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  1. I was surprised when my gigs became eligible again yesterday. As it had been only 1-2 weeks since they became ineligible before then. Before it has been about 2 months instead, and then a 1-2 weeks of eligibility. But just now I again received a notification saying my gigs are not eligible. That's the shortest eligibilityness so far. Less than a day! Why tease your sellers in such a way Fiverr? Nothing even has happened today that would explain it. I only received one order that I started to work on right away, a couple of messages that I responded to swiftly, and one 5 star review. I wouldn't even mind it, but being eligible is directly tied to gig placements in the marketplace, in the non-promoted gigs. Not eligible? Your gigs are at the last pages probably. Eligible? They're on the first page instead. 💦
  2. 6 days ago I got the message saying that my gigs can be promoted again. And instantly I got 900% more orders and messages, but not from the promoted gigs feature. I got only impressions from that one. And today I got a message saying my gigs can't be promoted anymore. Less than a week is a new record for me. It has always been more than a week before. It has been three times now. Gigs are on front page when they are eligible (Even if not opt-ingin to promotion), and vanish to last pages when not eligible. But I did receive some messages from new people still after receiving the notification of unqualification today, so I can't yet confirm if it's always the case. My stats are almost perfect and response time under an hour, so that's not the case.
  3. Except Fiverr forbids using Google Ads as a seller on Fiverr for your service, or at least used to last time it was discussed.
  4. How nice buyers. Giving you a massage! All rates are averages from 60 days. So if you respond to every message on time in the next two months, it should go back to 100%. It’s a good idea to use the Fiverr mobile app to get notified everytime you get a message.
  5. If you’d like someone else to do the promotion for you to save time, there’s a whole Online Marketing category on Fiverr. May want to take a look there if you can find something you could use to promote your gig.
  6. I took the survey. I wish that something would be done to people giving fake advice. Maybe blacklist most common words.
  7. Treat every potential buyer like they’re your best friend. Offer discounts and freebies. Make them like you, and you have a returning buyer often.
  8. I don’t think performance matters that much. I’ve met the requirements since 2012 and I’ve never been higher than level 2. So not sure what makes them decide if one is eligible for TRS. I think there’s only 1 TRS in my category (Web traffic) since I last checked.
  9. Gigs seem to be rotating much more than before. Before new sellers used to be stickied to new arrivals and recommended categories and rotated around only slightly. And best selling category used to only show best selling gigs. But now all the sorting categories are a weird mix, and there’s no sense to it. So gigs get thrown to last pages randomly even if they should be elsewhere. It’s very annoying. If you for example try to find services that have more than a thousand reviews, you may need to browse 10 pages to find what you need, when all of them used to be on first page of “best selling”. As for how to remedy the situation, there’s no known workaround. You just have to wait and maybe keep updating your gig too with new keywords. And try to do some promotions to get people finding your services without Fiverr’s help. But people usually prefer to create their own store/other site if they have to do paid promotions to get viewers in, for seo purposes.
  10. Gig placement is related to promoted gigs eligibility. But I don’t think anyone knows what causes a gig’s placement to drop suddenly. It has nothing to do with seller performance at least. All scores could be perfect, and it might still get yeeted to last pages. And when that happens, your gigs are also no longer able to be promoted. It has happened to me 2 times now. Gigs are able to be promoted for 2 weeks ish, and at the same time I can find my gig on first pages. Then my gig vanishes, and it’s no longer able to be promoted. Then after some weeks, it’s again able to be promoted and I can also find it at the first pages even if I don’t opt-in for the promotion. Then after 1-2 weeks it again vanishes. Currently it’s vanished, and I’m waiting for the third time to confirm if it’s coincidence or not.
  11. It’s hard to say. You can have a very good seller performance, and your gigs could be nowhere to be seen. And you can also have bad performance (At least when compared to gigs with a better performance), yet your gigs could be very visible on first page. But I would recommend to download the Fiverr app on your phone, so you can try to have a low response time, which can mean more sales if potential buyers get a response fast. And try to keep every stat 100% to have best chances of leveling up.
  12. I also got the message saying my gigs can’t be promoted anymore. It’s the second time now. Not sure why, as since they were eligible for promoted gigs, performance (Sales, messages, ratings etc.) has went up 3000% or so from the moment I received the message saying they are eligible. Back then I had basically no orders. So looks like it’s not related to amount of orders or performance after all, but something else. Maybe there’s too many people using the feature, forcing them to rotate gigs that are eligible so that everyone using it is guaranteed to get impressions?
  13. Being active does nothing, so shouldn’t give false advice. Social media promotions also does nothing. People are on social pages to socialize, not to do shopping. But it’s a good idea to install the fiverr app, so you can keep your response rate very low. Try under an hour. Also try to keep all stats 100%. But even that does not mean that your gig will be ranked better. It’s also important to speak to every potential buyer like they are your best friend. Make them like and respect you. And I just noticed this post is from years ago, and some people decided to resurrect it.
  14. Pretty sure even 2 users 1 pc is also acceptable, not to mention 2 pcs 2 users. Just have to be in contact with customer support first, and let them know about your situation.
  15. Yeah, being online has no difference in the amount of sales you make from my experience. But I’m aware of the “Show online sellers only” filter, which in theory can give you more impressions. Still, very bad idea to use any kind of tool that refreshes the browser. Even setting it up to randomize the refresh times and having clever pauses in it would not help, as Fiverr can see the extensions your browser has. As for how to proceed, you should be honest with customer support and ask them very nicely to lift the ban. It does say “temporarily” after all in the mail, so an apology and a promise to not do it again might be enough if the support person is in a good mood.
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