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  1. Delivered 2 projects to the same client and I believe there is no reason to get a bad hidden review. Even the buyer was new and I was his first seller which brings more impression as Fiverr says
  2. Hi everyone. I recently had a buyer order my programming lesson gig, and I sent them a custom offer with 2 days delivery (my standard delivery for this gig). After further conversation, we arranged our lesson to take place on 3/12/22. The day after our chat, I proceeded to send them a 6-days delivery date extension request, but understandably the client didn't log into our chat yet, considering that we weren't supposed to talk until our lesson. The order is now considered "Late". I contacted customer support earlier today asking about this, but haven't received a response yet after about 6 hours. Some things to note: I sent the delivery date extension request before the order was late, and it says it's valid until 1/12/22 (since that's 2 days before when we're supposed to meet, I don't expect them to respond in time). If this request is accepted, will the order still be marked as late? Is there any way I can prevent this? Follow up question: this is my very first order on this particular gig, so would it be acceptable for me to delete and remake the gig after the order is completed? I know I would potentially lose a review, but I very much don't want to have any records of late deliveries in my account since speed is one on my best qualities as a seller.
  3. Hello, If I offer a revision with the package and the package delivery time is 3 days, if the customer requests to use their revision does that extend my delivery time when the revision is requested (add another 3 days) or am I still obligated to deliver the revised product within the first delivery date set when the order was made?
  4. I just got added to fiverr 10 days ago. I got the job from the buyer request last day night. I want to maintain this consistency of mine everyone please pray😇
  5. Does anyone know about how to calculate On-time delivery rate ?
  6. fiverr keeps changing my percentage. had one late delivery that dropped my on time delivery status from 100% to 88%. then it went down to 86% and then to 83%. i did 5 ontime deliveries since the late one and i went up to 89% . have one more gig to go to get back up to 90% but today im back to 88% and my last ontime delivery was only worth 1%. and since evalution is in two days and there are no more gigs im going to lose my level 3 status. is anybody else havining this issue? because it realy feels that they are trying to keep me below 90. its been going around for a while. and im not getting a reasonable response from suport.
  7. Hello I am new, I was wondering if I am the one will print or deliver the product? I just want to upload a digital art where they can just download and print. Is the third company is the one will print or delivery the product for the buyers?
  8. The first time this has happened. Seller delivered a great product on time and despite clicking 'Yes I Approve Delivery' button, the order is not showing as complete, so I cannot tip or leave a review. This issue is happening across all the platforms I have Fiverr. on.
  9. Hello fellow community members! So I delivered a finished work a while ago and believe me, I have never felt this relieved since I saw a B in my O Levels. This is not the first time I'm completing a project (obviously) but the story behind it makes it a lot different and yes, I'm going to tell that story. On the 16th of July I got a message from a buyer. They are not new on Fiverr but this is the first time they're purchasing a Ghostwriting gig so I guess they just didn't know what to expect. We get to talking and discussing ideas and I realize they don't have a solid plan in mind so I'm like "Do you need time to go think about it or would you like to order an outline gig?". They refuse and return a few hours later with a whole mess of ideas and I had to put my phone away for a while and stretch my limbs. I just skimmed through it and sent back a quick summary so I could be sure me and the buyer were on the same page. They loved it and immediately ordered and I had to spend the first night outlining the entire thing. The thing is, I cannot work without an outline and seeing those odd details here and there creeps me out a bit and along the line, the writer's block is inevitable. Okay, back to the story! The next day, I got a dreadful message from Fiverr saying I had 14 days to verify my identity. At first, I was like 'okay', I had lost my National Identity Card a week ago and already applied for another and it would take a few days for it to be delivered, no problem right? Wrong! About two days letter, I got an email from my LGA asking me to come to the office because my ID number had not be validated (validation as in, good on paper but null on the database). So by now, I'm a bit nervous. The days are counting down and for some bizarre reason, I have a good amount of orders on queue that I have to finish and most of them are ongoing projects. Thankfully, the buyer was understanding enough and asked me to extend the time when I explained my situation to them. I go back and forth from my State office to Road Safety (I applied for a drivers license too so I had to make regular visits to monitor the process since I did not go to a conventional driving school) while trying to deliver quality work as usual. I finally get the new ID card and my license is still no where to be found and I only had about three days when I verified my identity. I had not even turned away from my computer when I got a 'verification declined' message and I'm like wait, what? As expected, I try again. Same result. I had to call the office to ask if there was something wrong with the card and the manager assured me all was right so yeah, I tried for the third time. It took a while before I get feedback but when I did, it was a bit read 'Account has been temporally deactivated...'. My soul is crushed by now and I just crawled into my bed and sent a message to CS. Surprisingly, I got a response an hour later and the kind lady says they have given another attempt and I could try to verify it again. I set my ring light right in front of my window to try to brighten the already setting sun, posed for my selfie and took the most steady picture I've ever taken of my ID card. I did not get a reply until the next day and when I did, I almost cried (I really could not imagine losing the account. I had managed to get a bit of credibility with some extra benefits like the Fiverr choice badge and early payout so it was pretty cool!). Well, I immediately got back to work and sent an update to the buyer while I continued writing orders. She took a while to answer and I had about five days left so I asked for another extension. The next day, I tested for Covid (I'm doing pretty well right now tho!) I don't get to work for another few days and the buyer is still as patient as always so I ask for another extension. Mind you, the project was just 15000 words and I may be a slow typist but I am not THAT slow! I finally delivered today with a few hours to spare because I spent a whole day editing the mess I had written during my chaotic month and I was typing this when I got a message from her. She loves it! Have you had a tough order that made you crack open a cold one when you delivered it? I'm all ears... well, eyes!
