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  1. First of all publish a attactional gig that should be unque then other's.
  2. Same issue happening with me, it's been long I didn't get any order
  3. But I'm confused about it. even after I would like to know that if I'll do it then benefit will I get ?
  4. You can but before that please ensure, there you haven't attached any of your personal info. or you may choose support team for more info...
  5. You should contact with Fiverr support they will help you with this.
  6. Having got level one badge, since then I'm not getting any order! There is anything wrong?
  7. Your gig was still rankless then, and even thereafter you made changed so it obvious that Fiverr algorithm can be promoted your gig anytime. wait until then.... Thank you
  8. Feel free contact with fiverr support they will give you solution.
  9. I always provide my best service but thereafter I'm getting order after long time. why it's happening? I wish to get order continously. I hope seniour sellers will give me instructions. Thank you
  10. Do research best keyword which are related with your service. You maybe thinking about it where you will research those keyword, then obviously I like to prefer you fiverr search bar.
  11. If you provide best service then you just mention that. hope your buyer will understand that as well
  12. If you have enough experienced about your job then buyer will get you
  13. In the meantime I have done 29 project since when I started working on Fiverr. But One thing I am worried about is how will I got a professional buyer for professional work. Could any senior freelancer give me a good instruction about it?
  14. No worries, Contact with customer support team they will give you instraction
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