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Am I being conned?


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Before I start. I just want to have a simple introduction of myself.
I am a 2nd time user so basically a complete newbie for fiver. This is where I need help

I got this bizarre event.
I hire a service from D (who have a good review from quite a lot of buyer) for a website design and construction for a usd 120 with 10 days delivery. Then on the 10th day I think D had sent me the work completed notification. But I did not review as my website is not up and running. coincidentally on that day D have met with a physical accident which she then requested to cancel the deal and recommend her Partner to me H to continue with her work and saying that she will pass her work to H.
I got my refund of 120 dollars ( but not the processing fees from fiver 6 dollar) and I start a new job with H for 120 dollar for 4 days delivery time

Now what is bizarre is… Today is the 7th day. My job is not delivered.
H has changed her profile picture to D’s picture - yet my job is still not delivered. D also sent me a “jobs delivery notification” which I still have not review after 3 days.

Now can somebody advice me under such circumstances. What do you guys think? Is it a common fraud practice? Or am I in the situation that is in the process being caught?
How shall I handle such situation?

The changing of seller part is making me suspicious about the seller.
Thank you in advance

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