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  1. Welcome back mate! I would say that don’t waste your account just refurbished this and go to the battle , good luck to you 🙂
  2. Actually I do web development so sometimes it’s happen sobnot strange to me sometimes I get worth 1000$ orders in 2-3 days but for Fiverr algorithm my gigs not getting any views so I cannot get buyer
  3. Thank you for sharing previous month I had generated 950$ with Fiverr 🙂
  4. My tips for all fiverrian is try to be online and try to response as fast as you can
  5. You can do graphics designing it would help you
  6. Here is the same problem,there is no work for 5$ in my field (web development) , that’s why day by day increasing my cancellation rate 😦
  7. I am also a developer thats why I understand that 🙂 But people should understand that,matter of sorrow that many of fiverr web developer do it for 50$
  8. When I hire someone I always try to find who’s online now because I want my order fast
  9. It’s happen sometimes also with me.almost every buyer don’t want to spend over 50$
  10. I don’t understand that because My monthly income is less than 500
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