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  1. Interested, I really like the feature with coupons!
  2. This is totally useless there will be a river of unnecessary conversation…
  3. nothing, forgot about it mabe you will have luck in next rotation
  4. There is no resolve for this… its random algorithm you can have best rating, biggest bidding price but noone care, algorithm is simply random
  5. There is absolutely nothing you can do about that, i have 15 000 reviews and i see that some people who have 3.7 rating with my gig image copied are better ranked then my gigs 📉 Fiverr algorithm is now random you can have perfect performance and there is always a chance algorithm can drop all your gigs on the last page. Happened to me 2x in the last 50 days… Good luck
  6. Fiverr use random rotation algorithm no matter if you share your gig, have best performance or millions orders, its just random… And you can’t do anything about that
  7. Hello, I was using the promoted gigs feature 90 days ago everything was great, after that without any reason Fiverr decide to turn off that feature for me. Now I get it back however even I put a bid price of $3 nothing happens. I did reach support and they didn’t help at all with their auto answers. 3211450×726 59.7 KB
  8. 432231482×697 50.5 KBHello, Seems like gig rotations is totally random no matter if you have 1 or 10 000 sales 90% rating or 100%. For example, my gig with 6000 great reviews is worse placed in search (BEST SELLING) than random gig who have 6 reviews and a 3.7-star rating lol… What can you do? Absolutely nothing, i have about 25 000 active followers, a website with 300+ daily users, and all links lead to my fiverr profile. I even ask my friends to help with promotion and one of them has a business niche blog website with 1m+ mo/views. And did it help with the ranking? NO… I was trying to contact support several times about this unfair system however I only got the ready tailored message, when i ask if i can talk with someone in charge for support to complain they close my ticket…
  9. Well we are facing same problem, CS using ready-made template on every message. I asked several times same question and get totally different answer. After everything i asked if i can speak with supervision for customer support my ticked is closed.
  10. “Continue sharing your gigs on social media”, going around social media and spam your gig won’t help it doesn’t affect on your gig at all, you can only attract some protentional buyers from your audience. I have done a lot promotions as a TRS with 20 000+ followers around social media platforms and my all gigs are on last page with better performance then 99% of fiverr total gigs My next move is desperate and i hope it will help to boost my gigs i will make new gig and decrees delivery time from 3 days to 24h from $80 to $5.
  11. Stay Safe Stay Success. Happy Freelancing 💪 Let me answer: "Hello We have reviewed your account and there are no issues present. We are simply not able to affect your position in search in any way nor disclose the way our algorithms work. All we can guarantee is that your gig will be searchable, whether easily or not is not support can affect. I hope for your understanding. Kind regards. " I have sent proof of 10 clear evidence why search is not working properly and they ignored everything i said with one simple auto-generate message.
  12. i will put services for $5 and 24h delivery to see if anything will change lol… this is ridiculous
  13. Hello, I’m facing the exact same issue, the day they changed the logo and update website 📉 Promoted gigs on pending100% drop in sales on all gigs (from 200 sales/mo to 0)Gigs are pushed to the last page and absolutely no improvementsI have done a lot of promotion in the last 15 days, nothing than just a few sales from the promotion.I notice that the filter is not working correctly: Gigs & (Sellers) with 0 - 5 reviews are better ranked in Category: Logo Design Filter: Best Selling then gigs with over 5000 reviewsSearch results duplicated on multiple pages, you can find the same gig on page 1 and page 3 at the same timeI saw a few gigs who stole my gig images and they are ranking better in search results 🤨Gigs who missed a category for example Copywriting services in the category Logo Design are ranked better than my gigsSupport ignored all questions i have asked and close a ticket they said “Everything is in tip-top shape” :rofl: ,after that, i open a new ticket and asked to talk head of customer support since copy-paste answers are not solution, now waiting for a response.
  14. Hey, Sure you can activate it anytime, orders stay and you have to complete them before regular deadline. And yes you can contact buyers normaly.
  15. Hello, Let me explain, as you can see im top rated sellers with 16 500+ reviews I have total 4 gigs all of them were in 1-3 page filter category for like 2 years, now I’m on the last page (or unreachable page) with all of my gigs, there are 1000 gigs with 0 reviews, 4.5 gig rating with better placement in search Promote your gigs to boost sales? 25 000 Social media followers, a portfolio website links lead on my fiverr gig with 1000+mo/views, promoted by pages with 1m+ followers. Results = Absolute nothing Gig rotation is totally random.
  16. Then I do not understand. oOO is not to be used for this purpose. For that we have limit the number of orders. oOO means to Fiverr you are not available to work, at all. In 2014 you had 29-50000 designers in competition, today you have over 180000. There are no second chances in logo design today on Fiverr. You drop the ball once and it is going to collapse majorly. I am actually thinking of deleting both of my logo gigs since that section is going bananas. Acutely there is an option in OOO for “overbooked”, every time i used OOO in past gigs stays stable and this time is different, i think they change something in the algorithm in last update 556786×245 19.3 KB
  17. We are not on same road, i activate OOO because i was overbooked with orders, just wanted to mention how hard it can affect on gig position in search.
  18. Marina, i’m TRS since 2014 i know how it works, still droping in sales for 95% for 2 days OOF is ridiculous.
  19. Hello, After only 2 days activating Out of Office, my sales on all gigs dropped by 95%, btw im a top-rated seller with more than 16 500 Reviews… So this is just one big warning to everyone Does Out of Office affect my Gig ranking? Depends, the longer the duration you are not active, the higher the chances for your Gigs to lose ranking, as they are not performing like other Gigs." Anyone had a similar experience?
  20. You can find your answer on TOS https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service Fiverr offers its users the Logo Maker, which allows certain Sellers to offer various original logo designs for Buyers to adjust and customize per their own specific needs, using special automated design tools. Through the Logo Maker, Buyers purchase full commercial use rights to the Logo Design embedded with their brand name. Logo Design Commercial use licenseWhen an order through the Logo Maker is completed, and subject to payment, the Seller grants the Buyer a worldwide, royalty-free, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to use the Logo Design embedded with the Buyer’s brand name for any purpose, except for any illegal, immoral or defamatory purpose. There is no warranty, express or implied, with the grant of this license, including with respect to fitness for a particular purpose. Neither the Seller nor Fiverr will be liable for any claims, or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this license, the Logo Design or the Buyers use of the Logo Design. For the avoidance of doubt, the Seller retains all ownership rights to the Logo Design, and no ownership or copyrights are granted to the Buyer.
  21. Hello Jonbaas, Few things, The logo maker database is still small and it’s still in beta, with time there will be much more logo samples and only good designs will stand outI think it will not affect on the marketplace at all since logo maker targeting totally different type of customersthere are good and bad things with logo makers as well as custom services… Ex:,With logo make you basically get logo instantly and you know what are you paying for.
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