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  1. Hello, I have read your project details and I know you want ( describe client demand). I am sure I can give you the perfect work and I am a full-time freelancer. so you will get the best service and support. I am now online for you so if you want you can message me. Best Regards Your name
  2. how do i get my 1st order? Any tips would be helpful. Thank You.
  3. I've been in a fiverr for a long time. But my problem is that even if I go to the buyer request page, I don't see any buyer request.
  4. How do we get buyers if we are new to fiverr. Since we haven't worked on too many things yet we don't have too many reviews, but buyers look for reviews and ratings.
  5. Last night I posted a request for a programming project. I have done some development stuff in the past, like 10+ years ago, but don't have experience of this language and thought that getting someone else to do it would be easier. Got several offers. The first two, I asked if they had read the request and were sure they could do the job. One said yes, I accepted his offer, and then he delivered an empty file because he doesn't know how to do it, so I requested cancellation. The second one said he could do it, but it is a large project and he wants to quote an hourly rate instead. I asked how long it would take. I decided to contact a third seller as well, so I'm not kept waiting forever. The third one, I asked if he's sure he understands the request, and this morning he responded to say that it's a much bigger project than he thought and will take 4-6 weeks. The fourth seller said he knows what he's doing, and quotes a reasonable price, so I paid for that one. So, I've got someone working on a project which will take 14 days. But it surprised me that all of the offers say things like "this is very large project", or "this is extremely complicate". I wondered what I was missing, to make this task so much more complex than I expected? So while I was waiting for dinner to cook today I looked up some tutorials on the language online. From first contact to completing my own project (fully tested and working perfectly) took around 2 hours. I really hadn't expected to come up with something like that. So now, what do I do with the offer I already ordered? I want to be able to cancel, because I already have a fully working solution. But I feel like that would be unfair to the seller, if he has already started working on it. (although, to be honest, for someone with past experience this should not take more than twenty minutes, so I can't imagine he's put much time into it if he's not finished yet. What's the right thing to do in these circumstances? (And just for a laugh, the guy with the hourly rate offer finally got back to me, saying he can work 40 hours per week, but this is a huge project and take several months. I told him I'd already done it, and he asks me to consider him for future projects. Why should I consider someone who just told me he takes 12 hours to write each line of code? That feels almost like a scam)
  6. Iam a new fiverr seller I published my gig yesterday, so you guys help me to get buyers and orders
  7. Okay, so a buyer reached out to me in Christmas Eve. We've talked and I made a sample design for him. But, after I made a sample design for him, he said that he would reach back to me in just a couple of hours. However, he hasn't reached back to me at all so I sent him a short message if he's still interested on working with me two days after I sent the sample. I don't think he's a scammer because he also stated that he is checking other sellers that's related in my field when he first messaged me. He has also ordered services from other sellers, but it's not related to my gig whatsoever. It's 5 days already and I need some advice on what to do. Should I send a quick message again and ask if he's still interested or have found another seller? I haven't had an order for a month since I've edited my gig a few times so I'd really like to work with him. Thanks!
  8. Fiverr included this sweet feature called quick responses which are essentially pre-made messages that you can send to a potential buyer. Fiverr allows you to save quick responses along with a title so that you can select the best response possible for a buyer. Since we are living in the age of AI, bots, and automated responses buyers may think these Fiverr quick responses are impersonal, cold, and robotized. But trust me most of the Fiverr top-rated sellers are using this amazing innovation that Fiverr has added and became successful too. 🏆When you are delivering an order to the buyer Hello thushanxeno Thank you for your order and for providing the necessary instructions to do your project. I am glad to say I have completed your project as per your requirements. Please note that if you have any modifications regarding your project don't hesitate to contact me. I am ready to do the necessary modifications for you. if you believe the work I have done is perfect you can complete the order. Please don't forget to share your experience by leaving feedback for me which is really important for me to improve my service and to my freelancing career as well. I am looking forward to working with you again. Best Regards thushanxeno
  9. Which is the Fiverr.com buyer requiest URL ?
  10. I need to know hoW to send a perfect buyer request for social media ads
  11. I am a new seller. I have already completed an order. But now there is no order. Buyer send me message but when I reply their message immediately but they don't respond.
