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  1. For what it’s worth, it’s my understanding that the “featured” process is a manual curation provided by certain editors. And now, there’s no formal process or guidelines to be considered as “featured.” I have asked this question of CS some time ago. I’ve been a TRS for over a year, and I’ve never been featured as is the case with most Top Rated Sellers I’m sure. With that said, there are some sellers here that most always seem to be featured. Since I’ve never been featured, I can’t tell you how much of an impact it had. But I can tell you that it gets harder each day to get traffic to your gigs.
  2. Reply to @writerlisaz: For me, when I get to the point where it’s clear we can’t come to terms, I’m likely to send something like this: “Unfortunately, I’m unable to accommodate your needs. With that said, the beauty of the Fiverr marketplace is that buyers such as yourself have many quality sellers to choose from. As such, I trust you’ll find a suitable match for your particular requirements.”
  3. Reply to @sweetpea2: a little secret… many of the providers of these vintage logo are just using Photoshop or Illustrator templates. Google “vintage logo templates” and you’ll see what I mean. From there, you can pick the template you like and then take it to a Photoshop or Illustrator provider here on fiverr to generate for you (or have a friend do it for you). The sad reality is that many logo designers aren’t illustrating anything, rather just modifying templates or using logo generation programs. In fact, offering logo services based off of these templates often violates the license associated with the templates. And look, there’s nothing wrong with using a template, so long as you know… it’s from a template.
  4. There are services that can identify “fake” twitter followers. Some are even free. It’ll become evident pretty quickly that none of these services provide any real followers.
  5. Well, to be honest, the feature is really weird, but it doesn’t seem to have any negative side affect, just another example of “feature bloat.” This metric isn’t seen by anyone but the seller. With that said, the response rate seems to apply to conversations where the customer had the last word. So if the customer said “Thank you”, and you don’t reply, then your rate percentage drops. The thing is, these features are suppose to encourage us to be better at what we do, but I don’t see it. I don’t see how us spending the extra time to have the last word is remotely productive.
  6. What keyword are you using for search? Or are you trying to find your services through the menus?
  7. I’m not aware of any connection between cancellation rates and badge status. It’s my understanding from a recent conversation with CS, that the two are exclusive. With that said, a mutual cancellation that the other party agrees to does not affect your cancellation rate. But, if you file a mutual cancellation request, and they don’t respond, then that DOES affect your cancellation rate. The impact to your account is very likely one of perception on behalf of the buyer. You’ll read articles all over the internet that buyers should choose a seller with a low cancellation rate. The assumption is that a buyer was the one initiated the request, which we all know is not true for most of us. I have a higher cancellation rate on a couple of my gigs. And almost exclusively it’s because someone doesn’t understand my gig, the pricing, or they want to use my likeness to defraud or scam someone. I’ve tried to make the argument to fiverr staff, that for the most part, the cancellation rate should be determined by ‘buyer initiated requests’ and not ‘seller initiated requests.’ In the current situation, the sellers absorbs the sole responsibility, even if the cancellation is because of a buyers failure. My advice… if you have to file for a mutual cancellation and the buyer decides to wait, rather than accept, let CS know. That way the order will be cancelled and it won’t show up on your cancellation rate. A headache I know. As for the claim that someone lost their level 2 status, I don’t know. I did hear of a seller who was notified that their cancellation rate was of concern, but I wasn’t aware they lost a level. I think in that case, they went on vacation and didn’t use the vacation responder, rather, just filed for mutual cancellations for all the orders that came in. But alas, I could be wrong. Perhaps that person will see this thread and enlighten us all.
  8. Reply to @christina123: Amen… If I have this in the order and delivery forms, that would be awesome.
  9. Reply to @raheelkamran: You might consider changing the word “cororate” to “corporate” in your gig titles 🙂
  10. For what it’s worth, $5 consulting fees for video work is becoming more commonplace. It’s also used by some the most talented and professional video presenters here on fiverr. What @edume does is not unusual at all and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the norm for TRS video production. I’m kind of indifferent so long as it’s allowed by the TOS. Since I create videos, perhaps I’m in a unique position to understand why they do this. I prefer a different approach, but… time is money… and a great deal of time often goes into discussing a production before an order is placed. For me, my rates are higher than most so that offsets any concern of diminished returns regarding the consulting.
  11. Now that fiverr has provided the ability to link the custom offer to a specific gig, it’s much better now. My complaint use be that custom quote orders wouldn’t be reflected in my portfolio, but now they are. That was a welcome feature addition.
  12. Yep, no longer is the percentage reflected have anything to do with the percentage of positive reviews (although it still says this in our analytics). Very very odd. Not to mention, I’m sure buyers would be a little disappointed if they knew that their 4.5 star review would jeopardize an otherwise perfect ranking for their valued seller. Otherwise, you’d have to communicate to the buyers that you’d actually be better off if they didn’t leave you any rating, vs. leaving a 4.5 star review. Go figure.
  13. Reply to @fastcopywriter: Well, I’d love to have you as a client! Many people do give me exactly what I need, but it’s actually pretty rare. For what it’s worth, there’s some great dialog that comes about via collaboration. I find that for the spokesperson videos it’s particularly important, but not always. Understanding a little about someones brand for example can help me figure out how to present the content, the background or other graphic elements I need to create, etc. Sometimes I advocate for or against certain elements based on their needs. The news gig though… yeah… pretty straightforward. As for script writing, I just don’t have the time, but yes… it would be a great addition. But… I do have a great script writer here on fiverr that I recommend routinely, and in turn… he gives me business too. So it seems to work out.
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