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  1. What is the point of this statement?
  2. I think profile pictures matter a great deal. I've gone back and looked at the freelancer's I've hired over the years. Apparently, my subconscious mind hired according to the project. My target audience is 30's and up for my ebooks. * For dystopian thriller/mystery, the editors, proofreaders were all male with pictures showing 40 ish and older * For dystopian eRom, the editors, proofreaders were all female with pictures that looked to be in the 30 is to 40 is * Thriller covers, I apparently hired men and eRom, I hired women. I guess my brain was looking to hired freelancers that represent my target audience. I do like nice profile pictures, but when it came to my books - I don't think I've hired anyone under 35 (again, my target audience). Obviously, I hire according to their qualifications but the picture of 50 year old clean cut male gets me to peek at the profile. I hire from many sites, not just 5r. 😀
  3. I'm a long time buyer, so let me help you out. Your analysis is off. (1) Correct. 12 orders = $24 (small order fee). (2) Correct. 3 orders (over $50) = no small order fee (3) Incorrect. Every time you order, it's a separate transaction. So this is what you will be paying: * Transaction 1: $45 (order) = $2 (small order fee); + 5.5% fee ($2.48) * Transaction 2: $5 (tip) = $2 (small order fee) + 5.5% fee (0.28) * Total paid for 1st order: $2.00 + $2.48 + $2.00 + $0.28 = $6.76 ** Total for 3 orders = $6.76 ×3 = $20.28 ** ($12 small order fee) + $8.28 (fee) *** Each order is a transaction *** Each tip is a separate transaction *** Each upsell/add on (AFTER placing order) is a separate transaction. One order can have multiple transactions and each transaction has separate fee. Edit: My advice to save money, do this. If you really want to tip, do one of the following: (a) Pretip, place a $45 order + $5 (extra of anything) = no small order fee (in message tell them. " I don't need anything extra. This is a pretip for the amazing work that I already know you will do") (b) Ask for custom offer and include $xx additional for a pretip and tell them the same spiel. I prefer option (a). A little surprise for the seller. 😀
  4. 1st, don't give free samples. 2nd, every mistake is a learning experience. Good luck. 😄
  5. If he doesn’t have a PayPal account, then why don’t he just pay using a direct credit card? I don’t have PayPal either and I’ve been buying here for years charging directly to my Discover Card. I’ve bought hundreds of gigs this way. He’s a liar and a scammer. It’s a good thing you avoided this person! ❤️
  6. Oh my goodness. You do not approve until you have received everything and viewed it. One of the reasons why 5r gives you 3 days. Try working with the seller. Do not rate until you’ve received ** ALL ** your orders and reviewed it. You have 10 days to review the seller so don’t let them pressure you. If you get everything that was promised then you can review, but if not, write to customers support to let them know you received partial delivery. Partial deliveries are not allowed. Keep your cool and be professional with facts, screenshots of payment, products received vice what was promised when writing to support. It’s too bad your 1st 5r experience was less than optimal. 😑
  7. I noticed you have a degree in design as well as skills in Photoshop and various Adobe. Any reason why you aren’t offering photo/picture manipulate? You have some really nice gigs, including cover design. I’m surprised that I’ve never come across your gigs, considering I used to buy ebook cover design often few years back.
  8. So, what exactly is it that you desire? Do you have a plan to change that or are you just venting at the lack of orders for newbies?
  9. It boggles my mind when I see buyers come onto this forum to complain about a seller, when clearly it was their (client) fault. When I check the gig the seller is offering, it is something that is way below market value, has atrocious writing skills, items in portfolio are unmistakenly stolen, or the profile picture is a celebrity model. 😑 I don’t have time to scroll thru bunch of “good job” reviews, but I do take the time to read thru the gig description and such. Yes, I have been duped even though I am careful but as harsh as this may sound, 75% of the time, it’s the buyers fault. A simple inbox message could have solved their issue. Because they live in a fantasy la la land, they pay someone $5 or $10 to do work, they know in the real world should be at least $100 or more. Expecting a unique logo for $20 then surprised that it was stolen after they’ve printed flyers, :woman_facepalming:t2:. They say it takes money to make money. If you are a serious buyer or a small business owner, do yourself a favor, set aside at least $100 to experiment. Buy a bunch of $5 gigs for $7.27 to see how well you mesh with the seller during the process, to see what the procedures are here, and finally what the end product looks like. ** NEVER ** buy from a seller that has a short gig or profile description. It’s short for a reason. A seller doesn’t have to be proficient in English to be legit as long as they don’t offer writing gigs. An artist that cares, will take the time to hire someone to write them a great gig. My suggestion, if you hired a seller without communication, with a short & poorly written description for $10, you are getting your just deserved payback. Don’t expect freelancer to give you samples for a $10 project you are going to buy. Time is money, so if you have a large project, pay the measly $5 to get a sample. It will be well worth the time, money and headache you saved yourself. Finally, stop complaining about bad sellers, when it’s your fault. All freelance platforms have doozies and this one is no different. Pouting and saying you won’t ever buy here again is childish. There are great sellers here who offer top notch, professional work. You just have to find them.
  10. I’m a customer and I disagree with this statement. Recommend changing to “No Revision” (unless seller makes the mistake) & adding a gig extra: " Additional Revisions for $xx." Raise your price. Reason 5r doesn’t limit revision is due to inconsistent sellers. Ex.: I got an article where the seller used both the metric and imperial. I rejected and told him to be consistent. He just changed meters to feet, well, 3 meters does not equal to 3 feet. He failed to convert. I gave up and never ordered again.
