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  1. i did it, suddenly now the overheat stopped, i dont know if they fixed it after seeing this warning, but the gramarly errors still exist so it wasnt only that.
  2. is not only grammarly, there are small windows poping out, small as a finger, since i have blocked all types of popups they are open as windows and can't be hidden, there is something weird going in the background, and only happens in fiverr.
  3. I don't know what is fiverr using or why, only happens in fiverr.com while reading a gig's work page, the CPU could reach up to 22% by doing anything. is this your AI reading the text? is there crypto mining in the background? why is this happening? is really not cool.
  4. absoloutly not. That's just robot talking, the main difference between transforming every freelancer to an AI and having real people is having personal touch, is having the capacity to talk to each client in their own special way, something hard to understand and maybe is a bad word for some fiverr employees but is called: human empathy.
  5. To avoid scammers, to give a better service, to know our client, etc... this should be actually open for all, makes no sense to put it behind a paywall of greed, everything is information needed to be a better seller to be able to grow and to avoid the famous AI punishments, i mean if we have the average order price we will be able to give fiverr more money by getting the best bet... but why Fiverr teams prefer to punish us ? is like we are punished by the average selling price but the clients can have all that hidden and make us suffer for no reason?
  6. its fun, just a place to talk with other fiverr freelancers about all the things that are wrong here, because at the end fiverr team will not do absouloutly nothing... also is fun to see the amount of bots to keep alive the official threads and see how they treat the questions with "oh yes we will answer that on the next webinar" and the webinar doesnt touch not a single thing about the questions xD really fun
  7. exactly, i also warned this one year ago and they did nothing. Expect nothing. Fiverr development team doesnt exists anymore, is now just a zombie platform that works with a clumsy AI, they are only paying to make useless webinars that actually are almost recorded because they will not answer any question.
  8. no, fiverrs chat bot was already warned that it will not be taken real, is just a chat gpt bad implemented that will tell you information that is not true a lot of times, there are several other examples here in the forum. And yes, Customer service is also a chat gpt so you will also find that sometimes it will create fake information just to respond to you. And yes, it is the worst case scenario, your profile score depends on that same chat gpt that makes fake information and analyse things on the go by random numbers. Have fun. DOnt take fiver seriously anymore.
  9. there are accounts that make logos and illustrations are quite obvious ai generated, they even have like hundreds of clients in a window of delivery that is like one per minute. this would have triggered curiosity but in its place there are more and more, so Fiverr new ai is instant banning people randomly and lowering scores with rules they can't explain, but this type of fully automated accounts are safe.
  10. fiverr is sinking guys, dont be here dreaming that they will change anything, they are moving to other platform and Fiverr became a zombie managed by AI, i have no idea how souch a big company fall in the bulsht of leaving the entire management and user qualification to AI, is incredible because OpenAi and all the real AI companies don't recommend to use it as Fiverr is doing because of the huge failures, analyzing long stories term users will return random errors and wrong results (like happened, is happening and will keep happening). Why the front and clicks are over the AI related subjects ? or why there are so many fake agencies and fake accounts that only return automatic AI generated content? (there is an other post showing an account fullfilling more than 9 clients per minute) sorry for all the designers but fiverr is making their own AI generated fake accounts for that... at the end is a thing of money and fiverr management choose to go the easiest worst moral way. hopefully someone from here will have the knowledge to do their own fiverr (upwork is already implementing the same old system and other platforms as well) so i feel next months we will have tons of fiverr inspired platforms to work with. Is hilarious how wrong and bad this went, is going to be for the books of history on how AI manipulative methods is just inspiring people to get away from places and make their own version, because at the end, anyone here with chatgpt can create something like fiverr actually xD have fun, dont try to fix the system, fight the system.
  11. you have to get to the 400 first. And is not about the score right now, and you should at least have 3 gigs to start and see how they behave.
  12. i dont know how much they are paying you but the forums are rolling out on proofs that most score and results are random, since AI are models trained to use randomness to create different outputs and scenarios, thats why is one of the most idiotic things in the world to use it how they are using it in Fiverr, is not recommended by no one, not even by OpenAI. Saddly most results and scores are based on the "feeling" of the AI, so yes. Is random and lots of people are suffering and CS will answer with copy paste of a document that sends them to hell basically. This regardless this specific case that is showing that the score is just jumping from one value to other because of how long is taking the memory to get his chats.
  13. the webinars still failing over and over, is there any place to vote for them? so we can be transparent, also would be good to have the static "price value" since fiverr takes 20% we can consider that this webinars are part of what we pay 🙂 i wonder how the fiverrs overall score would be
  14. lol everything is so wrong. The app is down, the web is not compatible with vertical phone view, the scores have 3 digits (what in hell could 4.963 mean??????) Is not even the first day and already we are having the "we told you so" feeling.
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