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Buyers Request doesn't show new offers


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Buyers Request doesn’t show new offers after update. Two days back I decided to update my fiverr mobile app and since then it seems stuck. I can’t see the recent offers on the buyers request section
Note: My ratings are 100% so I don’t think its from my profile or ratings related issues.
Please, who else is experiencing this?
No sales since after getting my level 1 badge but am still hopeful, using some of the tips here though.

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Don’t worry! Normally, buyer requests are not received in Fridays. But, today definitely you will receive. So, keep in touch. And, supply a great service to your buyers and try to keep ‘Fiverr’ name on the top. Then, definitely your buyers will come back to you.

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Nowadays ,I think clients might choosing other outsourcing websites or a very low traffic .
This month is the lowest sales in my analytics .
Fiverr is not a permanent earning Platform.
A lot of fluctuation you may suffer in terms of orders.
So the better way to do a traditional job while working on Fiverr.
To avoid any financial crises .

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I don’t think this is normal.

I’m also new here (about three weeks) but new ‘buyer requests’ showed up every day. Even on Fridays. Sometimes, they were updated up to 10 times in 24 hours.

Like @writing_hub and @mhizruby said the problem is going on for two days now. So not just Friday but Thursday was also the same (at least for me here).

If I do a ‘buyer requests not updating’ google search then there’s 54 million results from which all the hits on the first page are related to this issue.

I can’t be sure but I’m kinda getting to believe that fiverr throttles the buyer requests for some of us, somehow. Or there’s something wrong with it.

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Well, I’m a buyer and I’ve posted two request to have logo designed. One was posted on Thu and one on Fri, neither went through. The one I posted yesterday, which is Fri in my time zone, was still in my queue, as pending approval.

Every request I’ve put in thus far has gone through in a few hours, some as little as 30 minutes, so I don’t know what the problem is. I really need logo and don’t care to randomly pick a seller because you never know who went on vacation and forgot set their profile as such. Ugg!!

BTW, it’s not my first time using buyers request. I’ve used it several times in the past, found great new sellers that way, so I know how to use it.

I can’t be the only buyer twittling my thumbs wondering when my request is going through. I’m canceling my request and going to another site. Frustrating. 😞

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