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  1. I'm really curious if the new orders are given more importance when it comes to the success score, I've completed about 65+ order since the implementation of the new system, however my score doesn't seem to move at all, I'm doing my absolute best and even adding more free work for my customers (since client satisfaction is the main issue in my best selling gig who has returning clients who tip and seem happy)
  2. I'm having a hard time as well trying to fix my score, it seems that no matter how many orders I complete it doesn't change, I've been making sure to work on all the metrics that it's mentioning but no luck so far. Also, you can't tell if your going forward or backward with the success score bar since you have no way of knowing if you're closer to the next score or may drop backwards (there's no representation/movement between numbers)
  3. It's been almost 2 months now since the implementation fo success score, yet it's still the most discussed thing in the forum and outside the forum as well. Here are 3 things that remain questionable in my opinion: 1- Implementing the system all of a sudden and not gradually As much as it may be a revolution on the site to introduce the SS system, making it affect levels (features) and visibility and even if we were given that one month before it took effect. I don't think it is a good idea at all to have sellers who were active for 5+ years be facing a low score that gives them tips on how to improve yet they will be trying to fix over 2-5 years of data, while in that period of time all of their metrics were at 100%, great reviews and good tips, with no way of knowing that behind the scenes, they will be demoted to a New Seller one day (No matter what I did in the past 2 months, my success score is a rock solid 4/10) On the other hand, new sellers are having a huge advantage with a much more reactive success score, due to the lower amount of previous orders and data. 2- Comparing you to other sellers in your category: As others have already mentioned, it's not fair to compare a single freelancer to some accounts who are ran by multiple people be it an agency, or someone and his wife or friend sharing the same office. As an artist it gets even more unfair to compare me to other musicians/producers, since art doesn't have an average delivery time or an average price, it depends on how much time you need for your creative flow to give your best work and how much you and only you value your own work, at the end of the day it's the client's decision to choose you for their project. 3- The success score bar and some other mysteries We all know how the success score is a stable metric that won't change within days... However it puts you at much more stress not knowing if you're going in a good direction or not since the bar doesn't let you know if you're closer to the next score or a lower one, would have been good to have a more reactive bar that slowly shows you it's evolution from score 5 to score 6 for example or even some little indicators that tell you if you're close to the next station or not. Another mystery is the time frame that is taken into consideration, fiverr's chatbot says it's 60 days, some staff members hinted that it's over 2 years, the offical articles say that it takes a ''wider timeframe'' This leaves you wondering about your history of works, meaning you don't know when you did something wrong in order to know what you could improve.
  4. Hello, I'm curious if there's any official info that the success score takes few years into consideration? If that's the case, it will put us old sellers at a very huge disadvantage as I will be so difficult to recover from all those years that you thought you were doing good based on the old metrics, keeping them at 100%. A new seller on the other hand can easily fix their score since they don't have 700+ orders for example
  5. Since the score takes forever to change (40 orders since the update with highly positive experiences, still no effect in my case), It makes you more stressed not knowing if you're going up or down, meaning if you're doing something wrong you won't know until it's too late and your score has dropped already opening a new chapter of trying to fix it back to the checkpoint where you were already trying to fix it, sorry for this long confusing explaination but it's exactly the cause of my stress.
  6. If only the success score bar was accurate, we can't tell if we are closer to level 5 or level 3.
  7. Success score seriously needs a new long page explaining all the mysteries and the questions that everyone (including myself) keeps repeating.
  8. Quick question for forum active people, did any thread in the past reach this number of pages?
  9. This is the factor that confuses me the most, what's the logic of having older orders (before the system was introduced) be taken into account considering we knew nothing about them, we focused on the old level metrics and made sure our clients are leaving great reviews and even leaving tips often. Now all of sudden we are punished for those years while a new seller will have a bigger advantage since the new system is more ''transparent'' than what we've had before.
  10. I think there should be a change in the success score where it's gradually applied, we didn't know nothing about these metrics even if they existed in the background, most of us thought we were doing fine since we worked on the old simple metrics (response time, delivery on time, order completion...) let alone the reviews and tips were our only indicator that we did great in an order. Instead what we have now is a punishment for 2+ years of data that we didn't know about, we were given a month to fix it? and we are compared to others? double kill. I really hope someone reads this thread.
  11. The help page chatbot says that the success score reflects 30 days of work, Is this a mistake?
  12. My success score seem not change at all no matter what I did
  13. We all faced this bug, you just need to update your app. You may still be demoted if you have a low success score though
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