  11. Is it weird that this topic really irks me? Especially the quote above. Where does one come off expecting others to reply to any queries or questions? So far, the OP hasn’t contributed a single excellent, good or even an adequate advice. :roll_eyes:
  12. True, but when you receive something like Excellent, will come back for more and you see 4 stars… doesn’t something feel off to you? 5r works on a different level. Most places have 3 stars for good work 4 stars for excellent work 5 stars for outstanding work New buyers probably don’t know that 4 stars or 80% could penalize you or get you demoted. Let’s face it, majority of the buyers don’t read the TOS and even if they did, it doesn’t talk about how to review…
  13. When I first joined, I left reviews 100% of the time, now I’ve stop altogether. For repeat sellers, I’m running out of new things to say. I rarely hire new sellers (ones I’ve never worked with) any more. The processing fee is too high for me to experiment. I just go back to tried and true seller who I know will do great work. I also, don’t like reviews to appear on my Buyer’s Profile. It’s no one’s business what I buy, who I buy from and how often. Yes, you can always google search me but that was still a bit more private. It’s really intrusive. 2 reviews just showed up on my profile one day, really irked me as I received no notice from 5r that was going to happen. Edit: I didn’t think about the fact that unhappy people are more apt to write reviews than satisfied ones. I guess that would definitely hurt your rating. Truth is I think 5r should remove customers ratings in your monthly evaluation. If it’s not mandatory, it’s not fair. The reviews on 5r are useless any ways. Reading, 1000 “Good work” with 5 ⭐ is irritating and worthless. I’ve hired those seller before and gotten bad or stolen work. Either 1000 people lied or didn’t know they got bad/stolen work.
  14. Truth be told, I think 5r should take the reviews out of the metrics. You have no control over who rates and can’t ask, therefore should not be included. BTW, I stop reviewing as well, due to privacy issues. Besides, reading 300 reviews of “Good work” does nothing to provide buyer’s confidence in seller’s abilities.
  15. I have bought Illustration gig from a Columbian seller who does amazing work. He doesn’t speak or write English all that well; however, his gig page & descriptions are perfect. I have to guess he hired someone to do it for him. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t have hired him if his gig pages were atrocious, so I’m glad he took the time & money to make his page look professional. There is no misleading or trickery involved since he doesn’t offer writing service of any kind, translation, proofing, editing, etc. He just offers top notch Illustration.
  16. Shoot, this is the word I couldn’t think of! One seller had the same template drawing as the $20 ones but at 150 + dollars.
  17. So, I only know one seller here that does actual custom, from scratch, Whiteboard Videos. Many say they do custom, but when I look at their previous samples, it’s the same thing over and over again. With somewhere around 5,000 WBG, it’s really irritating to seek the real ones from the fake ones. The one guy I know does amazing work, so that’s not the problem. I just don’t like putting “all my eggs in one basket.” If he’s on vacation, folds shop, or really swamped; I’d like to have a backup. Any advice on seeking genuine, custom, from scratch, hand draw sellers here? SummaryA little rant. There are way too many unqualified newbies here. I can easily skip over anyone charging Less than $100, since its obvious they are not custom. There are unqualified newbies that charge $200 because, I guess someone told them to charge more to get clients. 😑
  18. I like to think most buyers leave a very positive private review. Why do some folks automatically think negative. I’m sure occasionally but in general, I buy from tried and true sellers; therefore, I know beforehand that I’m getting top notch work.
  19. What is a reasonable cost for a non technical dictation? Do you charge by the minute, page, word? I have a personal recording that needs to be typed. It is not something that requires professional knowledge like medical, engineering, etc.
  20. I think OP is a buyer wanting to leave a tip. 🙂 Prior to fees on buyer, I used to tip smaller amounts of $5 or $10 more often. Now, most sellers have upped their prices so gratuity isn’t as necessary as before. I tip less often and when I do, it’s a larger amount for several top notch work. Instead of $5 on every order, its like $50 on every 10th order. I know $2.50 doesn’t seem like a lot, especially in western nations but it adds up quickly. For occasional buyers, not a huge deal, but for small business buyers that’s more money out of our pocket. 1 tip of $50 = $2.50 (buyer fee) 10 tips of $5 = $25.00 (buyer fee) One year, I spent over $100 in fees just GIVING tips. 😲 I feel you, OP. It’s one of my pet peeves.
  21. As a writer, editor or proofer, what is your thought on contractions? When is it appropriate to use or not use it? I write fiction. I do use contractions in conversations, because it sounds more natural. I try to avoid it outside a direct quote or a conversation piece. I’ve had proofers shorten it all. To me it just looks weird to have contractions in your fiction. Any article writers here and what’s you take on contractions on non-fictional writing for your clients? Yes, no? :thinking:
  22. Competent sellers who read the request are NOT bidding. Those that are bidding $5 are doing a bait/switch. Do you really want work with someone threatening to report you in the request. 🥴 Sheesh, only a nightmare, crazy, wack-a-doodle would do that. Only bid on reasonable ones. Ignore the # of bids, go ahead take your time place your bid even if you’re #999.
  23. I actually love the tip jar. I’ve used it several times during the holidays as a way of saying Merry Christmas. If you can’t do a tip jar anymore, then maybe 5r will allow you to do an advice or some generic gig option.
  24. Why don’t you just raise your prices to make up for the 20% loss? If you want $40 charge $50. That way you get the full amount and buyers pays the commission.
  25. Grammer, complete sentences, wordings, alignments, sentence structures, punctuation, etc.
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