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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm updating my Gigs and while I was updating I got the below notification. Even if my Gig prices are above 80$ I get the below notification. What does it mean, can someone explain? Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone. I am new to the platform. I actually had another account for a few months but I had to change the username. Anyway, I never made any sales yet. I am an artist and I offer illustration gigs. At first I had started with the prices which was deserved in my opinion. After a few months, I got no clients. Then I thought if it's better to start cheap then as I make sales I can increase the price later. Do you people think it is a good strategy? What advice you can give to me about being recognised in the platform, and at least make first sale?
  3. When I try to move forward in my new gigs to pricing and scope, that portion lags so much, overall everything in fiverr is working good, even I'm not having any issue in typing complaint here... but I am having so many issues in typing there in pricing column and that's really frustrating, I can't go next , I'm just stuck in pricing , can't even name the package. there is no issue in my laptop it's an error of fiverr. kindly suggest me some solutions or tell me how to report it directly to fiverr, It will be really helpful for me. this lag thing has wasted my whole day!
  4. A trick many retailers use, which we as Fiverr sellers can utilize too, is "decoy pricing." What is that, you ask? It's the practice of introducing a higher-priced top-tier package to make your mid-tier one seem more reasonable. Here's an example: Suppose you want to sell a package for 100USD, which is your most expensive package. Fewer people will order it because the package next to it costs less. But if you introduce a top-tier package for 500 dollars and charge 100USD for the mid-tier, it makes it appear more affordable. It's still the same deal. But it looks more appealing. Clients are more likely to choose the mid-tier package if you make it seem like a great deal. By pricing your mid-tier at the rate you'd like to earn per order and adding a more expensive top-tier package, you'll sell more of the mid-tier one. Studies have backed this up. So if you want to make a higher-priced package appear as the best option, put an even more expensive package next to it.
  5. Currently have 2 gigs at the moment however they’re almost the same just set in different categories (logo & merch design). I make decent money on both averaging $200 per order. Since these were the first n only gigs I have made since joining fiverr I increased the price gradually when demand got too much. Think my premium package began at $40 n 8 months later is at $200. My question is if I made a new gig would I need to price it lower than my existing gigs since it would have no reviews? My account reviews are 100+ 4.9 stars n obviously the same quality of work would be provided.
  6. Hi there! 15 days ago, when i got those three orders on my gigs my impressions were 100+ and that time my clicks were 6-7 and after 15 days now when my gigs have a lot of impressions with so many clicks no one can send me a message. Kindly if anyone is there who can help me to sort out the problem in my gig description or pricing i am grateful to him/her. LINK: https://www.fiverr.com/share/R0x1e8 Regards: Saima
  7. I am new at the platform, but I'm having a hard time to gain clients for my services. How can I atract more eyes towards my job? Any tips?
  8. I joined fiver since almost a year, and even if I believe that my services are of good quality I got only three costumers. Two of them told me that my prices were too low compared to the quality of the delivery, and both insisted to pay a little more and tip. I understand that maybe I've just met two really nice and kind costumers, and that I might not be so lucky in the future, but while during this year i believed that my bad results were caused by a lack of visibility and a preview galllery which could honestly use some work, I started to think that maybe the low prices made clients unconfortable. Do they think I'm scamming them? Is it possible that they directly expect highter prices when they're looking for a good work? I should probably add that I'm an artist, and i sell semi-realistic or pictoric illustrations of animals and characters. I work many hours on them but since I have a really small "audience" I didn't feel entitled to a proper payment. (I'll add some examples of my drawings below, they costed $15 each) What are your experiences and tips?
  9. Hello there 🙂 I am a new seller and am in the process of setting up my first gig. When faced with the option to set a price point for each tier of the service I'm offering, I was surprised to discover that the option is only available to set this up in intervals of 5 -- so $5, $10, $15, etc. Others, I see, have their price point set at completely self-determined amounts. Is this part of being a new seller, perhaps, in that the opportunity to set self-determined amounts will open up to me later? While I'll work with it because I'm flexible and don't mind taking the Beginner's Journey (in fact, I feel excited to set out; I've worked very hard to create a unique skill-set that offers value to others!), I'd like to better understand how Fiverr is set up to work. Many thanks for any information anyone is able to provide!
  10. Hello, I'm relatively new. Im struggling to come up a price on a particular gig. I am to confirm a list of 10 things for items in Public Domain. It's all that hard. A little time consuming. I don't want to shoot change my abilities but I also don't want the buyer to think I'm trying to rip them off either. Please advise?. Thanks
  11. When A buyer submits his work proposal with a fixed budget, can I send him offer with a higher price?
  12. Hi, I have three GIGs for different services. One of the GIG when clicked shows the Contact Seller button under pricing that my customers/buyer can click and easily chat with me for any order BUT other two GIGs don't have Contact Seller button but instead it has a box written "Do you have any special requirements?" and under that is Get a Quote button that opens the order window directly. Can anyone please guide me how to enable Contact Seller button and how to get rid of this Get a Quote button?
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