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  1. Hello, I started one fiverr order with new client. All are going well when we rech order deadline, I deliver the order. But buyer doesn't accept it and ask for functionality which was not written in requirement. I tried to add that functionality for free but It's not possible to add because of some technical reasons. Now when I explain reason to buyer he doesn't believe me and I tried 7 days more still results are same. Now whenever I deliver order he send revision request. I'm stuck. My biggest mistake I offered unlimited revisions
  2. I have a old account in fiverr but I don't get any order from this account since 3 months. I was thinking about deleting the account. Which will be better ? working on my old account or create a new account and publish gigs on this?
  3. Hi everyone!! I need your tips to increase my impressions and to show my gig on the first pages... This is my gig if you can take a look and give some feedback please https://www.fiverr.com/karyface1/design-the-best-professional-signature-text-logo I have 7k sales on that gig, is about graphic design and most of the buyers feedback is 5 stars, but sometimes I feel that as much as I share my gig on social media, the impressions do not increase. I have a theory that you the impressions count more when the clicks are from buyers that are already on fiverr than from people that click on a link you shared on social media. i've tried doing fb campaigns and google but they show no result, on reddit if you share your link, most pages delete it. So... how do you share your gigs? a way that really gives you reach, conversions and clicks
  4. How i get my first order because i am not getting any breifs? here is my profile link can someone see it and tell me what should i do for getting orders? https://www.fiverr.com/users/manans_design/seller_dashboard
  5. Hello, I have turn on Get Brief but I can't get any Brief Request from clients. I'm very upset, What can I do? Help
  6. Yeah, I know this is an issue that most of us as a seller has tried to get through with overtime. And even if some clients can't get to be decisive with their choices, change their mind mid-project, or just want to be fraudulent, there are few things we can do to avoid order cancellations from genuine and well-meaning clients. However, before I start, I will like to remind you that Fiverr just as a conventional working space is a business, and the more priority you place on it, the easier it is for you to get through successfully. Below are some tips to help you avoid order cancellations: Disclaimer: This article is based on personal experience, and is not sponsored or attributed to a CS-supported system. 1. Communicate efficiently with your client: One thing I noticed is that when buyers contact sellers, they are always hesitant to get to the "can I send you a custom offer now?" And sometimes, do not even calm down to understand the job requirements. The first thing you should do is read carefully, note down vital points if possible, and analyze if it's a job you can render. It's one thing to read, and it's another to understand it. So you can do well to ask questions if you do not comprehend any point, but make sure you understand what the buyer is requesting. 2. Don't take jobs you can't do: Though not everyone is guilty, some sellers tend to take jobs they are very sure they can't deliver, maybe with the hope of outsourcing (not saying outsourcing is bad) but be sure to take a job you can adjust when revision is asked. 3. Start work on your projects ASAP: Sometimes staying on the system for days can be annoying and we want to just unwind and have fun. However, while having fun, still remember you have a business to run and it would affect you if your account has any issues one way or another. So once you receive an order, calm down and outline things you need to do, and make sure you tabulate them in easy to understand format in a craft sheet or whatever you call yourself You might not start immediately, but make sure you go a long way with the job before relaxing. Starting jobs early, help you deliver faster, and if you can deliver a job in 24 hours tell the buyer 48 hours, make sure to finish before 24 hours, so It gives you time to check for corrections before delivery. 4. Send samples: Though this point was supposed to be the first, it is important to note that just as your portfolio is important in helping you seal that deal, it is also relevant in helping you stay out of trouble. If you think a client isn't so satisfied with your communication, it is best to share your samples with them. And if you are a writer like myself; in situations when you've not written on a particular niche, trend or topic, ask them politely if you can write a 200-250 words sample so they see your writing style and check if you are a preferred seller for their project. Finally, talk to your clients passionately and understand that just as you work into a supermarket to buy groceries for the family, these clients are humans too. And sometimes they can encounter issues that mess up their days like you, so when they approach you for help even when your project is closed, just treat them with kindness. Good luck and stay safe!🌞 Kind regards, Juan_Adulf
  7. Hello There! This is hasnainshk547. I am facing a problem. I just made another gig and did not get impressions. Not showing on different pages. I also checked Fiverrlytics to search my gig rank, and Fiverrlytics - Your Fiverr Assistance is down, not showing results. I just want to clarify how to rank them and get many impressions and clicks+ if I get visitors, so there was a chance to get an order. 🙂
