I recreated my gig. I waited a few days thinking that maybe my stuff just needs to be approved by Fiverr or something. It's been about 3 days now and they are still not on the page. Just the gig video alone. I'm new to Fiverr so I don't know if this is normal for new gigs. What should I do?
  16. First my cliet was trying to order but the app was bug and he buy it 4 times by error, i cancelled 1 of them, but anoter 2 still there and i cant cancell it
  17. I found 3 Scammer , They are asking to use our personal Detail to complete thier Projects, They are targetting Indian as Fair Trader Dealer ? Wants to report them. Help @support
  18. First things first, a small... DISCLAIMER: this is not a topic to discuss whether providing unlimited/no revisions is a good idea or not What I've found up to this day (and I have been a seller for a year and a half now) is that you can offer "unlimited" and "0" revisions only if you are sending a custom offer from the Fiverr mobile app. If you are doing the exact same thing from your PC, you will not be able to see those two options in the dropdown menu for revisions. My question is: Does that difference have a purpose? Or is it just an overlooked feature that was not ported from one platfrom to the other? Because, maybe I'm dumb, but I cannot wrap my mind around this (apparently) useless difference.
  19. I am honestly fed up with BR. It's been two weeks, and it keeps getting worse. First, it was showing the exact 5 requests for a whole week. Now new requests are piling up with old requests that are from May!! I contacted CS about it like three times. They said they are working on it, and that after a few days things will be fine. Yesterday, I noticed that fiverr was down for a moment, and buyers requests seemed to be normal but it was normal for JUST AN HOUR. And what's soooo weird is the same old requests have less to zero offers. Even the new ones have nooo offers, and they'll have nooo offers the whole day and also those that have offers, their offers will seemingly decrease. The whole thing is a mess. I have tried "manually" removing the old requests but they always come back! Didn't know to put this as a ranting plot, report bug, or fiverr questions, but whatever. Is anyone experiencing this? Has anyone's BR been normal since yesterday after fiverr was down? And has anyone sent offers lately, and has gotten responses?
  20. Hmm... does this mean Fiverr owes me an order? 🤣🤣
  21. It asks me a Phone number, but it won't let me type. And yes i already tested if it was just my keyboard not working, but my keyboard ended up working. So please someone help me!
  22. for the past 22hr My buyers request section is showing 3 request over and over again, I have refresh the page many time still stuck with 3 request, by going to the "Inspect" elements using chrome and firefox 3 elements are not loading no:1 "Access to script at 'https://js.nagich.co.il/core/2.1.8/accessibility.js' from origin 'https://www.fiverr.com' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource." no:2 "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED" no:3 "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" below I have attach screenshot of the errors below, I have tried disabling all extension that I have but still not working
  23. Problem With Categories Navbar Hero Banner have coverup the Nav bar Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses - Google Chrome 2021-07-31 15-03-27.mp4
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