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Fiverr Promoted Gigs [Test Period Complete, Rollout is in Progress in 2017)


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We’re testing a new feature called Promoted Gigs and want to share some details about what it is and how it impacts you.

Promoted Gigs allow sellers to invest in ad space for their Gigs on the Fiverr site on the first row of Search results. Promoted Gigs will be available to a small group of sellers during our Beta phase, which is happening now.

Our goal for this tool is to give you more control over your Fiverr business than ever before. Check out the Fiverr Academy FAQ (https://www.fiverr.com/academy/making-sales/fiverr-promoted-gigs-faq) for more details and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Q: Why are we doing this?
A: Based on a survey we recently conducted and other feedback, we know that the majority of the community is interested in a Promoted Gig option. We’re running this test to figure out the best way to implement the feature.

Q: Who is participating in the the Beta phase?
A: We used a randomizer across seller levels. If you aren’t in the test and would like to participate, please leave a comment below and let us know.

Q: What do Promoted Gigs look like?
A: Promoted Gigs look like normal Gigs with a small “Ad” badge that appears on the upper lefthand corner.

Q: Where do the ads appear?
A: The ads will appear on the first row of Category page listings.

Q: How is it going to affect my business?
A: Sellers participating in the Beta will likely see fluctuations in traffic. The test will not impact sellers who are not participating.

We don’t anticipate that anyone who is not participating will experience less sales. For those who do participate, the goal is to enable those sellers to take their businesses to the next level.

Q: How much will Promoted Gigs cost when it rolls out?
A: We don’t yet know pricing details. The Beta phase will help us understand the pricing method that makes most sense for our community.

Q: How do you track quality?
A: There’s an editorial determination that will ensure the quality of any sellers and Gigs that appear as sponsored ads.

Q: How long will the Beta last?
A: A few weeks. We’ll update the community again about our insights following the conclusion of the Beta phase. Thanks for your patience!

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This is not an individual user, it’s an account used to represent one department made up of Fiverr staff which you can tell by the staff badge plus the Admin tag. Even if the June posts were exactly the same post as the January one, staff would have have elevated forum permissions.

In case this helps you understand the January one vs the intended June post, the January post was added by a single-user staff account and that post was not about the same test. The January post was about an early testing phase, essentially an Alpha test. At that time they had no pricing info ready as noted in that post.

They specifically mentioned they would update the seller community again when that phase was over. The Beta test appears to be the update they promised. Personally, I would rather have too much info from Fiverr than not enough.

The one question I can only guess at is the reason for 2 posts in June. Since “Fiverr Social” is a department, perhaps a second person didn’t realize it was already up. Even more likely with the date/time stamp similarities, it could have been a post set on an automated WordPress schedule and was inadvertently scheduled twice. It looks like a harmless mistake.

If you need more information than that, please take it to Customer Support and explain what you need to know and what complaints you have. I doubt this will be the last update since the progress will likely go through more iterations so hopefully this answers your questions on the January vs June information.

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I like this concept a lot. Please add me to your testing program. You have to spend money to make money.

I wanted to have some SEO performed on my gig, but found out Fiverr considers that a violation of the TOS, and I haven’t figured out another way to promote my gig on the site.

This Promoted Gigs feature sounds like what I need! 🙂

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I read the Promoted Gigs FAQ that is linked to in the post, and it said they were starting in the categories of Cartoon and Caricature. I searched those, and didn’t see any of the entries. I’d like to see it in use as well.

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