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  1. I am not asking about pricing system. I am asking that average selling price of a gig helps us in getting orders in any way?
  2. Hi, I hope you all are doing great. I want to ask you “does my earnings depends upon my avg. Selling price?” . Well, my avg. Gig selling price is 73$, will it be helpful in future for me to get more orders or not. If not then I will place two orders with medium price (for completion of fiverr next level promotion) Instead of one order with high price. Looking for advice. Thanks
  3. How many buyer requests are appearing now on your fiverr profile?
  4. Can I ask my buyer to recommend me to his friends in Chat?
  5. Can I rank my gig after getting penalized or will I have to wait for 60 days for it?
  6. It lowers the rank, but it depends on some factors. For example, I have a large number of orders per month, so whenever I cancel orders, it doesn’t de-rank me. However, for some people that just have 10-15 orders and they cancel 3 orders, that affects their ranking quite a bit. So it’s all about how many orders you have in a month. If you cancel quite a lot but don’t have new orders to balance those stats, then yes, you will be surpassed by others in ranking. Can I rank my gig after getting penalized or will I have to wait for 60 days for it.
  7. But I think If I cancel the order then I may get less penalized.
  8. Which will affect my profile more? Mutually cancellation of project by buyer or Mutually cancellation of project by seller
  9. does reordering (it is option in resolution center to reorder) will affect my gig? A buyer placed an order and now want to reduce price because of less work. Is it possible?
  10. A client reached me and asked for work. He wanted me to design some sections on his website. I sent him custom request and we started our project. But he didn’t gave me login credentials for website dashboard. I sent him messages and now he is not responding. I went to resolution center and requested for cancellation of order. will it affect my gig? If it is buyer fault, will it still affect my gig?
  11. Today, a buyer reach to me. He wanted me to show him mockup first. I told him that I am doing work on other projects and now I don’t have time to make mockup for you, if you want to see my portfolio and feedback then please check my fiverr profile. But, he asked me that I am scammer and I want to “scam” him because I don’t have time to make a mockup for him. Now, I am afraid of him, if he report me on fiverr. What should I do?
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