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Hate Spam?


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Here’s a thought for all the ambitious sellers out there who have learned on this platform or others and also hate spam:

One of the reasons we get spam in the Tips for Selllers category is due to the fact that there are many new or returning sellers who feel stuck. They need help or have good gigs and need reviews. What we all want them to do is to post questions and ads in the correct categories. If they do and no one reads or answers, it’s difficult!

Take a moment out of your forum time and head over to the Improve my Gigs category and offer at least one tip to someone who is struggling. Let them know what they could do to improve their profile, their description, their gig types or their promotions. Please don’t return their questions with spam. If you have a gig that might help them, like a marketing gig, it’s great to remind them that they can hire help. Please don’t give them a direct link to your own gig.

If you are a buyer and a seller, or even have thought about buying, take a look at the My Fiverr Gigs section once in a while. I’ve actually found some amazingly unique gigs there myself. New people don’t get a lot of exposure and often have low prices for really cool services. You might find a gem there that will help you with your own gigs, provide an unusual gift for someone or something else that you haven’t even thought of!

Remember what it was like when you were new and thank you for helping!

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