  8. Which Countries Buyers We should Deny?
  9. Hi Everyone, How are you all Fiverr community member? What is the status of everyone's work? So my main question today is in which sector more orders are available?
  10. Hi, Im sohel . How do I can get first order in fiverr? Plz anybody ans me.
  11. Although I have been ranked #2 in 24-hour delivery back in January 2021 once, after a completion of just 16 orders on my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/shaheerworks247 but since February due to some emergencies I stopped working. Now that I want to back track my way up there, I heard about the algorithm change and I can't get any orders on any of my gigs. I would highly encourage a response that makes me get orders since I'm facing extreme financial issues. I'm looking for clients/work in the video editing domain but can't find any! HELP.
  12. I got order after 8month repeatedly. My order dream at least week 2/3.but i didn’t found
  13. How do I get more orders? Order expectations are declining, advise me😥
  14. What should I do to get a quick order? I have a new gig but I haven't received any orders yet. How do I get an 1st order? Give me a solution everyone!
  15. AFFILIATE MARKETING WEBSITE - 60%OFF Are you looking for an Affiliate Marketing Website for generating passive income? yes this is your gig I am an affiliate marketing website expert and professional digital marketer. If I select you how can I save my money? Being new to Fiverr, I have priced my affiliate marketing website gig really low as part of an introductory offer (60%off). sent me a message right now, let me start our affiliate marketing website. GIG URL: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Ddrrgo
  16. YouTube is the Best in social media in marketing to your fiverr account do you want to how can you marketing your gig then let me know i will be help to you
  17. I work on fiverr with web design and development. At first I got two bad buyers. They both forced me to cancel after ordering. Then I did a job from the buyer request. But now gig rank is not doing.this account age is 8 months. What would I do?
  18. Which order has more worth, the custom order or the one which buyer buy itself from our listed packages. For Example: If client work is of 5$, then we have to create a custom order for him or he will buy or gig 5$ package Kindly share your experiences, which one will be the best?
  19. Alhamdulillah, Fiverr I got the first order. With a lot of patience, I sent the buyer request and came with the first order. Everyone will pray.
  20. I was thinking of how to get my first order so I kept thinking.... Very glad I ^^^might or might not - not sure^^^ seem to find something gold to get my first order(s). I would like to get your opinion on my idea if it's right and only an experienced of you guys and gals can render your perfect opinion. May I start on y idea to see if it's a working one or NO ?
  21. Hi, I've been a Fiverr seller for more than 4 years. And in last 2 years I've been getting overwhelming orders. I even sometimes had to enable out of office mode because I couldn't handle the orders. But about 2 weeks ago when I came form a vacation after closing the out of office mode I started getting around 1 - 2 orders per day ( my avarage was 5 - 6 orders per day ) so it's pretty low but not concerning. But then I had to cancel a order because the buyer was unresponsive and rude, so I contacted customer support and after discussing they cancelled the order. And from then I didn't receive a single order. Only few orders by my previous clients. Also very few buyers was texting me which didn't even turn into orders. I've updated my images, changed description and lowered prices. Still no luck. So I've been thinking of using the gig promotion thingy, is it any good ? Can I use it to get some orders and start the flow and then opt out of it ? Thanks for reading :)
  22. How can I improve my gig and increase my order? give me some suggestions. Please check my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/xD0Gvx https://www.fiverr.com/share/No9BBp https://www.fiverr.com/share/YdVvva
  23. I have a gig fast page. Why can't I get an order? Give me the right advice. Thanks.
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