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  1. Payoneer is better for now. You get no cut on transferring from fiverr to payoneer. Then payoneer transfers to your local bank on the same working day. Conversion charges cost 2% less the actual conversion rate for the day.
  2. A user can skip the first screen of feedback which is visible to sellers and all. Then they can directly rate you privately on second screen.
  3. I guess it totally depends on the type of job it is. A simple approach is to put all your requirements and concerns beforehand, you may add on significant things when your order is in processing phase. However, some sellers may be quick to respond while some may be taking note of your modifications and working on it even if they’re not able to communicate back and forth. Moreover, once your order is delivered and you’re not satisfied to find it along the lines of your communications / informations. Then you surely have an option to hit REVISION REQUEST. That option can help you and your seller to eliminate any kind of miss-communication regarding your order and further can either lead to a perfect delivery of your product or cancellation. Moreover, regarding rules of etiquette, I believe this is not a professional but more of a personal entity. Though, you may want to check code of conduct and some good information here https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  4. That’s absolutely right. So instead of pushing your buyers to give you best rating, it would be great of your work pushes them for you. Good to share it @oinspire
  5. Fiverr doesn’t stop you from getting your funds accumulated. You can pile it up for as long as you want. Moreover, even after you add a mode of payment, funds won’t be transferred unless you press the click or tap on your preferred payment method.
  6. Hello Buyers, I am taking time to write a small piece of advice to those buyers who are submitting buyers’ request for write up / research related work. When you post such request, care to mention your subject / topic clearly so that you get responses from those sellers who are delivering on topics of your interests. At the same time, it would be easier for a seller to reply to the one meant for them. With generic posting you will keep on getting irrelevant replies. For a seller too, it becomes hard to respond to those generic requests. It would be a further disappointment for a seller to lose one slot out of their limited daily quota by applying to an irrelevant buyers’ request. I do hope customer support adds a little piece asking “subject” or “topic” in buyers’ requests form to make it easier for both buyers and sellers. I have forwarded this to them as well. Thanks for your time and reading this! Cheers!
  7. Good to see you bringing up here for the rest of the community. For anyone who is greedy on saving few more out of those 20%, don’t forget you were nowhere when you started on fiverr. You got a platform here to showcase your talent through your work. Spend your time and effort in bringing more creativity in your gigs which will eventually increase your earning potential sooner or later. Respect fiverr’s TOS. You’re reading this because one fine day they started all. Fiverr policies protect both buyers and sellers so that none of them get cheated as long as both parties have done everything in correct order. So please don’t exploit this platform and enhance your earning in the right way of doing things. All the best on your journey with fiverr.
  8. I believe it’s same for most if not all. Moreover, it’s correct that on friday you won’t see much on buyer’s request.
  9. Hi @darshanc I agree with @emmaki . You need to ensure if you have done all that was required in the order. If yes, try to take a polite and humble opinion from your buyer for their reason of marking you negative. If s/he says something not fulfilled but was never there in your order then customer support is the way to go first. However, if s/he says everything you did intact but s/he is just not happy with the end result. Offer refund to avoid partial discoloration on those golden stars in your profile and gigs.
  10. This is indeed another good post. I will say if for any reason any sellers (especially new ones) are accepting to do a mountain of work in merely $5 then do it as long as it doesn’t tear you apart. Also, remember that if a buyer is adamant on getting a bigger job done in $5, it’s high time for you to understand that they don’t value and respect their work. If they can’t value their work, they’ll never ever value your hard work, time and effort in making it a reality to them. You may end up completing their tasks and still not getting a good review. Worst part if they consider asking for refund. So, before tearing off yourself in bigger consequences by accepting such tasks, please foresee the bigger picture which has the potential to either make you weak or strong depending on your own wisdom. Hope it helps!
  11. @witeboard In the online world, there’s not any issue for you to work wherever you want from. However, you can withdraw funds only to your Indian bank or if you use paypal then again they will send your earnings to your Indian bank. You may want to check on this with customer support for better clarification.
  12. That’s a tough situation as a seller. I believe you may initiate the cancellation with the option “Buyer is not responding”. This shouldn’t hurt. Though I’m not totally sure and any clarification from customer support will be great.
  13. After a come back to fiverr, should you have waited, experimented on what you said in the post, have got results and then posted here would make more sense than a sales pitch.
  14. Look who’s talking, who has been on fiverr since January 2014 with 10 reviews. Seriously?
  15. I have a better idea. If a buyer doesn’t communicate within the order post starting one, a seller is not bound to pay 20% of their earning to fiverr in that order. Fiverr is responsible to educate buyers. A seller is responsible to deliver great product, communicate well and anything related to their offering. But a buyer’s etiquette is fiverr’s territory. 😛
  16. Interesting. You may put the information needed in the “Required To start the order” while you create or edit your gig. However, if a buyer wants, they may simply put anything and hit start and the order will be started. There’s no automated way to confirm first if the submitted information is what you have mentioned in your required info. The ALGO will only check that something has been input by buyer and order can be started now. Though, you may again message a buyer for the correct info. If they don’t provide it, then cancel it with the correct option according to your case. I guess you do need to check this with customer support for clarity.
  17. It really depends on what you have mentioned on your gig description in terms of revision. If you haven’t then do mention about the amount of revisions you would be doing on the same order. You can suggest your buyer that revision includes modifications to the same information he has already submitted to you and could mean presenting it in a new way. Revisions doesn’t include submitting new information from buyers. You can put some sort of clarity like this in your gig description or FAQ. If this kind of clarity is not already present in your gig or discussion with buyer then you may take up this task for this buyer and consider adding clarity from now onwards. It won’t hurt to over deliver in this case as it may earn you 5 stars.
  18. A buyer is not looking for a good relationship in you or the other things you are investing your time talking about. They only need their work. Simply communicate well while discussing their requirements, do your best in completing their job to their satisfaction and be ready to refund if they’re not satisfied.
  19. Buyer’s or seller’s perspective doesn’t make sense to be honest. As a seller, I have seen buyers - who wants MOON in $5who are not clear in their requestsare clear and to the point as wellwho wants free demos and they never come back to youwho wants you to deliver first and they want to pay lateretc etc. I think it’s a part of learning and growing out of it. As a buyer, it shouldn’t hurt you to read all the responses from different sellers. Anyways you would pick the one eventually for your own reasons. As a seller, it shouldn’t hurt you to check the buyers requests and apply on what you’re comfortable working with. Even the fingers in our hands are not of same size. Forget about each others perspectives. You’ll always meet both relevant and irrelevant buyers and sellers. It’s all about knowing what you want to do, keep trying, learn something from everything you do and repeat. Good luck to both buyers and sellers. If you have succeeded then great, keep it up. If you haven’t, just don’t lose your heart and keep trying. But don’t try in the same way you have been doing. I hope it helps to some of us, if not all. Thanks!
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