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  1. i'm on other platforms too. some of these platforms have become so big that one would be outright crazy to have no experience with them.
  2. Perhaps @anna_dxnr is right and nobody here knows why!
  3. wordsfire

    Gig Denied

    I'm really but... you can never be sure if that seller is the one who reported you. even if they are, it doesn't matter. it will help you a lot more to contact support and ask what went wrong. they have re-initiated denied gigs in the past, so there is always a chance. as far as I know, it is okay to use the models, images, and other creatives if you have the proper rights to do so! best to look into the fine print and see if your purchase comes with commercial rights and stuff. best to contact CS for a case-specific answer though.
  4. is there a dip in impressions on most Fridays or just the sales?
  5. maybe, ask them which exact deliveries were flagged for low quality!?
  6. a lot of site-wide info can easily be found online. though, maybe, not as current as the last month. here is an example - https://www.similarweb.com/website/fiverr.com/#overview
  7. it's best to keep all the conversation within the order chat. there is no reason to message them in the inbox. just to be on the safe side, send another message asking for the OTP in the very chat so.. the T&S team will be able to see why you were contacting the buyer. good luck!
  8. your gig titles are too long and get redacted. so the first step would be to shorten them. if editing the titles doesn't fix the CTR, edit the gig image and try different styles on different gigs. at least... it takes a while before you can create the perfect gig. so take it as a learning experience and don't let it discourage you. keep up the great work. cheers! 🎇
  9. that's great. thank you for the amazing recommendations, @frank_d. and... congratulations @imagination7413, @lloydsolutions, and @williambryan392. all three of you have helped the forum become a better place. it will be amazing to have you as moderators. cheers! 🎇
  10. ask your friend to contact fiverr support. they will take care of it. it may take them up to 3 days to respond so.. don't send multiple emails. good luck.
  11. hi Mia, I'm sorry for the ultra-delayed response. I see that you now have an order in queue. so that's the best. and all the powers to you. PayPal doesn't have the $50 limit. try that, maybe? keep up the great work.
  12. yeah. but it's still the buyers' choice. if they don't want the world to see the design they paid for, they don't have to display it.
  13. ClearVoice, owned by 5r, does it already. and their pay isn't as good as 5r. the problem is it will pose too much risk for 5r. they will then be responsible both for the outcomes of the projects and to pay their freelancers regardless. likes of Uber are already facing these problems. the current model, on the other hand, requires none.
  14. if it's possible and okay with you, post a screenshot of your analytics page. you most-likely will not be demoted automatically. but I'm not 100% sure about it.
  15. winters are fav. the reason why I've lived in some of the coldest places in the world. i like fall and rain too. but not as much as winter.
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