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  1. It’s worth reporting them because others may be having the same experience. Was this something that happened before you became a TSR?
  2. This actually happens, sadly. Many Fiverr sellers do buy reviews. There are review exchange websites where you buy each other’s gig then leave 5* reviews. Doesn’t cost you anything more than the $1 Fiverr charge in commission as you’re swapping orders. Sometimes when I see a Fiverr seller become really popular really soon, I begin to think they’ve used this service. But hey, there’s no way to know for sure.
  3. Faking a couple of reviews happens. Some people buy hundreds. Big difference. You’re right, Amazon can’t stop it from happening, but if they reduce it that’s something.
  4. It’s about time. I know the Fiverr buyers are just trying to earn a bit of cash, but fake reviews just screw up the whole system.
  5. Number 2 is so true. If you’ve come to Fiverr and aren’t getting sales, you may not be ready. Improve your marketing knowledge and make sure you’re an expert at what you’re offering. Instead of waiting for the yellow light to flash saying you have a sale, get your head into a marketing book, or a book on the field you work in. Always be improving.
  6. Paypal’s more convenient. If you don’t have an account though, Payoneer will do.
  7. I’m a girl, and I get plentyyyyy of orders. 🙂 Work on making your gig look good. Also, like wp above me said, showcase your own work. You’ll eventually get orders.
  8. It’s hard, because when you share your gig, most of the time it’s just a link. Watch any YouTube vid or visit any Facebook group and you can see thousands of people post links to their gigs in the comments section. That means nothing. Nobody’s going to click on a random link they see on social media, especially when there are hundreds of other spammy links around it. The best way to share your gig is by providing value. Make a YouTube vid yourself, offering tips on beat creation or something, then link to your own gig at the end. Create a free blog about something musical and add in your gig link as a hyperlink. This is the only way you’re likely to get clicks from elsewhere. There are so many people on Fiverr now that social media has been spammed to death. Unless you’ve got your own clients, it’s not that successful a place to advertise coldly.
  9. I understand that there are lots of manipulative people out there, but I wish Fiverr wasn’t so mysterious about everything. It would have been nice to know what this means when it was first implemented. Ah well, I suppose at least it’s a relatively useful feature.
  10. Unless you’re selling gold bouillons, you won’t start off earning $100 a day. Here, your skills are only worth what people will pay, so forget about all estimates you’ve been given. Test the waters. Create a gig and see what the demand is for your skills. Once you start getting orders you can increase your price. From there on in, the sky is the limit. It may sound easy, but this is now a very hard site to make good money from. Still, if you’re good enough you’ll get there eventually.
  11. It can takes weeks before somebody gets around to ordering from you. On the other hand, it could happen within the next hour. There’s no way of knowing. Fiverr’s weird like that. The advice about offering a little extra will work well. You’ll want to get those first few sales in any way that you can. Once you have feedback, it becomes easier to get more.
  12. I like your gig. I like your work a lot. It looks much better than many of the YouTube banners on here that look like they’ve been made with Paint. You’re new and in a competitive field, so you may have to wait a while before the orders start coming in. It should start happening for you soon though.
  13. One of my favorite things to do when I’m procrastinating is right-click Fiverr images of cute girls and “Search Google” for them. Just this week we’ve had a female Guardian journalist show up, an Instagram star, and a famous Hollywood actress.
  14. You’re right. It indicates whether you’re online or not. To turn it off go to settings > public profile settings > Go offline for… There you can choose how long you want to appear offline for.
  15. Reply to @david388: Haha, a unique selling point, something that differentiates you.
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