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  1. @fitrigwrites4u I will be happy to help if you need any information for the planning. Meanwhile, I can write a post on how to travel the Fiverr way.
  2. I am good. Thank you for asking. I travelled across the South East Asia for six months. Now I want to launch a travel start-up in India. I am exploring the experiences and surveying the market for the purpose. Nepal is wonderful with its teahouses along the Himalayan trails and treks. This time you can experience it Indian way: camping in the wild.
  3. Although the secret is open but I can not resist myself. It is Rishikesh. There are more beautiful places nearby but this one has a special vibe.
  4. You are welcome. They are seriously good and I really like the idea that I can file income tax returns from anywhere in the world. It is like absolute freedom when I am not required to visit their office.
  5. Oh yeah, online courses and there is another business idea in my mind. Nowadays I am making a business plan for myself.
  6. Yes, you are right. I am just thinking of starting some business of exportable services.
  7. Even my income tax returns are so complicated. I actually read all the service tax and income tax laws by myself. I hate this so much that I want to do something which does not involve any income tax.
  8. Oh, I see the problem now. You have your own house but l you can deduct assumed house rent (INR 2000 to 5000). I use services from an online CA group. It is http://www.myonlineca.in/. They are very good with their work and they are knowledgeable when it comes to freelancing.
  9. Yes, you can deduct the rent, internet bill, part of electricity bill and other expenses that you spend on your business. I have not done that as my accommodation was provided by my employers but it was advised by the CA.
  10. Hello Sir Why Lol? I submitted my dissertation long back and started travelling. I stopped looking for gig opportunities on Fiverr as internet connectivity became an issue for me. I instead started working on writing my travel articles. I will contact you for proofreading again 🙂
  11. Oh yeah, I submitted my own dissertation and started working on my own projects.
  12. I can not agree with you more. 95% of my buyer requests for a custom order. Nobody wants to spend in three digits without communication prior to order even if they are repeated clients.
  13. Check the statement again. "So when you are a Newbie, you try to beat other sellers by bidding low. But by staying online, you can increase your chances of winning the order by 200%." Does not it seems like you are quoting statistics from some report? Please ignore the other statement. That was not meant for you. I have especially tagged jonbaas because I was in agreement with him.
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