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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Fiverr community, I have a very important question: Can i sell my own Tik Tok accounts on Fiverr? Is that legit and not against Terms Of Service? If you help me with this question i will be so grateful. Thanks.
  2. The buyer gives me his what's app information. I refuse him and told him Fiverr doesn't allow him to share personal information. Is it affect my account? what should I do? Before Fiverr block buyers but this time Fiverr doesn't take any steps.
  3. I am really confused about this and I hope people here can help me out. So you know how social media promoters use twitter/instagram/facebook logos on their gig images right? I wanted to know if that's allowed , for example I am a software developer that works in Python and would like to use the Python logo in my gig images but I am not sure If I should because it might get taken down saying that I don't own the logo . But then why are the other logos like twitter/instagram/facebook allowed? Also please don't say they are breaking rules and will be caught at one point because https://www.fiverr.com/content/rt/gig-images the image templates given here also contain them .
  4. Hey gang, I found a gig where a TRS is offering to be your 'fiverr consultant'. Gig description below. I've thought perhaps this would be a good gig to offer, but a) I think it's against ToS and b) I'm don't think I'm at the level to offer advice as I'm not TRS myself. I don't believe the seller is offering to create/update the profile, but instead consult, give feedback, advice, ideas etc. I'm guessing it must be against ToS, otherwise sellers like @frank_d @newsmike@catwriter @imagination7413 and others would be offering it and likely making lots of sales. Just surprised that if it isn't allowed that a TRS doesn't know better. Thoughts, allowed or not allowed...? Hey! I am XXX, and I have been living from Fiverr since 2020. It's time to help other sellers like you improve their business on Fiverr. This gig is designed for all kinds of sellers. To those who have not yet made their first sale, as well as for Level 2 Sellers who want to become Top Rated Sellers. Basic and Standard packages include just a video where you will be able to see my screen, my webcam and hear my thoughts on how to improve your profile. If you want a more personalized experience, get the Premium package and let's jump on a videocall together so we can discuss any topics you have questions. Contact me before placing an order so we can discuss the best strategy for your company and also prepare a customized offer that fits your needs. Remember: Your success is my success! Also, as a native Spanish, I can also do the videos or have the videocall in Spanish if you are a Spanish speaker!
  5. We have only one laptop and I have knowledge of web development and my brother is learning digital marketing/social media marketing. We are totally different from each other in term of services we provide, so can we do it on the same computer and wifi at once? We would use everything same except our fiver accounts. Is it legal in fiver?
  6. I've bymistakely used the word "pay" while having conversation with a client. I didn’t get any order yet. And the conversation was on app I was asking him in these way - "How much you wish to pay". Will it hamper my account in future? Will I be in trouble?
  7. My gig impressions have dropped out of nowhere and are not increasing again. It happened suddenly the next day that I was actively taking orders. I've searched terms to see if I've done anything wrong, but I couldn't find anything. Could I be violating something from the hashtag or title I'm using? Also, my gig never stopped or I didn't get any warning about this issue. Thank you in advance.
  8. What if I will blur pictures as at different platforms they made, so they can't be use. Cause blurred pictures looks much better that just placeholder. Can this be considered as reason to deny? Anyone ? What do you think?
  9. New Seller...? It's vary important to read all the terms of service, Mainly "Third party violation" on Fiverr. And Try to understand. LINK BELLOW... https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service?source=footer
  10. Since starting on Fiverr and selling for over 3 years now we have seen many sellers copy our gigs. Our images and descriptions are copied often word for word. After reporting many to Fiverr's customer support absolutely NOTHING gets done about it even though it's a violation of their own terms or service. Could anyone help us out on what else we could do? Thanks Sam
  11. Hi fellow sellers! New Seller here (going to complete a month next week). So I'm a little curious with the way things have gone (maybe "hesitant/frightened" would be better) On my second order (buyer placed 2nd order after accepting the 1st), I had to come up with revisions (which was what I offered). Now here comes the situation: He asked me to add some more info in the document, which I was willing to do (I think this was the 4th edit). He later marked the order complete (since it was due today). Now I've managed to do the required edits, but am not able to text him. I get the following message: What's worse is that any message I type to him, I get this alert; and I've done it 4 times. However he is able to text me and is currently waiting for my edits. Now as a New Seller, I am obviously worried about the TOS violation, but what exactly have I done? The buyer is also waiting for my reply and since I cannot text him, I may risk losing the chance of working with him again.
  12. I'm curious about whether or not it breaks Fiverr terms of service to put a link to your gig page in the offer to a buyer request. I know that buyer's themselves can send links and attach photos but in response to their request is it all right to send back a link to your gig with your offer? Would this be considered spamming the buyer's? The Fiverr help center states that only the links listed on the page linked below can be used. But as long as your link has the fiverr.com domain it should be well within the TOS, right? https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016541618-Allowed-Links-for-Gigs
  13. Is there any problem? If buyer send zoom info for a meeting?
  14. So yesterday, a buyer recruited me after I responded to their BR regarding a paid test for a game development project. I delivered the order today and they accepted the delivery and gave me a good review and even a tip! Hooray! They then messaged me saying that I passed the test and they would like to collaborate long term with me! Double hooray! This is where things get interesting. Their next message said that they are going to contact me via their Pro account. Wait what?! A second account?! Okay, I don't know how Pro accounts work so I tapped down on my knee jerk reaction to block their account then and there. Let's see where this goes 👀 Their next message from their Pro account said that they would like me to join their Discord server where they are gathering a team of writers for this project. It was at this point that I freaked out and came running to the forum to seek advice. Wouldn't communication on Discord count as "communication outside the platform"? Isn't that a clear clear violation of TOS? What should I do in this situation?
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