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Please Please Please add Payza also as a Payment processor

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I have great difficulty in withdrawing my earning. Paypal is not supported in my country. Please add Payza as payment processor. I am sure other users from Pakistan and Bangladesh are also having problem in their payment processing as Paypal is not supported here. Please add Payza.

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Plenty of other sellers are from Pakistan to it must be working ok, and sometimes you have to spend money when you are starting a business in order to make money.

BUt why do you think it costs $20 in advance? I just googled how to apply for a Payoneer card and several people have articles online with step-by-step instructions for Pakistan and no mention of having to pay anything in advance.

I am wondering if you went to a fake or scam site to apply from clicking on a link or something. Or did you go direct to Payoneer website url

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