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  1. I want to know can I send FIVERR Affiliate link to a buyer in fiverr chat, So that he/she clicks that links and places and order
  2. I have an order that is very late because Bayer wants more work from me. I sent an extended delivery request. By then the delivery time had also arrived. The buyer was new and he did not know how to accept, and he was saying that at present he does not have a laptop. I have told him with the help of screen shots and video how to accept on phones. The buyer is now offline for 14 hours. What do I do now ?Will this affect my account?
  3. Not getting any buyer request to send any offer🤷‍♀️
  4. How to make an effective buyer request? Any samples can be given please?
  5. I am continuously getting responses to buyer requests. Kindly, give me some tips so that I can improve my offer.
  6. Absolutely Not, Fiverr never allowed buyer and sellers to deal and communicate outside because of security reasons Fiverr's system is very active In case of any seller or buyer ask you to deal outside Fiverr you have to report It After that Fiverr checks that really this person is asking to deal outside Fiverr and Finally Fiverr block seller or buyer or both accounts So be careful Never accept or Give payment outside of Fiverr
  7. It is a basic and fundamental tips! When a new seller comes to Fiverr, they are waiting for buyer request and even don't know how to find or see buyer request... How to see buyer request and how to find it? East step to follow! Switch from Buying to Selling>>>>Click More>>>>Select Buyer Requests
  8. What is your worst experience as a seller with Buyers? Have you encountered Buyers that have troubled you so much?
  9. Have you encountered buyers who just chat and waste your time and never place an order? They come and talk to just waste your time and keep on asking questions but have no intention to order. Have you encountered such people?
  10. So for the past day whenever I click on buyer request I see No requests found. And I'm not sure why, I posted my gig about 2 days ago and its in the category of social media marketing which is popular so I have no idea why there wouldn't be any request, if anyone knows please tell me because I need to solve this issue! Thanks. Picture of it what's happening!
  11. Hello! I am experienced Graphic Designer with over 2 Years of Experience and I am new to fiverr and still waiting for a order 🥺. If you can please share my gigs and help me. Fiverr Profile- https://www.fiverr.com/visith_i?up_rollout=true
  12. So, this type of seller who is a female singer, her account has been saying this message "Looks Like This Service Is On Hold" but it has become over a year now. I am not sure as to why this is even the case. Seller details: I will write and sing you a wonderful original song Seller name: jarielandlily Seller is a level 2 Seller Link to gig Her voice is lovely and I wanted to ask her regarding her work and maybe to order one of her gigs, but sadly, it has become over a year and not sure what's going on with this seller.
  13. I recently have received TIP from a buyer, but I realized that Fiverr also takes a fee from that, why is that? I think is a little bit unfair that if a costumer gives value to your work beyond the fee you ask for it, that should be given to you directly, I'm aware that the answer from fiverr about this might be that "we are using their platform" but the true thing is that we are already paying for that, at the time we are visualized by a costumer, have contact, define agreements, doing jobs, delivering, receive payment, all that is through the FIVERR platform, that's why there are penalties for the people that tries to have contact out the platform giving personal contact information, that's OK it is fair, that "give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar" (which is 20% of your job price by the way) but TIPS are different, that is something directly from the buyer to the seller (it is not a job), it is "added value" on behalf of the people, which in the end is translated as "RESPECT". Why should FIVERR take a cut from that too? "management fees"? mmmm I don't know, if FIVERR gives the opportunity to all the sellers be tipped for free that would make this platform much much better than what it is now. Probably I am not going to change anything, (it might represent a big lost in earnings for them) but here is a big suggestion for you fiverr guys, and something to reflect about for you sellers... What do you think? Have a great day! -antcor
  14. Still now i don't get any buyer request on my profile why ? Is this normal ?
  15. What are the Newest Services/gigs On Fiverr?
  16. Can anyone clarify what is the "Differences Between FIVERR Seller Plus and FIVERR Business"? Thanks in advanced
  17. I completed 6 orders on a gig, But why show 5 here?
  18. Happy Ramadan Mubarak. How was going in this Ramadan Month?
  19. Does sanctions on Fiverr's forum affect a seller's main account? I will like to learn.... Thank you!
  20. Does a seller's Nationality determine how successful he can be on Fiverr and does buyers have preferences for sellers from specific countries/continents?
  21. Hello... Forum members, Now, I'm facing a new problem that is buyer issues. Recently, the United States buyer sent me a message for the project. At first, he had request me to sent a sample for this project. I'm interested to work for that's why I had to agree with him for a sample and he did respond. When finishing my sample work after one hour later, I have already submit my sample but two day's have been passed, he didn't respond yet. What can I do for next step? Please give me a better suggestion or inspiration which is helpful for me in future work.Thanks.
  22. Hello Fiverr community! This is definitely the first time I'm reaching out, I've been reading mostly. Now to my problem. My gig has been under performing lately, I considered returning to replying buyer requests. Now they don't appear. Is there a problem? If there is. How can I fix this issue.
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