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  1. I recently ask the client to extend the time for completing the order. When he accepted the request, I noticed fall in on time completion rate from 90% to 80%. Do anyone know the reason?
  2. Greetings People ! I hope you are having a great time. Last night I made a delivery, the deadline for my project was 3:55 AM and same is the time of my delivery. I am wondering why the clock is still running? Here is an image of the Order page, where it says that order is delivered. However, in the second image you can see that the clock is still running. This second screenshot is from the inbox. When the client accepts my delivery, will my order be considered late? Or in second case if he opens a revision request, what are the odds that I will face? I am not sure how same orders behaves differently in inbox and on the order page.
  3. Is it possible to increase order price after delivery ?
  4. Hi Community! I delivered an order to a buyer. It was a 30 days delivery of a website project that was completed and delivered. The buyer took modification request and mentioned that he wants to extend the delivery to more 14 days because he wants his team to take a review on the completed project and his team members are on vacation. So should I keep the order active and wait until 14 days? As all the work has been already completed and delivered as per requirements. Or what's your suggestion?
  5. Hello. A new client has asked me for a special design that is not in any of my gig. I have accepted, but I don't know how I am going to deliver it to him. what fiverr method should I use?
  6. Hi every one i have a very simple question. Which thing is more helpful while delivering project should its be delivered on time or we can submit the project before time? I am waiting for all of yours positive responses. Thanks Alot
  7. I'm so nervous right now, I only have less than 3 hours before the delivery ends. Still waiting for the buyer to accept the delivery. The whole communication between us was not that good as buyer take a lot of time to reply (maybe because the buyer is a busy person?) but still I just hope that when they order, they try to reply to seller's questions and messages.
  8. Dear all, Greetings, I have requested to extend the delivery time after discussion with my client. What happen if he couldn't accept it. ? What happen if customer keeps offline? What happen if the request auto withdraw for exceeding time? Does this order cancel? Does this effect on delivery rate? Thank you Regards, Manabendra
  9. Hi! I just noticed that in my order section. A client made 4 orders and it was in a 3 day delivery which is the default delivery days in the gig. I had buyer before that ordered more than 1 and usually 3 more days will be added on the delivery date per orders. How can I solve this?
  10. Hello guys I really need your help here I order job from some seller here about build my Facebook and Instagram business page 5 days ago. I was suppose to be 3 day delivery, on this 3 days she work 30min that all just 30 min and ask to extend the time for 3 more days. Yesterday i talk with her and explain we need to progress and i will be really busy so told her i hope she will work. She do nothing. I talked to her today and ask what happened she say she was really sick and couldn't find time to do that, so today i say ok let's work today Facebook and Instagram logo and banner She said ok and until now more then half day she did none. What can i do in this situation?
  11. So, I was wondering if I could send my customers their orders in real life. Let me explain: I am a watercolor artist, and I would like to know if I can actually send the watercolors via mail, and in case I could, if it would be dangerous for me to do it.
  12. Hi there! My name is Sonreirj and I've been on Fiverr for years now. I've accumulated a lot of great customer feedbacks and with it, a handful also allowed that the final delivery to show up on my gallery. However, upon trying to preview my gig I saw that there were only 4 left in my gallery (1 video and 3 audios). What happened to the rest of the samples? If you're curious about the gig, here it is (please let me know if attaching this isn't allowed): Produce or mix and master or ghostwrite a song for you by Sonreirj | Fiverr
  13. I have extra fast delivery options but my customer says she was unable to see them when she ordered. Now I thought maybe I could offer it after the fact as an extra but the option doesn't seem to be there. The only thing I can think of is making a custom extra for it so she can pay, but the timer wouldn't be updated within Fiverr. Is this normally not an option or is my Fiverr being weird?
  14. Does anyone know about how to calculate On-time delivery rate ?
  15. What are the problems if you can't deliver on time? Since the buyer does not agree to extend the time.
  16. Hi, I delivered the order on time, but it says 1h 56m late. What is that supposed to mean? PS: the buyer didn't accept it yet.
