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  1. As unfair as it may seem, you may consider it your calling to improve your description and your gig. I am not saying there is anything wrong with it; but if you leave the copycats in the dust with some new keywords in your description, some new services, and whatnot, then they will be lagging behind. I do different writing gigs, and I recently lost an order to a “virtual assistant.” It is a nice way of saying jack-of-all-trades; or in this case, juli-of-all-trades. My point is, list out more detail about what you do. If you are doing press releases, letters, articles, list that. Then you will get more traffic than your competition for the same niche.
  2. One option I recently found is raising your prices, unless you absolutely do not want to be bothered. But if you are going on vacation just to take care of some other business, or you are overbooked and just need to catch up, edit your gig to raise your prices slightly. This slows things down considerably; but when you do get an order, then it pays for the slowdown.
  3. @newyorksocial Well, first of all, you have all the makings to be very successful here on Fiverr. Your English is excellent, along with your attitude, and the professional appearance of your gigs. Your gigs are unique as well, above the fray of other average gigs. So, you have the potential to fast-track it here. My tips are: Go to Buyers Requests. Getting the snowball rolling is all about leveling up, and that means orders. Level 1 at 10 orders, and level 2 at 50 orders. So, the way I did it was going to Buyers Requests under sales, and just bombarding requests daily. You get 10 submissions. Target the ones that fit your gigs. Look for ones that do not fit your gigs, and maybe create those gigs. Once you start getting orders, you will pick up one or two regular buyers that want to order in bulk. Make sure you break these down into individual orders to begin with. You can worry about custom orders later after you level up. Once you get to Level 2, which someone with your business acumen and enthusiasm can do in 30 to 60 days, then your visibility starts to skyrocket. You start showing up in the front pages under recommended and high rated. This is where the flood gates are. People are just pouring in here all the time, going with the first seller that matches and has good reviews. You won’t be able to keep up at this point. I am just a hack writer. I got some good reviews and leveled up, now I show up anywhere from 6th to 10th place in high rating. That means my gig is on the screen as soon as someone starts browsing that page. That’s huge! So, go get 'em tiger, you’re gonna be a star.
  4. @broadcastic How did you get my Xbox avatar?
  5. @signature19 I looked at your gigs. You have many nice gigs, all very specialized for web development. Those should certainly be in demand. Just to point out the first one, “Fix HTML and CSS errors.” Well, most people don’t know what the hell that is. If they did, they would not need you, right? So maybe a title that talks more to people’s level. Like what does a CSS errror most usually involve? Is that where someone’s menu bar flips out on rollover, or the whole page has dropped its graphics and is just a bunch of blue links now, what? Put it in human terms, like “I will fix any broken website.” Then maybe, you won’t need so many gigs, just one. Then, I would go with one good graphic. I have to be honest, I don’t like your graphics, and I don’t like your fonts. They don’t reflect your skill level. Put a screenshot of a killer website. That’s it, one and done. Lastly, put all the skills keywords in one description. Pick your 5 best human tags, such as “fix website.” Then, when someone inquires, go take a look at their website and send them a quote immediately. They don’t need to know if it is the CSS or the HTML or the FBI; just tell them how much to fix it and how long. Hope I was not too blunt. Thank you.
  6. @trafficmachine1 When my orders get slow, I always go to “buyers requests” and submit the ones that fit my gig. I get a lot of orders that way, and most of my repeat customers have come from those jobs. There are simply too many similar gigs on Fiverr for new people to choose from. They come here because a friend has told them that they can find good work cheap. Then they see a wall of hundreds of people that do the same thing you do for the same price. That’s like going to Wal-mart, and all they sell is a thousand brands of frozen pizza. Which one is going to sell? The one with someone standing there putting it into their shopping cart and saying, “This one is the best!” You have to tell people how good you are. Go to buyer’s requests everyday.
  7. All these are good ideas. When you go up in rank, it gives you custom order control which 5 days seems to be the general consensus on how long to put the job out for; since this gives you time to breathe, and it also lets you start gaining the confidence to let jobs get close to the edit. When you first start out, you aim to please for ratings. When you are highly rated, and everyone wants you; you want to really make buyers order the extra fast. Plus, you start raising your prices slowly but surely. It’s the old “supply and demand.” If they want you badly enough, then they are willing to pay, and when they are not willing to pay, you will see your orders slow down; so you adjust your prices accordingly. And no, feeling out of breath, like you are back in an office job, is not unnatural. Keep up the good work!
  8. My only problem with my revenue card is that it has a routing number and an account number for a US bank, yet when I try to use it as such, I get some warning from Payoneer that the other bank or financial institution is not on the “white list.” I have been with Scottrade for years. They are a respected organization. Why not add them to the whitelist? Or why not make this white list available on a link with an alphabetical index so users can research a bank before they go through the hassle?
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