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I have been contacted by many of the Buyers on the Fiverr platform

These Buyers are from many countries inclucing italy,france , morroco canada etc

But i found the USA buyer the Best for the following reasons!!

  1. They know exactly what they want us to do (specified task)
  2. They pay for he qualitywork!!

    if the work is technical and requires much efforts your efforts will get paid!!!
  3. always offer a tip if they like your work
  4. As they are clear about what they want and they tell you exactly, so they send the order back for modification a very less times
  5. if you treat them as a good customer and by a little flattery as well they will become your permanent customers
  6. They have a variety of work , your skills might get improved
  7. they always refer your good work to their friends and fellow ones

    8 they understand your demands of cash nd give you the best bidget for their project

    9.They always review Your Service

    So don’t Lose your Hand on the USA customers !!

    be patient with them Offer them Quality Work

    And Bingoo!!!


    Comment plz if you have any querry

    Sheriff’s Note: Moved to a better fitting location in Conversations.
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The whole thing is pretty relative, actually. Some of my best customers (and best paying ones) have been buyers from other countries, while some of my worst buyers have been from the United States.

There are good and bad buyers everywhere you go, and it’s not dependent on which country they’re from.

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True, Not trying to offend anyone but Indian buyers are just opposite of it. I have had business with more than 25 Indian customers and I had like 3 or 4 good experience.

They will first ask for discounts because you are an Indian, then demand more work from you than they have paid for and at last 70% of them will leave a 4 or 4.5 star review on purpose.

Addition - Some will message you and have a conversation for like an hour or so about the project and when everything is clear they just leave.

I’m a regularly buy gigs on Fiverr and try to maintain the points you have written.

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Reply to @fonthaunt: This can be a discussion about the buyers from different countries we sellers deal here on Fiverr and what experience we get from our dealings and business.

Can be a lot of help for new ones who don’t know which customers deserve there time and which don’t.

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Reply to @sunshy1: Hmmm. Well, if it is supposed to be

sunshy1 said: help for new ones who don't know which customers deserve there time and which don't.

I would add a tip that this should not be decided by country. As a buyer and a seller I have had good and bad communications/transactions with people from all over the world. 2 of the most difficult buyers I have had were from the U.S. All clients deserve your time until they demonstrate otherwise by their actions.

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Reply to @maddisont: Yes they are
but USA customers are more likely to have a good approach to the seller at least they know what they want and what is the suitable wage for it

I have many customers who didn’t even know what exactly they want and hence i am not be able to complete them

P.S more important is they read the whole description of the gig !!!

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Mujataba110, your statement is based on an emotional attachment to the standard and quality of your work and the pride you have with it.

One has to consider the nature of the nurture one is brought up in as well as intelligence to get things done or accomplished with whatever purpose or goals they set for themselves.

Culture is the influence in this sense as well as economic hardships people face within their own countries. Once we see passed this emotional sense of generalization the world, or when or if one country will consume the globe, people will most likely react the way you expect people to react in any situation. Business is about people anyways so when you talk about clients or customers you speak of a type of personality a person has when they shop for something they need or want.

The likely hood of one type of nurturing culture or environment will never exist so instead of saying “American buyers are the best”

I would consider or like to think “American buyers have a sensible type of negotiation when it comes to terms and conditions that fall within the scope of service/work I offer and how I would like to deal with customers”.

It’s easy for us to be fooled by our emotions or feelings when it comes to working in business and in the long run that could hinder any long term or successful relationship we could have built with someone who in simple terms just has a different point of view.

I too have been a fool to make such stereo typical comments about customers or clients.

Of course that is if you think big, otherwise you can stay a mom and pop store.

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Reply to @fonthaunt: On my 6 months experience and 400+ customers I can say that there are difference in buyer behaviour and work ethics according to their country.

I have 300+ customers from USA and I might have 3 or 4 bad experience in term of work ethics and payments like 1% bad and 99% awesome and it is exactly the opposite from the buyers I have had business from India. So a large data like mine simply makes his point right that yes USA buyers are better than rest of the world and except few USA customers deserves your time more than rest. ( My Personal Opinion )

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Reply to @fonthaunt: I was thinking the exact same thing.

@mujtaba110: Another point is, check your analytics page via the below link. Here it will show you exactly how many sales you’ve had from different countries. I’ve had 1 from Germany and 7 from USA. So, of course I’ll have more good things to say about American buyers!

favicon.icoFiverr.com fiverr-logo-new-green-9e65bddddfd33dfcf7e06fc1e51a5bc5.png

Login to Fiverr

Fiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.

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Your best and worst clients can be from anywhere in the world. In my opinion, these are my best clients.

  1. They write a positive review.
  2. They don’t write a review.
  3. If they demand a revision, their review will be positive.
  4. Their positive review doesn’t have negative comments.
  5. When they get more than what they paid for, they show appreciation.
  6. They tip.
  7. They order your other gigs.
  8. They don’t wait 2-weeks to demand changes.
  9. They don’t threaten you with bad reviews.
  10. They don’t waste time messaging you. They place an order and provide instructions.

See? Nationality is irrelevant.

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