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3 Tips to get alot of sales on fiverr


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-Gig pictures and gig video

An eye catching gig with 5 stars signs and money back guarantee badges will boost sale no doubt.



Its very important to be clear with the service your offering, gig description and gig extras should flow well. basically buyers should read your description and know exactly what to do and what else to purchase along with the gig,this will avoid confusion and order cancellation.


-Customer Service

great customer service is the key to using fiverr, always give a smiley face when greeting a customer, be clear in your reply to avoid losing your buyer… offer discount to returning buyer.

This will help you guys out 🙂

If this tip post helped you, say something about how/why or just what made you want to comment.
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Guest ninjanic

  • always give a smiley face when greeting a customer

Does this work? I haven't tried it - personally I thought it seemed unprofessional. I guess I should try it out. Thanks for the tips! :)

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hello smiley face is a great way to end a greeting message…fiverr added that feature and i like it alot my customers always message me with a smiley so replying also with one shows that you care,it really gives a connection that other buyers lack.this will be the difference between a returning customer and a one time customer…trust me.i have 5 stars right across the board nothing less.if your late with your order they will understand because you have a great connection. tips will come in too. 🙂

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I agree with Misscrystal and others, a client is neither a friend nor a person you are chatting with for fun, smiley faces are not professional at all.

Keep it professional no emoticons unless you know those people very well, or you will end up offering things for free because they will think that you became friends

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