  17. Hi everyone, so I have an ongoing video order. Initially, the buyer placed an order for a single 15-min video, but long story short--the raw files totaled to more than an hour and more than I could reasonably cut down. So after a few messages, the buyer and I agreed on making it two separate videos: Part 1 and Part 2. Since the payment's been made and cancelling sucks, I figured that the best way of going about this was that I'll deliver Part 1 like any order, which will effectively mean that the delivery has been made and the 3-day autocomplete countdown will start unless the buyer asks for revisions. Then I'll just send the offer for Part 2 through the "Offer More Extras" button with additional cost and an added 3-day delivery time. My question is: Can I send an offer for Extras AFTER delivering Part 1, and if I can, will the autocomplete timer still continue or will it revert to a normal order countdown? Sorry if my explanation isn't clear enough. This is the first time I've ever had to use the "offer more extras" haha but thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  18. Sucessfully completed 10th order .Thanks for everyone support and advices.
  19. I have dealt with a person from ******* and would like to make other aware of his scam. Basically he will ask you to do a content writing for him and will provide you a little information regarding that and will try to convince you to do it for him and once he will place his order upon asking for further information he will not return and suddenly will appear when you will deliver a work. In the beginning he will ask you to put your effort and so on and will ask for contact information if you won't provide him than he will provide you an information of himself (Which I ignored) than he will have a point to get you when his work is done he will report your account and fiverr will give a warning or restrict your account because of his behavior and false accusation. I would like to mention one more thing he have scammed several people before like that and upon deliveries he cancelled the orders and he have not only one account but many which he use to scam the freelancers and waste their time and efforts. If you have find some buyer like that please share this in the conversation or have encounter someone like this just please let the others aware of his scam.
  20. Buyer asked me to send work through email. Doing this cause any problem?.
  21. Does anyone facing the same problem here , all is ok just can't upload the file for delivery cause there is no option for upload as you can see on the screenshot . the problem occured maybe for 1 hour and still can't upload the file .
  22. Hi! I have this order I have been working on this whole week. It started on monday (and it's a sunday now). Originally there was a three day delivery for it, but then the buyer requested an extra revision for an extra day of delivery time. Every time he came back with a new revision request, the timer was WAAY closer to the deadline than how long I kept him waiting for. Now, he got back to me with a new revision request after 24 or so hours of inactivity, and the timer says I'm late with my delivery. Why is this happening? Is it normal? Is there a bug? I'm sorry if this is a silly question, this is my first order and I don't know if this is how it's supposed to be happening. I hope you can help me out. Thank you!
  23. Hi all, I've been unable to access one of my orders on desktop for over a week. I was able to access it on mobile, and tried uploading my delivery there twice. Both times the delivery looked like it had uploaded, but then disappeared. I'm now two days past my deadline, and as a new seller, am worried this will negatively impact my rating. I put two days of work into this order, and am unable to upload it, which is extremely frustrating. I filed a ticket last week with Fiverr Support, and after an initial response from them (wherein they said they could see the order, even though myself and the customer could not) I've heard nothing. I respond every day to the ticket, asking for help, but it's radio silence. Now I'm stuck in limbo and am not sure what to do. Will Fiverr be able to retroactively amend this so my rating won't be affected? Does anyone know what to do when they stop responding to your support ticket?
  24. Hi There, I need some suggestion from an expert. Basically I got an order on this service "I will create a Youtube channel with 50 meditation and relaxing videos " So Now I want to know that can I deliver the email and password of that YouTube channel to my client. Will be There any TOS violence for this act. Please give me some suggestion. Thank You
  25. Hi everyone, I got an order to retouch a photo. The customer bought an extra for an additional photo to be retouched, but has provided only one photo. I have delivered the order and after the delivery deadline I was provided an additional photo. I asked the buyer to accept my request for extended delivery time, so when I finish the second photo, the order wont be marked as being late. If the customer doesn't accept my request, will the order be marked as being late? What consequences will it have for my account? Thank you for your time.
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