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  1. please stop spreading false information. Response rate can go up only if you receive more messages and you will reply in time. Or this late messages wouldn’t be taken into account after 60 days. Thanks for this… Quick response to messages will fix it
  2. Not looking for a quick fix, just wanted to know what I can do about it… Thanks for the information
  3. Hello Fiverr community 👋 Please, I want to find out how I can get my response time back to "repond within 24hrs… I was away and got some messages which I wasn’t able to respond to and it affected my response time. I need suggestions on what to do please.
  4. One thing people need to understand… It does not matter if you are an old seller or a new seller, what matters is how you present yourself and your services (your packaging) I was once a new seller in fact, I still consider myself a new seller till now… I made sure I’m online 24/7…always going through buyer’s request and all thanks to God, I get few response… Just don’t give up, put in more effort and you will smile at the end
  5. Strange things have been happening this past few days and I’m really worried… Please, I need answers and want this fixed Asap. Three days back, my gig was on the first page but now, it’s no where to be found, I’ve gone through pages, searched for it and could not find it… I’ve tried changing some stuff but no positive result. I’ve contacted customers support but they just could do nothing. It’s showing on my profile but no where else and this is really affecting the gig impression, clicks and orders. Please, I need help…
  6. Same thing is happening to me… I just don’t know what to do 😩
  7. Same experience here…My gig was at first page and disappeared into thin air within Seconds… I’ve tried all I could think of and even contacted customers support but nothing. I really don’t know what happened and don’t know what to do…
  8. I bet he has responded… You were just not patient
  9. Just wait or I guess it has been approved by now…
  10. That is why communication is the key… Communicate well with the buyer and understand what they want before you make the offer… Even after the buyer has placed order, keep on communicating and asking questions… #mysixcent though
  11. @shifat27 no matter how careful you are, they have so many means to defraud people… This the op just shared is one of them. Lol. . Pray you are not on their black book…
  12. Hahahahhahahhahhahaha… No man will ever share the secret to his success with another… #Facts
  13. Wow! You’ve actually saved lots of people… Thanks for sharing I wonder why people go around stealing someone’s hard earned money smh…!
  14. Experiencing same issue, no updates on buyer’s request since 2 days now…
  15. I don’t totally agree with the information you provided… Are you trying to say buyers should not patronize new sellers? Cos what I can read from the above info is You are promoting higher level/top sellers i.e telling buyers to patronize only higher level sellers and not newbies cos top sellers are the only ones with such qualities (reviews, high offers etc), I’m not saying the points above don’t count but newbies should be considered. . I’m a new seller and I know how it feels when I don’t get buyers… First of all we should be given a chance/opportunity to prove ourselves… How will buyers know if we are good if they don’t patronize us cos they have this mentality that new sellers are Teenage boys or top sellers have fed them with ideas just as you are doing Checking reviews : newbies won’t get reviews cos they haven’t really made any sales. And not everyone will pay to get reviews, there are new sellers who really want to get reviews the right way by working hard for it. Checking the gigs they offer: because I have too many gigs does not mean I can’t deliver quality and perfect services or I’m a ‘Teenage boy’. I may have too many gigs because I have people I work with that offer those services… A seller will offer cheap service and still deliver the best just to attract buyers and not because he offers poor quality services or doesn’t know his worth… Fiverr is my full time job and I’m trying to make the best from it. I’m here to make an income, make new friends (like the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy) and above all make sure my buyers are satisfied. All I ask is that buyers should give new sellers an opportunity… Top sellers now were once newbies. … Thanks
  16. Thanks so much for sharing… Will definitely follow the above guidelines
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