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  1. You don’thave to offer your full service for $5, but I think the Terms still state you do have to offer something for $5. No one expects you to do a full job for only $5, but you might need to break it down. I’m not sure why else your stuff would be removed from the search. But the one thing you did not do is state in your ad what you will give someone if they pay only $5. Then you have the upgrades but what does someone get if they only order the basic gig?
  2. It’s ok to share a login if you have to, but only share that kind of necessary information AFTER you have purchased the gig, not before.
  3. You are not the original poster of this discussion…what kind of spam messages are you getting? If you buy a gig then you will get an email about it and saying when it is done
  4. I would cancel this job and give the buyer a refund. There is a big lawsuit going on right now of Amazon suing Fiverr sellers for writing fake/paid reviews. Better to cancel the job and do not do anymore Amazon reviews.
  5. But if you are not logged in, then it messages you…just create a filter/folder in your email. can’t you do that? That seems like the easiest thing to do.
  6. I do not think you can stop email notifications, why would you want to do that? What you can do is maybe create a filter inside your email, so that all Fiverr emails go into a separate folder. That might help you out if it’s just too many emails clogging up your inbox.
  7. BEcause things like paid votes are usually against the rules of the contest you are voting on, so that might be a problem.
  8. What happened to the “FOLLOW” feature, where you could follow a discussion? Is there no more way to see if anyone has replied to a post or added to the discussions that we were following? I liked seeing those highlights on the right side of page when there was a ‘new’ comment on a discussion I was following and participating in. Without that, I probably wouldn’t stick around as it would be too hard to find any discussion to actually have a discussion on. 🙂 I also can see how this new format is great for mobile users and scrolling down, but I am not crazy about how it looks on a computer screen (laptop) as now we can only see just a few discussion, before we could see many more categories and actual posts more easily. Now it is much more limited. too much space in between things. They also removed the save draft feature it seems.
  9. You do not have any real samples, only fake Fiverr cards.
  10. But do you have an ID from another country? Did you try submitting that ID? Does payoneer say it has to be a China ID or they just need ID in general? Maybe they need your foreign ID and more proof that you are living there, a utility bill with your address on it or something maybe? I would contact Payoneer and ask more questions. And why don’t you want to use paypal is an option for your country and you can use it. If it is a choice between getting your revenues or not, why don’t you want to use paypal? There are some ways to do direct bank deposits in some countries, did you look into that? However, I am not sure but it may have to go through payoneer, but ask Fiverr about direct deposit and see what info they give you. A few people have talked about this in the forums, maybe search for ‘direct deposit’ and read other threads. The problem with the part about foreigners living in all different countries is then there is also a lot of scam stuff that can happen.
  11. I think part of the problem is a language barrier. It would be fine if everyone spoke good English but they don’t. I am very sure that there are some people that think that section is where you request someone to buy your gig. And that is why sellers post there. Sure I am sure some spam, but I have read enough posts from people on here who do not know English and/or their English is really bad (and they do not even know it) who would for sure make that mistake. I think it’s also a reason that many people advertise in ‘Tips for Sellers’…
  12. Reply to @aphollingworth: If your gig description clearly states EXACTLY what they will get for $5. Then you simply message them back saying something like…As state in my gig, $5 covers xxxxx amount of work. Since you are asking for extra amount, that will be $X additional. I am happy to do this work if you can go and order the extra (or offer a custom order or however you want to do this part). If they say no, then you do a mutual cancellation. But you need to make sure your gig is very clear. Also, your gig does not say they have to contact you first, so if you want them to do that, then you need to say it in your ad. So I am curious, this buyer who just ordered your gig and paid too little for the amount of work they want - what did they tell you they wanted? WAs it more than 150 words? Your gig says up to 150 words for $5 - how many words did they send you?
  13. Reply to @steixeira: well, you need to make sure you say it politely and professoinally though. Some people write really rude things and then people report it to CS so that does not reflect well on you. So I agree, as long as a seller is profesional when saying no there would not be any negative reprecussions.
  14. just send a polite note back saying " Thank you for your interest but I am not able to do the job at this time. There are many other wonderful sellers to work with. All the best to you." And leave it at that. You are very right to think that someone who has been difficult all day is going to screw you in the end, AND be that difficult to work with the whole time. Some people just want a deal and to not pay. In the future just do not go back and forth like that negotiating, it’s not worth the deal. Cut it off much earlier and just politely say thank you but I cannot do the job for that price, there are many wonderful sellers, blah, gblah, blah…then if they try and scream and yell at you before any order at that point, just do not write back and report it to Customer Support. Having a poilte response to them saying you cannot do the job for that price and encouraging them to use other sellers, will help show Fiverr how mean the other person really is.
  15. Just don’t continue to write back to this person, contact Customer support and let them know about the message you hvae received.
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