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  1. I experienced the same problem but then I contacted CS and tgey sort it out, I advise you to contact CS.
  2. you will get it when you complete 60 ordes.
  3. You will still receive a lot of messages.Trust me.
  4. I am having a probl with UC BROWSER. the buyer request page stucks when I send a buyer request.I have to refresh the page to send an another one.
  5. agreed. we all need to be extra careful.
  6. even if you become a millionaire as a scammer, there is no satisfaction in that money.
  7. yes there are. Check the other comment , you can see few of them right here.
  8. yes that was the first thing that came in my mind.Fiverr always contacts through emails.
  9. it is my obligation to help others.
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