  12. Hi, when i try to check buyer requests in " more -> Buyer requests " it is always empty and only message "No requests found." is found in the table. Is this normal or there is a problem with my gig?, by the way the filter is set to "All Subcategories". thanks,
  13. I'm a Bangladeshi citizen by birth. And i'm proud of my country. I'm a professional freelancer. At the beginning of my job, I've realized that there are many buyers ignore a seller just for being new or Bangladeshi. I would like to draw your kind attention to fact that there is about 27% of the totall freelancers are Bangladeshi. Statistics proves that we're in the 8th position around the world. So, there is no scope of avoiding Bangladeshi freelancers. Because most of them are industrious, skillful, sincere and creative to their job. so, I assure you all that you don't have to feel any hasitation at the time of hiring a Bangladeshi freelancers to perform your job. Even If he/she is a new seller, then you can hire him/her. Because there has an experienced guider behind a new Bangladeshi freelancer. And this guider assists in their every step. Thank you.
  14. Hi Community! I delivered an order to a buyer. It was a 30 days delivery of a website project that was completed and delivered. The buyer took modification request and mentioned that he wants to extend the delivery to more 14 days because he wants his team to take a review on the completed project and his team members are on vacation. So should I keep the order active and wait until 14 days? As all the work has been already completed and delivered as per requirements. Or what's your suggestion?
  15. why fiverr is best? i know it is a big question to provide all information about the fiverr. but some of my experience i gather from fiverr for last few month work Purpose . i have already complete 13 of my order with 5 star review with fiverr as a seller. in the order completing process i meet with very good buyers who always help me to complete the work properly. i think its full credit goes to the fiverr. without the fiverr i think i m not able to meet and not able to provide support to my family . Thank you Fiverr
  16. Hi friends how to attract the buyers to sale the services??? Regards Anna
  17. One buyer place the order and there is some font missing when I messaged her she didn't reply on time and I have just 2 days to complete and I received late order reminder 😒 I search on Google and I got just 4 fonts 4 are paid...after my struggle and work hard I just submit my order because buyer didn't reply and when I submitted she replied and told me that you can extend your time😒 I don't want to extend because I already waist 4 days I have another work too I want to complete my order as soon as but again buyer didn't respond 😠 what's the behaviour I am not here to waist my time in just one order I spent 4.5 days just because of buyer she didn't sent me exact details and told me to extend delivery time what is this??
  18. Dear All, Fiverr notify me for editing my old gig. Which have 4 reviews. After editing, there is no changes in impression and click. 48h hours have passed but same... What should i do? Does this affect on my other gig? Thank you
  19. Hi friends I am facing a problem i am not getting orders any one can suggest or help me how to attract the buyers on my gigs. Thanks Regards Anna
  20. Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great! I was wondering about this from quite a few days and couldn't get the answer from anywhere. So, here it is: Can we have a badge of level 2 seller and a top rated/ business/ any badge for buyer as well on the same account at the same time? For example, as I'm a level 2 seller at fiverr right now. Is there a chance I can have any badge of buyer at the same time if I buy a lot? If yes, what benefits would that give? Like more protection for the account etc? Looking forward to the response of all awesome people on this forum😊 Thanks in advance, Maria
  21. How can I send a buyer request, no buyer request is showing in profile. help me
  22. What to do if the buyer does not receive the order after the order is completed
  23. I had to leave fiverr because some dude placed an order without confirmation and did not share his details. I kept texting him and asking him about the order details but he never came back online. This led to order cancellation and my profile visibility dropped significantly and I had to find some other work. Thanks to him, I had to take a break. I had no choice. But after all this time, I am thinking about starting again but when I look at my profile, I don't feel much confidence. My profile visibility is poor and I have a bad rating mark How do I boost my profile and start getting work again?
  24. while biding on a project is asking questions to buyers is helpful or not?
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