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Of course. I spend quite a bit of time on Fiverr, but I’d consider that to be a bad month really.

Many sellers earn a lot more than $500. It takes a while to get going, but if you provide quality work, eventually your feedback score will rise, and you’ll get more orders. Gig extras and repeat buyers really help.

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@mariamdesigns Yes, $500 per month is very doable here. What you need to do to get the ball rolling is go to buyers requests every day. Submit all 10 to gigs that fit you every day for a couple of weeks. You should pull down some repeat customers. Then rack up your individual orders until you level up, hopefully with a good rating. Then, you start getting listed in the category front pages such as recommended and high rated. This is where your average buyer “shops” so you visibility brings you easy business. I make about $900 a month now, but that is after being on here a year and figuring it out! Good luck to you.

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As others said above, it is very much doable. I’ll just add that each member is different. Some start making good income immediately (but rarely) while others it may take a little time. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. The first few gigs I started made some money but not a lot. Eventually I found something that worked and now the income is good and steady.

I wish you luck.

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Reply to @mariamdesigns,

please use these methods to get more orders on fiverr.

  1. change your gig image to eye catching gig images.

  2. create clean and attractive gig description. add benefits to it buyers can get for $5.

  3. use social media to sharing your service. you can get more customers using social medias.

  4. reply buyers message to quickly.

  5. do not think about price in order. only mind give great service and get a good 5 star review.

  6. with your gig delivery, ask from you buyer to give five star strong review for your.

    Fiverr is the best place of every freelancers. you can earn more than $500 dollars. but give a worth service for price. I wish you all the best and long journey in fiverr.
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I think the first key is knowing that it is possible. I had a goal of $500. It took me about 4 months to make $500 in one month. I then realized that $1500 and $2500 was possible. Over the last 12 months, I have had many months between $1500 and $2500. Hope it encourages you. Design your gigs in a way that focuses on the hourly rate that will help you get to your goal.

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Definitely an achievable goal, but don’t stop there! 🙂 My best month so far was $3200 in November 2014, currently average between $2200-$2500 and that rises every month/year. Be persistent and anything is possible, there are people making 6 figure incomes here on Fiverr so don’t sell yourself short and set your goals high! 🙂

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$728 so far this month. So yes, it’s possible. Yesterday I completed 11 orders and made $76, gig extras help. Without gig extras I would have made $44. (these figures are after the Fiverr commission).

That’s peanuts compared to what Newbold3d makes.

He makes $100,000+ a year according to the Fiverr blog. You can read about his story here:


You can see his profile here:


And let’s not forget Trademarksounds.


The blog didn’t say how much money he makes, but he only has two gigs, and one of them has an average package price of $25.


That is amazing. Hopefully you’ll be making more than $500+ in no time. In the meantime, let your money grow, don’t be withdrawing it every time it reaches $50 or $100. Save it for something bigger.


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Well, as other have said, yeah you can make good deal more than $500 a month. My tips:

  1. Spend the first few months just over delivering like crazy.
  2. Pay attention to your competition. Look for a few people in your category that really excel. Find some that consistently have high numbers of orders in the queue.
  3. Try to find a way to be more efficient while also drawing some contrast with your competition.
  4. Take advantage of every single tool fiverr gives you. Post videos for your gigs, etc.

    After a while you’ll notice that people start to favorite your gigs. This is super important as their activity will keep you alive when things slow. And trust me, things will slow, almost dry up from time to time. But generally things rebound just as fast.
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Its not the AMOUNT of orders you get, its the amount of THE sale you get. When you get a customer, a good customer, how good are your sales skills and how good are you to actually give them what they need but also what they don’t know they need… then have them understand, YOU are their need.

“You know how you survive? You make people need you. You survive because you make them need what you have. And then they have no where else to go.” -Bill Gates

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