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What makes you stand out as a seller?

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On 3/9/2023 at 12:46 AM, adrian_success said:

Buyers, of course, want to work with Sellers that produce quality work, but they also want to collaborate with people they connect to. Sharing your unique story and communicating why you are the best person for the job helps build trust and credibility in your brand - which leads to more sales opportunities! Plus, it can help you find Buyers that align with your target audience, making every project a truly enjoyable experience.


The details you include in your portfolio, Gigs, and profile are the perfect place to start building a great rapport with Buyers.

Communicating Your Unique Value Through Gigs
Fiverr Gigs are designed to give you multiple opportunities to communicate your value. Try to put yourself in a Buyer’s shoes to understand their journey to finding the right Seller. What will they see first, second, and third? Understanding the steps a Buyer takes will allow you to showcase the right details at the right time.


Here is an example of a Fiverr Buyer journey and how you can put your best face forward at each step:



    Step 1: Search for a Gig
Buyers are likely to first notice your Gig image once they enter a query into the search bar. Of course, the Gig title is important, but humans are visual creatures! The right image will immediately capture a Buyer’s attention and compel them to click on your Gig.


It’s a good idea to include a high-resolution photo of yourself, smiling, and making eye contact with the camera. Use a bright, solid-color background, so your image doesn’t blend in with the webpage, and use an image editor to place keywords and Gig highlights directly on the image, to make your offering really stand out.




For more tips for an image that will stand out, check out our article on Changes I Made to My Gig Images.

    Step 2: Visit a Gig page and Seller profile
While creating your gig images keep in mind that buyers will often browse before reaching a final decision and in that process they will visit your seller profile to get to know you better, your qualification and to see other services that you offer. Following a similar style between your different gig images will create a branded look to your gigs and help build trust with buyers.

image.thumb.png.c176f8fdb99884bba05e3927a3c874fe.png  image.thumb.png.8df8869ee476fbf50173408d0c9f9236.png  image.thumb.png.f49e2befa2737e6771ce990de59be58d.pngimage.thumb.png.ab4959eabc0670707ab27d66356141af.png  DesignGigGoodcopy.thumb.jpg.265bd25876127a222a351c8671f297af.jpg  image.thumb.png.d0f2055e0ad27c83c27db975c50e06fe.png


Your Gig description and profile are where you will explain what qualifies you to deliver high-value work. This is incredibly important for high-budget projects as a Buyer’s decision comes with a larger risk - they want to feel completely reassured that their funds are in the best hands. In addition to ensuring the Gig details align with their expectations, they will analyze your experience, skill set, and various packages.


Be sure to include in your Gig description and profile where you honed your skills, how much experience you have, and any notable past projects and clients. Besides giving you higher chances of working with these types of buyers with higher budget projects, this will also help build a professional representation of your business and set the right expectations with those buyers.



    Step 3: Contact a Seller
Many Buyers - especially those with larger budgets - will want to have a conversation with you before they place an order. This gives them a chance to ask any specific questions about your qualifications and services, so they feel confident that they’ve found the best Seller to collaborate with. It also gives you the chance to be honest with a Buyer about any limitations you might have. Often, Buyers will appreciate the honesty, choose to move forward with you, and either work within your limits or find additional support.


The text in your profile, Gig description, FAQ, and packages should be well-written and objective and highlight the information you want Buyers to focus on. Similarly, your portfolios and images should be an excellent representation of your capabilities. Remember to update all your information regularly to reflect new skills, a boost in experience and quality, and ongoing excitement for your business.


Want to read more? Check out some additional articles from our Help Center:


It's really very important topic. And, I've learnt something special from this. Thanks for sharing 👍

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This is really insightful advice! Sharing your unique story and showcasing your skills can definitely help build trust and credibility with buyers. I appreciate the emphasis on creating a cohesive and professional profile and gig images. It's also great to highlight the importance of communication and honesty with buyers, especially for high-budget projects. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips!

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