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Picking the Right Freelancers: Analyzing Seller Levels

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While navigating the marketplace in search of sellers, you’ll notice various tags and badges associated with each seller. These indicators are designed to inform buyers like you on the ranking and quality of each seller so you can make an informed decision when selecting a freelancer for your project. 

Presently, we implement a tiered leveling system to categorize sellers based on several different criteria. Check out what each means below: 

  • New Seller: This is where all sellers start when first joining the platform.
  • Level 1: Once sellers maintain a 4.4+ rating and earn $400 from at least three distinct clients, they are awarded this badge. 
  • Level 2: This occurs after sellers have worked with 10 unique clients, generated $2,000, and maintained a 4.6+ rating. 
  • Top Rated Seller: These are the sellers who have worked with a minimum of 20 unique clients, generated over $10,000, and maintained a 4.7 rating. Plus, before earning this badge they went through an extensive manual evaluation by our team to ensure excellence in work quality, customer experience, and satisfaction.

Top Rated Sellers may seem like the no-brainer choice for buyers. However, it's crucial to understand that terms like 'New Seller' or 'Level 1' don't always signify a lower-quality seller. It could merely indicate a seller's less extensive order history compared to their more experienced counterparts. There are many excellent sellers in all of our levels, and we urge you to keep them all in mind when looking for the perfect freelancer for your project. 

The main thing to note is that regardless what level a seller is at, it’s still important to take the time to vet them thoroughly by examining their portfolio and reviews. This will help ensure you’re choosing someone who can deliver the quality work you're seeking.

More to come on vetting sellers soon, and as always, know you can reach out to one of our dedicated Customer Success Managers for help finding your perfect match here.

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On 6/28/2024 at 8:14 AM, nasir_always said:

How can I achieve the seller level soon?

When you complete criteria for level one, you'll get the level one seller status. For checking the criteria, please check the level overview page.

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Thank you @Kesha for your post about seller levels. There are so many ways you can sort out whether a seller is the right one for you. 

Many sellers and buyers are all business and can be to the point and some are a bit more relaxed and open to sharing a few other details like where they are in the world, the weather, holiday plans etc.. If you are trying to gauge how someone communicates and if they are a good fit beyond the seller level, then sending a message will quickly uncover their communication style.

Whatever the seller level, if communication is important to you in this world of chat bots and AI, it’s up to you to uncover the details that will make a successful pairing of buyer and seller.

Badges can play a big part but they are not everything. It took me years to understand the importance of badges and how to pay attention to the details of getting one, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t mastered the skills in life, it just means I need to follow the steps on Fiverr to  earn a badge …and that takes time and a genuine passion to be excellent one detail at a time.

I feel so proud of the people who earn badges on Fiverr because I know how hard they are to earn. Levels and badges sort out the quality and longevity of sellers and buyers but it takes time, so if you are looking for a good fit, send a message and see what happens. 

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