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  1. Now I feel better for those 3 bad reviews (2 and 3 star ones). I have 1770 5-star reviews and 24 4-star reviews, so I guess a little balance is good! I have seriously never cancelled an order because a buyer threatened to (or did) leave a bad review. I want the money I earned too much for that!
  2. phew! That sounds super nice! I could actually afford to live on that, and then some. The problem with having prices that high is having enough people know the quality of work you make… so, as soon as I raise my prices enough to have a bit of free time, I guess I should be working on somewhere to display a portfolio. And thanks for referring me! The sound of another order right now though 🙀 What I learned from the last time I got super busy is that I shouldn’t stress myself out, and have some faith that I’ll come through. It’s a good problem to have. I’ve been there but have learned how to slow things down a bit (as you’re doing) and also as prices go up, quality of buyers goes up and orders can even out to a more reasonable pace. But sometimes that thrill of SO many orders is awesome! Keep going but take breaks for sure.
  3. @daviddoer, I just looked at your gigs and recommended you to a buyer who messaged me today looking for articles on exactly your topic. He/she wanted writing and I only offer editing, so maybe they will look you up. Your reviews look great!
  4. Good for you! Both times I’ve raised my prices (in 3 and 1/2 years) it has been very beneficial to my business here. Never a negative about it! I’ve been at the same price for a while now, and am always considering making some changes to my pricing structure, but every time it does feel like a huge risk. As a writer, I hope you will be making something more like 25 cents a word before too long! You are worth it.
  5. I have to say that I for one really appreciate @snirelkaras popping in and showing he is listening to the conversation and feedback here. It makes a big difference to know things are being heard. I know that feedback on development and changes like this are always welcomed by the team and taken into consideration. With this in mind, can we remember to treat Snir as we would want a buyer to treat us - clear feedback, constructive criticism and politeness. Agreed! I am so glad to know I can come to the Forum and that Fiverr staff are reading and responding as well. I don’t like this new dashboard change at all, as it’s too hard to read, and I appreciate the willingness to learn from us sellers.
  6. I came here to see if anyone else posted about this. Yeah, it’s weird and very hard to follow what it says! Plus, now if i go to cancel those few “incomplete” orders buyers placed years ago without finishing them out, I will be penalized in my stats. It’s just wrong!
  7. If the lyrics are of a s****l nature and you don’t want to do that, perhaps send the lyrics to customer service and ask them to cancel the order without your cancellation rate being affected. If you want them to stop ordering right now because of time - you can either extend the delivery time on your gig (which it sounds like you may need to do if it takes a lot of time for you to do the work) or pause the gig while you catch up - which will also stop them from ordering more. This is great advice. I hope Customer Support can help you with this. Nobody should have to do something like this if they don’t want to!
  8. This is fantastic! Thanks for doing the numbers for us.
  9. Not necessarily. Unless things have changed, you have FORTY-EIGHT hours to respond to a cancellation request. After it’s requested, wait FORTY-SIX hours or so and then refuse it. If they try again, WAIT. The order will AutoComplete before the second forty-eight hours has passed. Easy-peasy! That’s good to know, thank you! I may try that if, god forbid, something like this happens again. In 3.5 years on Fiverr, this is the first buyer who has refused to pay me and he was very much a bully. My only consolation is the karma’s on him…I did my best.
  10. The cancellation affects your stats, too. Yes, but delivering late just seems totally unacceptable to me. Have never done it in 3.5 years and hope never to. Cancellations have always been the buyer’s fault, so I’ll deal with those. And I’m at 98% there so am not worried about it for now.
  11. I wouldn’t have cancelled ever but everyone is different. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t cancelled, but I imagine we would have kept going round and round with modification requests and re-deliveries (with the order going late, wouldn’t that affect my stats?), and disputes. I didn’t see any reasonable end in sight, and Customer Support doesn’t seem to be able to do anything to help sellers.
  12. What this means is that it is up to a seller to refuse to give a refund. While they can’t force a buyer to accept an order, the seller can force them to. But if we refuse to give a refund (which I just did with a buyer who refused to pay for a $160 order that I completed very well but he accused me of deleting two pages, which I never received from him), then the order gets stuck in modification and dispute hell. He asked me to modify, I re-delivered with an explanation that I never received the pages he accused me of deleting and asked him to send them, he asked for a modification again without sending me the pages to edit, then I re-delivered again, same story several times until he opened a dispute to cancel. I refused to cancel, again explaining I’d done the editing for him and had no way to know he wasn’t just scamming me. I also opened a Customer Support ticket on this, and Fiverr support could only say they can’t make a buyer pay when buyer isn’t satisfied, and that I should make a list of what I’d done for the buyer and send it to him. Buyer again asked for modification, I sent the list as per Fiverr support’s advice. Finally, after a week of going round and round with this jerk, I accepted his second cancellation dispute because it wasn’t about the money any more. I just needed to get this guy out of my life. If this had kept going on and I kept refusing to cancel, it would have been an endless cycle and eventually I would have been penalized for not completing an order. It’s a no-win for sellers when buyers find ways to scam you for free work.