  10. I am a digital artist and I offer to draw people's characters in my style. So I have a potential client, we've discussed how they would want the character to be drawn and that it's going to be an illustration for their book. I offer commercial use in my gig extras, but they asked if it is possible to pay for commercial use at a later date as the book is in the works and probably won't be published until some time. How would I go about responding to them?
  11. okay so it's the 1st order which i turned in late. it was showing 1 minute late but when i went to my order page and opened the late section there were not any late order. so idk was my order marked late or on time?
  12. Hi, The option to add a work sample is not showing when I go to deliver the order to the client. The place I marked in the 'image' is supposed to show an option where I can choose if I want to add a gig sample. Which I can turn on or off. But there is no option here on my account.
  13. Hello , hope you all are doing good ! I've a doubt suppose I make a delivery on Date 01/01/2022 , the buyer has not either accepted or rejected it , so according to Fivers norms it will be auto-accepted on 04/01/2022 if buyer takes no action (3 days from date of delivery) but , if I make a delivery again on 02/01/2022 then that 3 days will be counted again from 02/01/2022 (ending at 05/01/2022)or it will be same 04/01/2022 .
  14. I delivered order 3 days ago. But after 2 days of delivering, buyer open dispute to cancel the order, but did not give any revision. I rejected the cancellation request and we're agreed that I'll deliver the order again, but order status is still delivered and 3 days passed. My question is, as three days have been passed, why Fiverr don't mark that order as complete. (Although I'm preparing revision for client but order is not in dispute nor in revision status)
  15. Hello everyone.. i am new in fiverr.. i got an order. I have 3 questions.. hope you all help me out. 1. Basically i deliver my order 12hours before...but after 2 days, today buyer request me for revision. and now i noticed that fiverr shows ,my delivery is being 1 day late..but how and why? 2. i want to know that how to accept revision request? can anyone please show me screen shot?cause i couldn't find it. My pc does not show any revision request,but my mobile shows that revision request... 3. how to deliver revision works?i mean is there any specific option for revision delivery? or something? if you share screenshot,then it will more helpfull for me. thanks in advance...
  16. So after I delivered the order, client asked for a revision in which he said that he will provide details later as he is dealing with family problems. A client said that he needs 2 days. I don't want to hurry someone who is going through tough times. Could taking more time on revision be bad for my profile?
  17. its near delivery time, and the buyer not responding and i cant work further without the feedback, what should i do?
  18. I don't know what happened, My Order completion and On time delivery percentage drops daily, even if I completed some order, next day, it will drops again, please can anyone help me with what I can do about it.
  19. What can you do when a buyer send you a revision at eleventh hour( half an hour before delivery time)?
  20. Does a seller's Nationality determine how successful he can be on Fiverr and does buyers have preferences for sellers from specific countries/continents?
  21. Hi everyone, Hope everyone's healthy and doing great. I have some questions and concerns related to my on-time delivery rate. I've been a seller for quite awhile but I don't work frequently due to some reasons but I've kept my other metrics 100% except my on-time delivery. I got my last order from a client suddenly without any discussion and for some reason didn't get a notification right away. In short I was late on my delivery and the client wasn't upset at all but my delivery rate went down from 100 to 85-80 percent. After I didn't get any orders even though I'm working with another long term client but those orders take time so the problem I'm facing right now is my delivery rate automatically gets lower and lower e.g after my last order it went from 85 to 75 and now it's 67 percent even if I didn't get any orders after the first one. I'm a little confused and concerned because it's easy to get your rate down from just one order and hard to get your metrics up and positive again. I'll appreciate any guidance or direction from you guys. Thanks in advance for reading this and sharing your knowledge.
  22. Hey guys! Nice to meet all of you! I just started to work here, and have some problems, maybe somebody can help me 🙂 I didn’t attached my work to the portfolio when I sent it to customer. Is it possible to attach it now ? I see only his review and don’t see my work near it (( And the second question is, can I delete work near review, because customer doesn’t want to show it ? Thank you so much !
  23. Greetings People ! I hope you are having a great time. Last night I made a delivery, the deadline for my project was 3:55 AM and same is the time of my delivery. I am wondering why the clock is still running? Here is an image of the Order page, where it says that order is delivered. However, in the second image you can see that the clock is still running. This second screenshot is from the inbox. When the client accepts my delivery, will my order be considered late? Or in second case if he opens a revision request, what are the odds that I will face? I am not sure how same orders behaves differently in inbox and on the order page.
  24. Hi Community! I delivered an order to a buyer. It was a 30 days delivery of a website project that was completed and delivered. The buyer took modification request and mentioned that he wants to extend the delivery to more 14 days because he wants his team to take a review on the completed project and his team members are on vacation. So should I keep the order active and wait until 14 days? As all the work has been already completed and delivered as per requirements. Or what's your suggestion?
  25. Hello. A new client has asked me for a special design that is not in any of my gig. I have accepted, but I don't know how I am going to deliver it to him. what fiverr method should I use?
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