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  1. Why waste energy reading and writing terms and conditions at all? Xx
  2. Tell him it isn’t possible. It usually takes about a month or longer to see any results - and even then a ranking isn’t guaranteed. Then, if he asks to cancel, contact CS and explain the problem. Also, if you do not understand Russian, it’s better to not take up projects that involve those keywords. Xx
  3. Everything on your profile would remain as is unless something goes super wrong. I left Fiverr to return after more than three years – and nothing was lost. It’s best to publish and pause them though. Xx
  4. It’d be best to contact CS and ask for permission. Maybe, suggest your buyer to contact CS instead of doing it yourself if you both are in a hurry. Another alternative is to ask your buyer to become a Business client. Xx
  5. Oh boy! CS has lately turned into bots/slaves with no regard to human situations. They will turn a blind eye to any problem that the sellers face as long as they can come up with any absurd response to penalize their account. In my opinion, Fiverr doesn’t want sellers to ever contact CS. It’s an overhead cost anyway. Back to your case – I’m just glad your completion rate didn’t fell under 90%. It probably won’t hurt you much in the long run. So I’m gonna write what I feel may have gone wrong in your case — Summary1. Never say you want to cancel the order – Do not make the decision to cancel the order by yourself. Always, in each and every condition, look like you want to keep the order. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to work for free. Inform CS about the issue. Keep replying to the buyer (once in every 24 hours). And keep sending that damn upgrade request until either the CS or buyer decide to cancel the sh!t. 2. Don’t say everything. You don’t need to tell the whole story to the CS. Keep it short. Point out why the buyer is wrong, how his accusations are false, and how he doesn’t want to move forward. Paint them black if you can. If CS wants to dig in, they have access to all the communication anyway. It may not work always. But it did so in my case. For now., let’s just hope the right department does the right thing. 👀 Xx
  6. He might as well change his voice again to call your delivery a ***** ** **** and demand the cancellation after the work is done and delivered. Or maybe not! Be careful with this one. Xx
  7. If I understand you right, you’re not asking for donation but selling your services and using the money earned to donate to the charity. You’ll need a Paypal or Payoneer account to withdraw the amount to your bank. And being a minor, you cannot have those two. If you use your parents’ accounts, the money earned will be added to their income and they’ll have to pay taxes. The best way possible would be to let the charity takeover this Fiverr account. Of course, the charity would need to appoint you (and your friends) as the volunteers who handle the account for them. That will make things a lot easier. Xx
  8. It’s just them hating on the word Fiverr 👀 Xx
  9. Ugh. The answer is so simple: Is there something you can do that others cannot? Xx
  10. Use the direct links instead of share buttons on your gig. Let us know if that works for you. Xx
  11. Oh boy! You have so many certificates on your profile. I feel dizzy already. Maybe, Fiverr should implement a limit on how many certs someone can show on their profile. 🙃 Xx
  12. Ditto. It doesn’t sound appropriate, @mjensen415 . Why would anyone looking for display advertising buy audio advertising out of nowhere? IMHO, Podcast Marketing makes a much better category for “Audio Advertising”. Xx
  13. I don’t see any problem with using your own songs that you have mixed and mastered. It’s actually quite common in freelance world to create your own samples before you can get work from others. However, if you think your songs may not represent your mixing and mastering skills to the fullest, it’s totally alright to go any route that you have mentioned above. Depends on what feels right, what you can afford, and how much time or money you’re ready to invest. P.S. I’ve written songs but that’s about it. So take all that advice with a grain of salt. Hope that helps. Xx
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