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  1. I published a gig yesterday but gig is not published which means it is not active. This has happened before, customer support has decided to talk, but it is possible to rank these types of gigs. I don't think these gigs rank well. What should I do now
  2. Thanks' for your valuable helpful post
  3. This is exactly what happened to me a few days ago. However, it is better to cancel the mutual order so that the rating does not decrease and remains normal
  4. I do not understand why the people of the world are like this. Everyone is just looking for interests. I was really surprised it happened to me
  5. Focus on the client's needs first. If what the client wants is within your reach. Write a description to the client on how to do the job. Thanks
  6. Welcome to fiver. Recharge with your maximum and create unique awesome gigs
  7. Finally I completed the first order. The client's behavior is very good.
  8. I Appreciate your Info. And not just me, I think it’s for everyone
  9. Focus on the buyer to be a good seller
  10. His ones are really valuable. Everyone needs to know this @alexandamedia
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