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Found 18 results

  1. It say's, refer a friend. Can I refer my client to order me in Fiverr? Is there any issue?
  2. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. Recently I got the option to add top clients to my gig. But I haven't work with any company or brand. I have work with some fiverr selected buyers. But I don't think they own any brand or company. Can I add these buyers on my top clients. I tried to add one of them but when I put their name the form also want a website name of the company. My first question is if the buyers I work for don't have any website but fiverr selected buyers can I still add them? The second question is how am I supposed to collect the website? Should I ask the buyers for their website, In that case, won't Fiverr give me a warning about not to share personal info? What am I supposed to do? Please experts on Fiverr help me. I really don't have any idea, I already asked some of my buyers for permission and they give me permission. But what do I do about the website and it is must be required to continue the process? I searched on google but can not find the answer how to get the website. It would be a huge help if you guys help me. Sorry for the long post. Thanks everyone and Have a nice day
  3. Should I cancel my order with a bad client? Never be afraid to cancel an order on Fiverr (or as a freelancer in general) ! Some "clients" are psychopaths and try to pressure the seller into giving them cheap labour. It is VERY important to know your rights as a seller. You should never slave away, but have the courage to cancel your order at anytime. One tactic of "toxic" clients is to intimidate the seller. For example by using phrases like "I could replace you with another seller"". (a very red flag) Another tactic these people use is trying to get you off the Fiverr platform. They will constantly message you, push you to do more work and will be hard in negotiating. They are not going to pay you a fair price. What they look for is free or very cheap work. Make sure to end on good terms: Be nice, no matter what Explain yourself Be professional Be honest (not too honest) Don't be intimidated Do NOT feel guilt Why should you feel guilty you may ask. If you have never been in this position, it might be difficult to understand. But these clients build a relationship with their sellers. The seller will feel responsible for their project. Remember this: IT'S NOT YOUR PROJECT It is 100% their responsibility to treat and pay their workers right, to have manageable deadlines and well thought out project structures. If their project and management sucks, then this will reflect on the project workers aswell. Stay safe everyone. If you have trouble with a client, you can always ask for advice in my dm's, ask in the forums or contact the Fiverr CS. Finn Image by Michael Dziedzic (from Unsplash)
  4. Hi, I'm a book cover designer and level two seller, I am nothhing getting any order from 4 months, Here is the gig link :https://www.fiverr.com/hassandesigns_/do-a-professional-book-cover-or-ebook-cover-design Please share some tips! Thanks in advance
  5. My question is , how do i get my gig and get clients to buy my services on fiverr
  6. Hello everyone! I think something is wrong with my profile.. It’s been 4 months and I am not getting any impressions or clicks on my profile, I am not getting any orders anymore😭 please help.
  7. How to send "Larger MBs Files" to the clients on Fiverr in a legal way that Fiverr allows? Any expert here.
  8. I've just got a notification says that add my Top Clients to the seller profile. I've worked with many companies outside from Fiverr. If I add those client's profiles and website links, do I need to have a proof that I worked with them or there should be a permission document signed by them ? How fiverr validates these information ? Will it be a problem in any case that I don't have documents?
  9. There is a section under my profile named as mentioned above. I want to ask about how it works and how much time does it take to add clients to the profile? Thank you
  10. Hello Everybody, I'm Anis & I'm Web Developer . I started selling on website before one & half month and I didn't get any order. I do many web programming services sush as converting psd to html , creating landing pages , fix bugs & more but I didn't get any order. This is my porofile: https://www.fiverr.com/anismekhaba
  11. Hi, I want to learn how people are finding my profile and which queries they have done to click on a gig. Is it possible to Know which keywords did people search, matching with my gigs, which demographics and channels funneled their searches ?
  12. Hello! When a buyer/client comes in the inbox after sending a buyer request, how to convince the buyer to buy your service. Also, How can I assure him that my service is perfect for him? And which words should use to welcome the client?
  13. Hello Everyone, I'm talking with my client about Marketing related work. Please, Advice me . How to increase her product sell ? (Shopify) Thank you !
  14. I do not send buyer requests, but still received messages from 4-6 clients but could not convert the order. But I have not received any client message for a few days, so what do I need to do now?
  15. Please I got my first order but the client said refundable insurance fee what does it means
  16. I want to share my Fiverr experience with all of you because I am happy that I had complete all my order with 5 starts client reviews and I'm second level seller. The most important things i have noticed that we should keep a professional communication and honest to your client. If anybody need any kind of tip and advice you can reach me out You can check my account if anybody want inspiration https://www.fiverr.com/users/esolutions_ #loveforfiverr #secondlevelseller #esolutions_ #amazonservices
  17. What are the thing I should say to the buyer when the order has been finished successfully and I want him to come back again and order in my gig.
  18. Other than Quora, what are the best platforms to promote Fiverr gigs and portfolio? (Usual social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are excluded from my list.) ** It's better if suggested websites are blogging or showcasing kind of platforms.
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