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  1. We should leave Fiverr because this rule is crazy! There are a lot of other sites, I bet that when Fiverr will notice that so many sellers left they will change the stupid rule
  2. This stupid policy is useless and negative for a lot of buyers. Fiverr did a huge mistake implementing the system, they kill their site
  3. Me too, no updates. The support told me to wait 24 hours
  4. My girlfriend’s profile is ok, my profile don’t work. This is very frustrating
  5. Hi, from this afternoon I can’t enter the buyer’s request sections. Everytime I try the site send me to the Manage orders page. I try to enter the page from the URL but seems that the page don’t exist. I try to contact the support but for now I heard no one Someone have my same problem?
  6. So this is spam? How they can post thir ad? I want to report the spammers
  7. Hello, I want to promote my writing gigs in the “Buyer Request” section. I see a lot of sellers that advertise their gigs in this section but every single time that I try to create a promotion my request is declined. How I can promote? Thanks a lot Marco
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