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  1. Hi, I'm noticing a trend of clients files not getting attached to jobs. This very well could be clients forgetting or missing a button, but I've seen it across several now. Just thought it might be something to look into and make sure that the file uploading system is working 100% Thanks!
  2. I am facing this issue "Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page." with my new client chat inbox. Kindly help me out with this issue. Thanks and Regards, ZedeX Creations
  3. Hi. I am facing this issue with my fiverr chat with customers. "Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page" Please help.
  4. Hello, When I try to edit my gig I am always facing that my gig description is cut off. Please check my two images, first one is, my gig is in preview mode and second one when I open that in edit mode. FIRST PICTURE (IN PREVIEW MODE) SECOND PICTURE (IN EDIT MODE)
  5. I delivered order 3 days ago. But after 2 days of delivering, buyer open dispute to cancel the order, but did not give any revision. I rejected the cancellation request and we're agreed that I'll deliver the order again, but order status is still delivered and 3 days passed. My question is, as three days have been passed, why Fiverr don't mark that order as complete. (Although I'm preparing revision for client but order is not in dispute nor in revision status)
  6. I have a question to all of you that if suppose i work on a particular category on fiverr and many of my rivals also work with me if that competitor report on me so that fiber ban me and he get my position If possible, fiverr should do such a system in which if someone reports on anyone without meaning, then his gig should be banned because if fiverr does not do this then he will never be able to get good sellers because good seller who will rise a bit The opponents below will report on him and ban his gig. And gradually the virus will stop believing in the fiber because it will get lost well and those who, together with their friends, bring down the top one, they themselves will stay up.
  7. So for the past day whenever I click on buyer request I see No requests found. And I'm not sure why, I posted my gig about 2 days ago and its in the category of social media marketing which is popular so I have no idea why there wouldn't be any request, if anyone knows please tell me because I need to solve this issue! Thanks. Picture of it what's happening!
  8. I set my out of office mode from apr 30 to may 11. And my profile says I am currently unavailable. Also I made sure “enable buyer to contact me “ is not checked. But during my vacation I still receive messages from buyer. What’s going wrong Fiverr ??
  9. My response rate rate has fallen to 88% in last week. Apparently, I did not respond to 4 people. But 2 of them came from the buyer request (IDK how). Nevertheless, I unspammed them after couple of day and proceeded to message them and deleted the conversation after receiving no reply. One was my client wo was automatically spammed and I unspammed him and responded to him with in 26 hours and last one was my client with whom I was having conversations in Order page. What should I do in this scenario.
  10. does anyone else is also seeing diffrence in earning of month in dashbox and analytics?
  11. Hi, when I view a certain message in my inbox the app crashes after approx. 5s. Messages from other users are fine.
  12. Hello! My name is Rootvik Aahooja. I'm from India. When I tried to use my name in username field it gave "security" error. It seems any username with the word "root" anywhere in the username is not allowed which is pretty unusual. I understand blocking "root" but why to block "rootvik12" or something? I am not aware of any other website which does this. I've created this temp account just to report this. Please fix this so that I can create a real account with my desired username. Thanks!
  13. Which internet browser you will support for fiverr ,Especially fast loading and uploading big files without interruption. Yesterday i was facing problem during uploading big file it was stuck in middle of uploading. The browser was (FF)
  14. Was Fiverr sever down? Why was I seeing this?
  15. I just started as a new freelancer on the Fiverr platform and immediately came across an issue with the messaging system. Since I am new, I decided to quickly test a conversation with another known freelancer on Fiverr. Each response I gave disappeared and never made it to the receiver. About a day later, we discovered it was due to the other freelancer's status being unavailable. Once they had made their status available, I was able to have a conversation. The one problem I'm having with this is that my response rate is now 34 hours! There was nothing I could have done on my end to resolve this issue and now my newly-made profile is taking the hit. In aside from looking for a fix, is there a way my profile's stats can be reconciled due to this issue?
  16. Hello Fiverr team, I have been facing this bug ever since I joined FIverr. In the messages, the clients status is displayed as last seen/offline but when I click on their profile it shows as online please fix this bug. In message:- when I click on their profile:-
  17. Recently I got a message to get 20% off when using any service on Fiverr but after clicking it the promo code plus promo code date is not visible and it seems like someone tried to insert a value to make it dynamic but it did not work. Attaching screenshot with it.
  18. Indeed, good job, earning $0. I'm great, ain't I. 😃 I've just stumbled over this, when clicking "Last Orders" from the chat page, to check the rates a buyer paid in the past. I saw this with orders from 2020 and 2019. Also, it would be nice, and could at times be really helpful, if the order page, and also the chat page, would not only display the month and day but also the year. Or is that just me?
  19. Hi guys! Yesterday when I saw my impressions and clics on my gig I noticed that clicks went down by one, from 9 to 8 and today the impressions that were at 288 are down to 283...why? Is it a bug? 😥
  20. Hello, I set my profile to out of office while I'm on vacation and got a new order. I cannot find where it lists my status on the app but logged back into the web version of Fiverr and I'm still listed as out of office. So how did this order get placed? Thankfully, I can get this done in a few days but the OOO mode doesn't seem to be working.
  21. The textarea input at the bottom the "Activity" view of an active order (https://www.fiverr.com/v4/users/<username>/orders/<order_id>/activities) is cleared when an attachment is removed. (See attached video.) This is very frustrating if you have written up a long response, and then decide to change which files to attach, or want to swap out a file for an updated one. Your entire message gets deleted. This has happened to me at least twice now. Screen Recording 2021-12-21 at 11.00.58 PM.mov
  22. My gig always have a minimum impressions per day. But last two days its showing Just Zero. Is it a fiver Bug? I have check my gig. It is available in the 1st page in some keywords. Can anyone help me to get my gig performance
  23. Hello! When I opened up my fiverr gig page today, I was absolutely stunned, to see that I suddenly had 0 impressions! My gigs have always been doing fine but suddenly it all dropped to 0! If anyone can help me, please write a comment!
  24. No impression coming to my gig showing zero. Can anyone tell me why this problem is happening.
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