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  1. sir i dont have any other account since 2018 i have only one account in fiver and maintained by me and i use login with google & login with email and password @donnovan86
  2. @williambryan392 Over the past seven days, I've diligently searched through various channels, including forums, YouTube, and discussion areas, in hopes of finding assistance. Unfortunately, the predominant feedback I've encountered from fellow users echoes my own experience: a sense of disappointment and disconnection due to the automated responses received from Fiverr support. While I understand the challenges of managing a large platform like Fiverr, I believe there is room for improvement in providing more personalized and humanized support to users facing issues or inquiries. The absence of genuine, human responses has led many to lose hope in finding resolutions to their concerns. As a loyal user of Fiverr, I genuinely value the platform and its services. However, the current support experience leaves much to be desired. I humbly request that steps be taken to enhance the support process, ensuring that users feel heard, understood, and supported in their endeavors. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  3. Sir I already message support he always send me this copy paste msg Ist time I received this from support Your account has been flagged due to activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service or suspicious location patterns. Second time i received this from support side Your account was flagged for being connected to another account that was disabled due to a violation of our policies. Third Time i received this we have no additional information or assistance to provide on this particular issue. Any further requests will be replied to with the same information you’ve received so far. If support have no proper reason why my account is flagged then why He flagged without investigating . @williambryan392 I shall be verythankful to you plz response this
  4. Dear Fiverr Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to address a pressing issue regarding my account on the Fiverr platform. Regrettably, my account has been flagged without clear justification, despite my consistent efforts to adhere to Fiverr's policies and provide high-quality service to clients since 2018. The lack of transparency in the flagging process is concerning, as I have not received sufficient information or a detailed explanation regarding the reasons behind this action. The responses from your support team thus far have been generic and do not reflect a thorough investigation into my account. As a dedicated seller on Fiverr, I have invested significant time and effort into building a reputation and serving my clients with professionalism and integrity. However, the recent handling of this situation has raised doubts about the reliability and fairness of the platform's moderation processes. It is imperative that my account be reinstated promptly, accompanied by a clear explanation of any alleged violations and an opportunity to address them accordingly. Furthermore, I urge Fiverr to review its moderation protocols to ensure that such incidents are handled with transparency and fairness in the future. Should Fiverr fail to resolve this matter satisfactorily, I will be left with no choice but to consider alternative freelance platforms, such as Upwork, where I can continue to offer my services in a more conducive and equitable environment. I appreciate your prompt attention to this urgent matter and look forward to a swift and satisfactory resolution. Sincerely, Abdul Muizz Rajput Username : abdulmuizz667
  5. Previously fiver team mentioned location inconsistency reason my account flagged but i again contact him , and now fiver team stating that my account was flagged for being connected to another account. Could you please explain where my account is connected? I have account access through my email and Google Auth. Your account was flagged for being connected to another account that was disabled due to a violation of our policies. He is just send text copy paste to every seller and without voilating the TOs my account flagged please help me to sort this probelm i put my alot of efforts in my account I am Level 2 Seller And now i am new seller Regards Abdul Muizz Rajput Username abdulmuizz667 19 Hours Ago
  6. Dear Fiverr Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my deep concern and disappointment regarding the recent decision to permanently restrict my participation in Fiverr's level system. Upon receiving the email notification outlining this decision, I was left perplexed and disheartened as to the reasons behind such a drastic measure. As a dedicated and longstanding member of the Fiverr community since 2018, I have always upheld the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in my interactions and transactions on the platform. "After careful review, your account has been flagged due to activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service or location inconsistencies. Consequently, your participation in Fiverr's level system is permanently restricted." Why?.... How..... They also write: "Please be advised that this was reviewed multiple times and the decision is final." The explanation provided in your email referenced "activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service or location inconsistencies." I would like to stress that I have consistently adhered to Fiverr's Terms of Service throughout my tenure on the platform, and I have never engaged in any activities that would warrant such a severe repercussion. Additionally, I wish to clarify that there are no location inconsistencies associated with my account, as I have always operated from Pakistan, my country of residence. Throughout my time on Fiverr, I have been unwavering in my commitment to ethical business practices and have actively promoted the platform's guidelines to fellow users. I have conscientiously discouraged any attempts to conduct business outside of Fiverr and have consistently directed clients to initiate orders through the platform. Moreover, I have diligently reported any concerns or disputes with clients to the Fiverr support team, demonstrating my dedication to resolving issues in accordance with the platform's protocols. I take immense pride in the relationships I have cultivated with clients on Fiverr, many of whom have become repeat customers due to the quality of service and professionalism I consistently deliver. My track record of positive feedback and client satisfaction speaks volumes about my dedication to maintaining the integrity of the Fiverr platform. Given the gravity of the situation and the significant impact this decision has on my livelihood, I respectfully request a thorough review of my account and the circumstances leading to the restriction of my level status. I firmly believe that upon closer examination, it will become evident that there has been a misunderstanding or oversight that has led to this unjust outcome. I am deeply invested in the Fiverr community and value the opportunities it has afforded me over the years. I remain hopeful that this matter can be resolved amicably, and I respectfully appeal for the reinstatement of my level status, allowing me to continue contributing to the platform and serving my clients with the same dedication and professionalism that has defined my tenure on Fiverr. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I eagerly await your response and remain available to provide any further information or clarification that may be required. Warm regards, Abdul Muizz Rajput
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