  13. It looks like I’m going to love this update once it starts working for me. I do have a support ticket taken out on this, but I came here to see if others are having issues with it. I am using Safari browser. I go to my inbox when I get the email notification and/or see messages on my Fiverr dashboard. The message box is tiny, however, and often when I scroll down to read it, it disappears. Buyers are sending me documents that suddenly disappear too, so I can’t help them at all. I think I’ll have to put myself in vacation mode until this is fixed, as it’s getting frustrated to me and my buyers. But the sidebar and all other features of this new update look awesome!
  14. Not working for me either, and I’m using Safari. I just get a tiny message box, and when I go to it, sometimes the message just disappears. I do have a Customer Support ticket on it.
  15. Thank you! It’s such a relief, actually. After being demoted back to Level 1 in January especially! :)😅
  16. Congrats! That’s very fast! I just made TRS after 3-1/2 years, a 5.0 rating all that time, and lots of money made here on Fiverr. It’s an amazing feeling when it works out! I have no idea what being a TRS feels like, since it’s only been a day for me, but hopefully we’ll be enjoying the good feeling for a long time. 🙂
  17. Thank you! I appreciate your support and it’s very refreshing to find here on the Forum. I think your ideas are very good–why shouldn’t we sellers support one another more? I don’t tend to see life as a competition, and I’d rather lift each other up in this way. I’m sorry you have had similar issues to mine. I have had my suspicions on some of this as well. Let’s hope Fiverr hears our concerns and listens to us. I enjoy so many aspects of Fiverr, and hope to stay if it’s a viable option.
  18. It’s exactly why I got demoted after over 3 years as a Level 2 with a 100% rating and stats in every other category. I had two such “buyer error” orders this month, so I’m below 90% and bam! I’m now Level 1. I was mad last week when I saw it coming, am over it now as I get the news. There was absolutely nothing I could do about this, even contacted Support for ideas but they can do nothing apparently. It is a terrible feeling after giving Fiverr my all for 3 and 1/2 years though.
  19. I did that and my incredible sales volume stopped. I went for two days in a row with no sales and now get tiny sales, about two a day. My gigs weren’t removed, but the impressions tanked to where no one was seeing my gigs. I’m still in that mode a week later. I’m still suffering from this too! We can be miserable together, at least… 😦
  20. I have some good news there. If you edit the text of your gig description yes you disappear for review. If you simply tweak only your price or delivery time, then it slides by. They are checking to see if you have written anything untoward or added a link that should not be there. At least the last 2 times I edited my gigs it worked that way. Tomorrow, I am editing 3 day delivery to 10 to not work on Christmas either. Just sayin… Man, mine must be under massive review…I made some changes to better reflect my services and it’s been maybe 2 weeks and I’m still getting very few views on what are some top-selling gigs here on Fiverr. I don’t understand…and feel like whining about it! 😦
  21. Same here! I use Vacation Mode frequently to take days off due to either needing the time off or being swamped with orders. It has always worked for me and I always get sales immediately upon returning. That is, until I took this past October and November off (paused my gigs) to work on my own writing. Now I’m not getting any sales except to past buyers who waited for me to come back. Oh well…I’ll get back in business soon.
  22. I agree with this so much! I use vacation mode whenever I need a day or more off, so that at least my buyers can see one of three reasons (the ones Fiverr gives) that I’m unavailable, and they can still see that I have active gigs. I also tend to put a note in that little profile blurb, but that thing is on the other side and a bit down the page so I don’t know how many people actually see it. I wish there was something a bit more professional, and with better communication, like you’re suggesting. Please, Fiverr!
  23. Good luck! Fiverr has been really great for my proofreading and copyediting business. And congrats on getting that English degree. English majors are the best! 😁
  24. What exactly does that do if we do that? It asks for your zip code and then you can text them the message you want to send to your senator or representative and it sends it for you. It’s so simple. I really hate calling and such, so this makes it something I’m willing to do. If you text the number, it will tell you just what it needs.
  25. It’s very much worth calling and/or using the “resist” text system (which is SO easy to do!). Things are changing in Congress and they don’t have the guaranteed votes any more. Don’t lose hope yet!
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