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How to grow my account?


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Well, where do I start.

You are saying your designs are unique and you are not using any clip art,
but I found your sample images online, and it makes it hard to believe that they are
your original work. (I apologize if they are).

For your t-shirt gig, it says CLEARLY at the bottom that you are an honest hard
working MAN. Um, you look like an attractive young lady to me.
Either it was a simply typing mistake, or you simply copied another person’s description.
And finally, the images for your t-shirt gig does not belong to you, it belongs to Tomasz Biernet.

It’s not that hard for experienced buyers to notice these things, and I believe a lot of people will avoid you because of this.
If you want to “grow your account,” be honest and professional AND original.

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Hey zeus, this is not on topic, but I really admire your profile and you seem to be doing well on fiverr. Do you have any critical advice for my gig? Anything you think is lacking or preventing me from sales. Thanks in advance. I think your gig looks really nice, even though i don’t have a need for your product it’s making me want one lol. Have a good day.


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(Personally I do not recommend asking a question that is not related to the original post, it could be seen as spam)

I don’t see any problems with your gigs and it seems like you’ve
already had some orders. Having that said, writing gigs are very competitive at Fiverr, so you should keep promoting your gigs, start from friends and people around you, that is sometimes a good way to start.

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Well, the jigg is up.

A photo that “Sophia” is using to represent “herself” in “her” gig galleries is stolen from this Russian website:


In addition, “Sophia” does indeed refer to “herself” as a man in the following quote from “her” t-shirt gig: “You will find me as a honest and hardworker man. Thanks for visit my gigs logo and t shirt. and much more. Look forward to working with you.”

“She” also has sub-par English skills in this thread, and elsewhere, that do not match the clear English of the woman in “her” gig videos.

The gig videos themselves are likely purchased from the woman in the videos, either here on Fiverr, or on another Freelance website.

I even found “Sophia’s” Fiverr profile picture on a variety of different websites, apparently – actually – belonging to an actress named Lana.

And “she” appears to have chosen a female-sounding user name to continue the ruse. Not to mention the fact that “Sophia’s” profile image, the woman in the videos, and the photo stolen from the Russian website do not appear to be the same woman. This suggests that “Sophia” intentionally searched the internet to find three photos, of different women, in order to create the illusion that HE is an attractive young woman who speaks strong English, and can design original logo imagery.

So, yes, lots of confusion “sophia_kaur”.

Not to mention, you are committing fraud by pretending to be someone you are not in order to make sales here on Fiverr. Fiverr tends to delete the accounts of users who are breaking the law. And I certainly wouldn’t purchase services from you either, especially if your sample logo images are stolen from other designers as was noted in this thread.

I don’t think you’re a logo artist, or an attractive woman.

I think you’re probably a scammer looking for a quick $5 from an unsuspecting buyer.

Word of advice from a long-time veterans Fiverr seller: Be yourself, Mr. Pretender. Offer services that YOU can create (with your own skills), and never, ever, EVER pretend to be someone you are not, just to take advantage of buyers.

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Wow Jon, I usually just do a google reverse image search to check
if the images are original or not, but you took it to the next level!
So “Sophia” is actually “Lana?” Wow, why does is not surprise me…
It seems like the OP is not responding, I’ll just report this seller.
Fake sellers like this person makes Fiverr look bad.

BTW, I’ve never heard of the expression “the jigg is up,” so I had
to look it up online. I learned a new phrase, thank you Jon! 😃

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Yeah, I take fraudsters seriously. I love Fiverr, but I hate those who try to use this great freelance platform to fool other people. If, by calling out “Mr. Sophia”, I help others avoid getting ripped of by him, all the better. 🙂

As for the “the jigg is up” phrase… I’m thrilled that I introduced you to a fun little phrase. I’m happy to be of service!

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Zeus, as you are Japanese and as our mutual OP colleague is also in/from Japan, perhaps you could welcome them with a traditional Japanese welcoming phrase?

They may not understand, though given their time zone among other things. https://www.etime.zone/time-gmt+5:30.html (they are offline and it’s 5.09 local according to their inbox; in London, it’s 12:40 midday)

This account will shrink, rather than grow. Sorry she-man!

EDIT: I can’t do math, apparently. But still, the point stands

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Are we allowed to? I would do it no problem.

@mod @admin @fonthaunt @emmaki Btw what is the protocol to report a NEW Seller with a Fake US location and with potentially fake reviews?
Like I went into customer support, but couldn’t find the correct category. Closest one was “Trust and Safety Team”. Then there was no relevant subsection.

And SHOULD I report this to customer service?

Because for a brand new seller who opened his account only in September, he has 65 reviews all from same 5/6 buyers who themselves signed up on fiverr in this month. Each review is a stellar one, almost essay like in length and content.

I have been tracking him since the last few days and the sales is exponential. Either he is a mutha effin genius on SEO or Fiverr is giving him the good juice or else ya’ll know what is up!

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