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  1. Okay. Thank you. Best wishes for you.
  2. Bug in fiverr app. Hope it will fixed soon.
  3. Yes you can promote your gigs everywhere on internet.
  4. Looks like bug in fiverr app. Hope it should be fixed soon. I am not getting any orders or message of clients even i am 24 hours online on fiverr app.
  5. If you are on a job, Don’t leave job until you well settled on fiverr too.
  6. Hi, I am creative enough to provide my best skills here since 2015. With 320+ Positive reviews and about 400+ Successfully completed order, I provide all of the printing stuff for your business and I LOVE doing that and you won’t be disappointed hiring me. I promise that you will be fully happy with my High Quality Designs.
  7. 3 months and i don’t got any sales. I am totally depend on fiverr earning. Now i am hand to mouth due to this situation. I am still trying to learn fiverr new site look. It was much better than before. Now its not looks good to me.
  8. Agreed with you. This is what i was thinking that. But one thing i don’t agree. I want fiverr to charge little bit from the seller to respond to the buyers requests. This way spamming in buyer’s request will decreased much more. Now days new sellers send offer to everyone and they don’t think that they have skills or not. They just see amount buyer offered and they send offer. This thing is confused the buyers and most buyer don’t return when they saw such unrelated offers.
  9. Reminder about my other gigs is a different thing. Notification about NEWLY ADDED GIG is a different thing.
  10. Okay what you want to say that social media is working like spam? Getting notifications from our friends activities is a spam? Its is not spam we check only those notifications in which we are interested. Other are just ignored. But not problem it is your choice that you are looking in like this. Let see what other people say. On social media we get unlimited notifications from friends about their each activity. Buy you know seller on fiverr can add maximum 20 gigs so the buyer will get only few notifications. And i hope buyers want to see that what His/her seller brought another interesting offer.
  11. Hmmm so there can be an option for the buyer like " Turn off the notifications from this seller"
  12. Buyer is already not contactable if he don’t have any gigs. So only one notification and only when i added new gig. Notification something like. Hay! Abigfx added a new gig “Gig link” You can check if you are interested. Just something like this.
  13. Buyer username should be clickable when we send response to buyer requests. Or at least simple info about the buyer should be on request page like Member since or xxxx bought till now on fiverr etc.
  14. This will be great if our buyers will convert into our followers like social media sites. So they will be notified if we (Sellers) Add a new gig. So they will notified and can buy or like or favorite the new gig if they need something like this in the future or they can share that with other people. This will increase sales and they also can know that what their favorite seller offer new on fiverr. Dear fellow sellers please reply if you like this idea.
  15. Issue Solved. Now this topic can be closed.
  16. I checked in incognito window but same issue.
  17. Clicking Contact Support Directly took me to this link https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=footer I am unable to see my old requests. Even i clicked this link in my email http://fiverr.zendesk.com/hc/requests/00000 (Example) It also too me to above link. Where i can see my old requests?
  18. Hmmmm you are right. But now you can set any price for the gig 😛
  19. Wait a few hours. I hope problem will be fixed.
  20. go to your gig pages and see if the gig is active or pending for approval? And if you can’t see gig in the search you will see it after couple days. Sometimes happened with my gigs when i edited something in my gigs
  21. I think you are new on fiverr. You should use best images for your fiverr gallery. You can inbox me on fiverr i will provide more good tips.
  22. Welcome Lisa. There is nice scope for the voice overs on fiverr. You should provide nice work and you will make lot of sales soon.
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